Fender 59 twin tweed - Joe Bonamassa

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    Hey Griff,

    I was talking to @burlew about our new Fender 59 twin tweed - Joe Bonamassa issue amps. I have attached a picture of the 4 hole design input. Right now we are using the recommended "Normal 1" input. Recently you discussed the Marshall 4 hole design amps and the option to use two inputs for different tones and sounds from the amps. Does this Fender 59 twin tweed - Joe Bonamassa edition work the same way as the Marshall's? What do you recommend? thanks! 59 tweed.jpg
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    I've seen several references to jumpering between the two inputs, usually with a short (as in pedal cable) cable between the #2 inputs of the normal and bright channels. I've never tried, this, but it certainly won't hurt anything to give it a quick test on your amp.
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