Almost Alone 2


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As I post this, Almost Alone 2 in A is the song on the top of the list. As time goes by and I post new stuff to my ReverbNation page the song will move down the list. But as of this posting it's the one on the top.

You may notice a few things.
  1. The tempo of this recording (90 bpm) is a bit faster than how Griff played/taught it.
  2. I play both parts
  3. On the rhythm guitar track, I played one of Griff's turn arounds after the first chorus (very cool IMO)
  4. The ending is slightly modified. All the notes are the same as Griff tabbed them. I originally recorded over a backing track I made with Band In A Box, and it forces an ending that I can't quite figure out how to override. So, because of that, the end is a little different. I considered uploading the file with the whole "band", but since it's supposed to be just 2 acoustic guitars, I stayed with the spirit of the lesson and kept it that way.
  5. Played on a little Martin LX1E acoustic electric with the guitar plugged directly into the interface. It's a cheap little guitar, but it's practically indestructible. If you do any traveling and want to take a guitar on the road with you, this is a guitar to consider.
If you feel like listening, I have some more of Griff's stuff on that ReverbNation page. Click on the "All Music" at the bottom which will open more songs. At the bottom of the list are a few from 5 Easy Solos...

Thanks for listening!
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Sounding great Jeff. Your acoustic sounds fantastic. I was actually just trying a Martin 000X1AE and a GPCX1AE today. Looks like it’s going to be a toss up between the two. Anyway, great playing and thanks for the demo on your guitar. This helps!