All I can say is Damn!!

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    I had Rheumatic fever as well at the age of 7, did a month in the hospital and was home tutored most of second grade, my siblings took full advantage of my illness by suggesting I tell my parents I would like some ice cream or soda....., which my mother would immediately dispatch my father to fetch
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    I believe I told this story before so, I'll shorten it up.
    Long long time ago, I attended a Kenny Rogers concert, with a meet and greet.
    He was a big deal at the time.

    When he walked into the room many people where in aww, mostly the ladies.

    Now, I'm no snob and I do appreciate great talent but, I've never been impressed with celebrity status.

    Anyways, he works the room shaking hands taking photos and giving autographs.
    He walks up to me and my wife and asks "autograph?" I said sure.
    I took the napkin that was holding my drink and signed it "To Willy" and signed my name.
    I handed to him and said "Hi Willy, I've got all you albums".
    He laughed.
    My wife damn near slapped me.:whistle:
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    So Albert King is the challenge this month Here is a TT cover of on his classics., This time Susan gets to show some of her chops in addition to Derek.
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    It's interesting to watch her technique. She goes from using her pick to her fingers throughout.

    I had a lesson with Griff a couple weeks ago, coincidentally working on some Albert King licks I had asked him about. He was having me do the same thing I see Susan doing in order to get some string slap on a few licks. It requires using a finger to pull back on the string a bit and letting it slap down. At one point, my high-e string went silent and I realized that it was caught in the neck pickup ring from my apparently overly-enthusiastic finger style. While I was trying to free it, Griff's comment was "and *that's* how you know you are playing an Albert King lick correctly!"
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