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    I am not a complete newcomer to guitar so I can strum cowboy chords like a cattle rustler. I have tried to push aside what I already knew to learning things I didn't. After a few of the lessons in BBG, I realized that a song that I have been working on writing since 2014 was actually a blues song. When I started writing it, I had imagined it as a song that Garrison Keeler could sing on Prairie Home Companion pre-retirement and before the #MeToo stuff.
    I ended up playing it at a sing around on Wednesday. I love to sing and often use instruments as props or as basic accompaniment so I just strum along. I never take breaks or play lead. This time I did. I learned it on guitar using a capo on the third fret and playing it as though it were in E but for the sing around, I switched it to A and played it on a tenor ukulele with a low G string. We've got a few very good acoustic blues guitar players in our song circle and they are used to my constant strumming. They were pleasantly surprised with how my song came out.
    So the lesson that I learned is that while I am an old dog, I can learn new tricks. I just ordered the ABGU and Delta Blues Slide courses but think I'll continue to scour the BBG lessons for more gems.
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