Alernate tunings vs standard - confusing ?


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I'm very interested in this course, although I took the electric guitar path for the blues (I completed the first 3 solos in the regular bgu course).
I wonder though if the alternate tunings are not confusing when you are still trying to master the fretboaad in standard tuning ?

Also do you need to complete the acoustic bgu course first if you want to start this course or is my experience ok (see above).

Notice : I do have experience on an acoustic but with regular songs (took lessons from justinguitar etc).

Thanks for your answers already !!



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This is just my opinion and that ain't worth squat, but I'd say that if you are not familiar with intervals (knowing where the next note that you want to play is) then alternate tuning might be a challenge.
I haven't started either course so I can't answer which should come first.


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What the heck...if your interested, go for it!
My opinion is probably worth less than moderator-Mike's squat, but I have completed BGU and am half-way through ABGU...with Acoustic Delta Blues Slide Guitar waiting on the shelf - but I haven't even looked at it yet. I don't like to jump around between too many things, but I think that if that's where your interest lies, then you might be more motivated to spend some time with it. Good luck!


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I started the Acoustic Delta Blues Slide course and could play solo 1 in standard tuning it but couldn't memorize it because I didn't understand what I was doing in the boxes and chord progression. At least that's my take on that.
I previously tried open tunings and bought a lap steel and eventually gave up because I could not find anyone to explain even the basics. (I'll leave off he rant about so called private instructors. ) I was so intimidated I wouldn't even look at the rest of the Acoustic course.
I then bought Griffs 5 Easy Slide Solos course. I spent a lot of time on the tuning itself ( D and E = R 5 R 3 5 R which is explained in much more detail in the Caged course. ) and where the minor pent scale is. Griff explains this briefly. It's mind numbing at times but I think essential to know the notes and intervals on each string at least around the 12th fret. I then took it to the open notes . Gradually I am filling in the neck and mixing the major and minor.
It ain't easy but I started this Blues thing in part to play slide. I have searched for a slide instructor all over the country to little avail and Griff provides the best, easiest to understand instruction I have found. Slide is hard to learn and harder to teach.
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Re: major / minor. I have concluded it's a hybrid and play what sounds good. It seems Duane did it. Worry about why it sounds good later. Again, I have asked trained instructors why a certain combination sounds good and gotten blank stares.
Just keep on playing.