Feels Like Rain solo


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Does @Griff have a solo in a lesson somewhere that could work over Buddy Guys Feels Like Rain?


Green Mountain Blues
That song has a unique and unusual 16-bar progression, and it's not using blues chords. Griff's solos are almost all written for blues progressions (12-bar, 8-bar) and none of those will work well with this song.

The Classic Rock Guitar Unleashed course covers some techniques you could use to figure something out, but since that particular song is not included and (I'm pretty sure) none of them quite match the chord structure, the included solos in that course likely won't fit this song, though some of the licks might be adapted to work.

In the key of G (not C - it starts on the IV chord) the verse chords are:
| C/E | C/E | G | G |
| C/E | C/E | G | G |
| B7 | B7 | E- D | C |
| G | C/E | G | G |

The guitar solo in the recording I've heard is on the first 8 bars of the verse. For that, or even if you want to extend it, I would work on something with the G major scale or Gmaj pentatonic.
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