December 2022 All Access Pass Schedule

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December All Access Pass Member Sessions are scheduled as follows:

It's December, and that means some Holiday guitar playing!
This month we're going to take a good look at a BB King Christmas tune, "Back Door Santa."

If you want to check out the tune it's here:

As always, we'll be breaking things down like this:
  • 12/5 @ 2PM Pacific Theory - Charting "Back Door Santa"
  • 12/7 @ 2PM Pacific Technique - Rhythm & Solo
  • 12/12 @ 2PM Pacific Gear - Creating the track
  • 12/14 @ 2PM Pacific Technique - Solo 2
  • 12/20 @ 2PM Pacific Technique - Solo 3 Previouslly scheduled for 12/21
  • 12/28 @ 2PM Pacific Technique - Fix-Its

Also, they will be recorded so don't stress if you cannot make one or more.
You will automatically be notified about 12 hours before each session, with a follow up reminder about 30 minutes before each session.

If you are an All Access member and didn't get the email or just need a memory jog:
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If you're not an All Access Pass member, you can get more information here:
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