Blues Singing for non singers challenge

Discussion in 'Ask Griff...' started by MarcV, Jul 26, 2020.

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    Hi Griff,

    I know you recently did All Access on singing and playing. But thinking more of challenge series for folks to just get to basic level of carrying tune for blues song. Opportunity to go on hotlists and get critiqued etc. Basic steps to just getting to point to singing on key for a particular song. Not even sure if this possible but I would be interested. Lots of people on site say they can't sing when in fact they can (PapaRaptor, LOL). But there are probably a lot like me as well who really can't and would like to.


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    I'm sure Griff will jump in, but here's my 2 Cents.
    As you said lots of folks say that they can't sing when what they really mean is that they don't like the sounds of their voice.
    EVERYONE that sings feels or felt this at some point.
    I'm considered a singer and I don't like my voice. My voice is a generic "could be any of a million other" voice. I envy people like Paparaptor (Lloyd) and MikeR who have distinctive voices and all they lacked was confidence. Neither sang at all until BGU. MikeR started many years ago at a BGU Live and Lloyd just started, as far as I know, this past month. Think about where he's going to be in a year or so!

    I'm a firm believer that, as long as you aren't tone deaf (and they are few and far between), you can sing.
    Can you hum? then you can sing.
    It's like anything else. You have to do it a lot. The more you sing the better you get.
    Sing everywhere and as often you can.
    (it's so much easier than learning to play guitar, because you always have your vocal chords with you.)
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