Cancer Kickin Man

Robb H

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I am not much of a musician, guitar player, or song writer but my son-in-law, Josh, has cancer. So just a bit of background/explanation to this to provide some context. I wrote this song using Griff's email video lesson on Hoochie Coochie Man since I struggle mightily to sing and play. JAC are Josh's initials, he's a computer programmer, Dani is my daughter. They are 30 and just got married this past October. They were high school sweethearts then good friends for 10 years before getting back together. They travelled together and honeymooned in Italy. The cancer was found a month after they married. He's had chemo and then surgery was just a week ago Tuesday. The whole family (both sides) were together the night before surgery and I did this song for them then. I hadn't finished the last verse yet though. I wanted to end it on a positive note. It was much appreciated, such as it is.

Cancer Kickin’ Man

I know a young man - Some call him JAC
With the bits and bytes - He ain’t no hack
He got a pretty woman - Made her his wife
They travel the world together – They got a great life

But you know he’s here
We’ve all shed a tear
Yeah, you know he’s a cancer kickin’ man
And he’s stayin’ right here

He’s got a rare sarcoma - fighting the big C
Got major mojo – from friends and family
Using the chemo – and surgery too
Keeping his chin up – Giving big C the boot

But you know he’s here
Everybody knows he’s here
You know he’s a cancer kickin’ man
And he’s staying right here

Trusting the doctors – God’s working too
Headed back to normal – gonna be soon
Got a long life to live – maybe with kids
As for Dani and Josh – They’re travelling again

But you know he’s here
Everybody knows he’s here
You know he’s a cancer kickin’ man
And he’s staying right here


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Nice tribute!
I've written hundreds of songs and sadly many where inspired by sad events.

Music and song writing is a great avenue to express your feelings., well done.

Best wishes to JAC, Dani, you and the rest of the family.

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Wishing JAC a speedy recovery. All the best to JAC and Dani. To the entire family, Keep on "Kicking".

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Yes, nicely done Robb. Let's trust that your musical energy will direct something positive towards your son-in-law's
full recovery as well as the rest of your family.

Robb H

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Thank you all for taking the time to read my song and respond with positive energy for Josh and Dani.