Drifted off away and gone (or what happened to lesson 15?)

david moon

Attempting the Blues
I have set upon a path that will lead to freedom!!! :cool: For my thumb:D.

Here is my sorta lesson 15. If you are allergic to warts you might not want to hear it. I drop the thumb :mad:, pass on a few key notes:(, and fail to control my imagination:eek:. All in the interest of progress,

https://dl.dropbox.com/s/y0vrb63hthtxu2k/drifted all gone and away.mp3?dl=0

It can only get better from here...:D
You have a good feel for the rhythm, especially the thumb beats on the "and". you could put a little more oomph into the thumb thumps.

david moon

Attempting the Blues
Nope David. I believe those were "free range" thumps. As I said above...

"There it is, busted! (n) I am a nogoodnik student. :confused: I can't even play the first 12 clean and I have been sitting around "jamming" over that thump 1-4-5. I have 3 or 4 verses but after the second verse started I" - just winged it.

I read tab like my 3 yo grandson reads dinosaur books. I have some idea of what is going on and make up the rest.

Now my banjo exploits may force me to get better at reading tab. There is so much going on, so fast, at an odd gait (for most of us) that I have to do it -finger on the string - note by note - and then figure out how it goes. :)

On that recording the first pass through was like my ID check at the door, "yeah, it must be something like that tune, you can go on", the rest was what resulted after I got in to play the tune. Just noodling over what I learned from the lesson. Trying to use what I learn in "my" context.

(and it is all full of warts :) )

Cheers! :Beer:
I tried to play around with banjo but the high sixth string was so completely different from alternating bass on guitar, I just never got it.