2023 January Challenge?

Silicon Valley Tom

It makes me happpy to play The Blues!
It is time to plan what you want for Christmas 2023, and please do not forget to open your Christmas 2022 packages! :giggle:



Mr. Bites Off More Than I Can Chew
The newest addition to the stable. Could be considered an Xmas present but not necessarily. It's just that I've always wanted a PRS and about 2 weeks before Christmas I went to the Wildwood Guitar site (from Louisville Colorado) and found this. It was the only sunburst like it they had. So with credit card melting in my pocket... the rest is all learning how much different it plays than both of the other guitars in the picture. By the way if you're interested in a new guitar, I suggest checking out the site. Griff knows all about Wildwood.

Oh and as far as the January challenge is concerned I have no real suggestions. But I do have a name for an appropriate January blues song: "Dammit!! It's gonna snow again blues!"

PRS SE Cust 24.jpg


Rock and Roll
Ok im volleying in new old song Hang On Snoopy ... is a favorite from other band members Chuck and Lana.

It meets the January criteria because ( its a song ) and it has the word hang in it. Which is like the word bang. So im thinking bonus points?

Starting to like it a lot this song needs a lot more repetitions but its so fun. ( For sure I need to get onto the D chord a little more consistently ).

Video link here ==> Hang On Sloopy