Golden Ticket FAQ

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It seems there is some confusion on the "Golden Ticket" part of the AAP Membership, so I'll see I can clarify:

Question: How do I get one?
Answer: After 60 days as an AAP Member, you'll see an image in your Member Portal "All Access Pass" page showing a Golden Ticket.

Question: How do I redeem it?
Answer: Click on it, you'll choose a course and submit it - usually within just a few minutes it's done and you will now "own" the digital version of that course. Owning the course means that if your AAP lapses for any reason, you still have that course in your Member Portal, and you can now download it.

Question: Is it only the digital version?
Answer: Yes, it is the digital version.

Question: Can I purchase the DVDs or Manuals to go along with that?
Answer: At the moment, no, but I'm working on that and hope to have it completed within the next couple of weeks. It turned out to be more complex than I originally thought it would be.

Question: How often do I get one?
Answer: The first one is at 60 days, then, the 60 day timer resets once you use that one. They do not stack up and they don't expire. You don't have to use it right away, but waiting won't make the next one come faster, either.

If more questions come along regularly, I'll add them here.
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