CRGU Solo #8 (Final)


Student Of The Blues
Right in time. The bends were right on. What's this about retiring?

Well, retiring from the “wedding singer band.” Ironically, I was just messaged last night about a jam on Sunday with some of the garageband guys in N. Calif. After all these years, can we really just quit playing?


Student Of The Blues
Jim- I'd have you on my team anytime.
Hey, David! Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's been awhile since our 2017 "Roadtrip" in Allen, Texas! (...miss those "live" days).
You'll be pleased to hear that the garage band I met in N. California at the beginning of this year has stuck together and we're playing our 2nd gig this afternoon at a Golf course in Napa, Ca! And I'll be using every bit of my BGU training to get through it!

david moon

Attempting the Blues
Was it really 2017? I will be retiring next year and have more time to work on guitar. No gigs coming up. I hope that the funk/disco band where I played bass will revive.