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Since there are many videos of Griff and his band(s) now available, I thought I'd start a thread to put them all in one place and update it as new ones are added. If anyone knows where there's more, let me know and I'll add them.

From Metro Pointe, Costa Mesa, CA, 2-9-13:

My Baby's Got It:

I'm Tore Down:

Keep On Running:

Black Cat Bone:

Louisiana Holiday:

Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter:

Couldn't Stand The Weather:

From Metro Pointe, Costa Mesa, CA, 4-13-13:

Feelin' Alright -

The Thrill Is Gone + Love Struck Baby -
The song we never get sick of. Grin
Brought to a new level by Griff. Better audio on this one. Couldn't resist the zoom-in on Mark's socks. Grin

Red House -
The guys had lots of fun with this one. Blew out my camera mics a little, but it's not bad for the most part.

Crossroads -

Don't Lie -

Fire -

I'm Tore Down -

La Grange -

Me and My Guitar -

My Baby's Got It -

Pride and Joy -

Shape I'm In -

Stranger Blues -

From Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA, 6-26-13:

Flip, Flop, Fly -

The Boys Are Back In Town -

From the City of Tustin Summer Concerts Series, Tustin, CA, 7-3-13:

Nothing Better -

Yonder's Wall -

Bourbon and a Pistol -

Where Would I Begin -

Running On -

From the Allen City Blues Festival, Allen, TX, 7-27-13:

Thursday Night at The Cadillac Pizza Pub
Griff & Joey Love - Black Cat Bone:

Friday Night At the Jam Station
1 Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter:

Saturday Night At The Allen City Blues Festival
3 Nothing Better:

4 Black Cat Bone & Don't Lie:

5 Partial:

6 Bourbon And A Pistol::

7 Louisiana Holiday:

8 Runnin On:

9 Where Would I Begin & Almost Level With The Ground:


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Turned out great, as usual, Mike.  [smiley=beer.gif] Really fun to watch 'em when you were there for the event. Metro Pointe was a nice location.


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Here's a nice overview/promotional video of Griff and the Circle City Horns taken from his Allen, TX performance:



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Here are the first 4 opening songs Griff and CCH played in Allen Texas. It's non stop until I ran out of battery.

It came out better than I thought with Marv sitting on my lap! ;)


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Very cool Mike ... Thanks for posting these.

Just watched 'Tore Down' ... great solo ... if you have not watched it yet : WATCH IT ! ...

good job Tater & Co. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


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From The Real Blues Festival of Orange County, 9-13-15

It was pretty dark in there, especially when Griff played in the evening. The bass player in "Tore Down" is Joe Dolci, the bass player for one of the other bands.

I'm Tore Down -
(If nothing else, watch about 2 minutes in where Griff and Laura are playing off each other)

Yonder's Wall -

If The House Is Rockin' -


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The Griff Hamin Band - From the Craft Brewing Company, Lake Elsinore, CA, 4-23-16

Solo + Got To End -

Five Long Years -

Bourbon and a Pistol + Black Cat Bone -

Three Times A Fool -

Almost Level With The Ground -

Fire -


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Thanks Mike!! Did you happen to notice what gear and amps and such he was using?

Sorry, I didn't pay much attention to it. He had a Nace head amp, his standard pedalboard, which I think he's posted before and a couple of Suhr guitars.