do exercises need to be memorized before moving on?

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    might be a silly question, but does one need to have exercises or licks memorized before moving onto next lesson?
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    I would encourage you to memorize each exercise or lick, yes. When you're reading them off the page, you can't devote your attention fully to playing them. You'll do better to memorize as much as possible.
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    @Griff beat me to this by several days, but I couldn't agree more. I see this question asked a lot, which makes me wonder whether there is a sense that there will be a lot of effort involved in memorization. If you think about a song you have heard many times before, you can generally recall almost everything note-for-note without ever having intentionally memorized anything. As you play the licks and solos in order to learn the technical aspect of playing, the repetition will eventually help you memorize rather naturally. Each note in a lick is not a randomly selected element, but is part of a song. It's like remembering a good story. You don't really need to memorize one to remember it.

    For me, one of the most productive ways to approach learning something new musically is to listen to it repeatedly, with no instrument in hand. As Griff has mentioned, being able to simply hum along with it several times will help engage the learning process. Once you start to play, the repetitiveness of the playing, combined with your memory of what it sounds like will make the memorization come rather naturally. The more you memorize, the easier it becomes to memorize.
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