How Well Do You Know The Blues Scale On Your Guitar?

This Blues Scale Training Tool will test you on how well you know your minor blues scale, major blues scale, minor pentatonic scale, and major pentatonic scale on your guitar.

Simply click "Deal" to turn over the flash cards, and then try to play what comes up.

If you are already familiar with the "Blues Guitar Unleashed Way" of playing, this will be pretty obvious, but if you need more guidance please scroll down below the tool for more information on the scales and how they are played.

If you get stuck, or want to check and see how well you did, click the "Hint" button below the flash cards and you'll see a picture of the guitar neck labeled for you. Red notes are the Root Note, and Blue notes are the "blues notes." If you prefer to practice just the pentatonic versions, leave the blue notes out.

Have fun and happy learning!

Root Note


Left / Right

Major / Minor

Download Fretboard Diagrams Of All 5 Blues Boxes (PDF)

Special thanks to Harry Patterson at for donating the original code and idea for this tool.