B-Train SWS Challenge

Discussion in 'SWS Questions' started by Chuck, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Rog (B-Train) posted this SWS Challenge in the The Virtual Jam section and I thought I'd post it up here for those of you doing the SWS course right now.

    gonna try to have a lil fun with trying to read tab on this one!! found a slow backtrack in C but on page 99 of SWS you can make the solo griff did make fit on this without wings and may help ppl get a grip on this!! jus grab 12bars and play with the track and bend it to make it feel your own! dosent matter what 12 bars just do the best you can but try 2 do the notes to make them fit without wandering to far off base!! lil work will be involved but will be fun to hear!! i grabbed first 12 and hope this gives you some insentive to try!! mines not perfect either but its fun to try and sound like griff even in slow-mo!! lol