If you’re into the fast, blues/rock sounds of Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, Gary Moore, or that kind of weird Griff Hamlin guy, then this video is for you.

Buckle your seat belts and press play on the video with your guitar in hand…

Right click to download the PDF of the TAB for this lesson.
Right click HERE to download the video to your computer.
Enjoy and happy shredding.

    216 replies to "Speedy Pentatonics"

    • Ken

      Griff, great lesson as usual. But PLEASE DON’T USE FLASH. There is a very large audience with IOS devices (iPhones, iPads, IPods) that can’t playback Flash video. Almost anything else will work.

    • Henry

      OK so I’m new to this stuff but I am learning lots, so thanks Griff. I need to know something about this, I get the pull offs from 8 to 5, but what happens on the Ascending? Is it a slide from 5 to 8 or a hammer on? Like I said I’m new but some help here would help me lots also, thanks.

    • Ed

      Wow, thanks Griff!! Helps alot . Practice x3

    • Jesse Bazan

      I couldn’t see the video

      • Ken

        Unfortunately I can’t see this video either. Looks like it won’t work on an iPad

    • Max

      The video did not show on my MacBook Pro. Other s have but not this on. (???)

    • a

      This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me.


    • Gary Powell

      Excellente Maestro!

    • Peter

      Thanks my man.Great way to improve speed on minor pentatonics,especially for an old guitar player from North Wales.

      • Guitar Mark

        Thanx for mentioning the great Gary Moore! Simply the best power rock-blues guitarist ever…with a pretty sweet voice to boot. I miss him so much knowing I will never have a chance to see him perform live again. RIP

    • Czar1952

      Griff –
      This is one of the areas I need to work on Big Time. I can read the notes and play them cleanly, but when it comes to speed I’m like a ‘Vette with 2 cylinders Mis-firing! I’ll use this along with many of your other lessons and tips to improve my playing.
      Speaking of tips, in your video on Stomp Boxes you mentioned 2 things that I now incorporate into my tone. First, I now “stack” my pedals. I’e found some fantastic tones using one pedal to drive the other.Secondly you mentioned having your pedals modified by Rob Keeley. I sent him my TS808HW, which I thought was pretty darn good, and he added his “Secret Sauce” and sent me back a pedal from another tonal Galaxy. Amazing! Thx for casually mentioning his name in that video – it’s made a world of difference to me.
      FOR THOSE OF YOU USING AN IPAD – Hit “download this video” and it will work.

      • John

        What did Rob charge you for the modification? What is his contact infomation? What was the turn around time?


    • Lyn Evans

      Why would you go back to flash? I’ve been watching many of your videos and loving them. Sadly if your going to put this format out that doesn’t play on iPad I need to look elsewhere.

    • Glenn

      IPads do not support this format. There is a new format called HTML5 that will download to any mobile device. Could you maybe get that format in the future?

    • Johnny

      Can’t watch it on IPad 🙁

    • Llewellyn

      Hi Griff.
      Remember me asking you a few weeks ago as how i can improve my playing speed and you gave me a few tips like scales,timing,etc. i even posted a request on the Lounge asking our friends at BGU to share their experience and i got quite a few good response and now this speedy pentatonic,this is really good and this is what i asked for.
      keep up the Good work as usual,
      Thank you very much,

    • Frankie

      Thank you Sir , I’m learning so much from you …

    • Thomas Summers


      Very cool little lesson. Obviously speed comes with practice and one should not compromise accuracy for speed. You are a natural born teacher, among other talents.

      • John

        Again griff you swapped to a different player iPhone will not support flash player is there a cure for this problem ?speed sounds great but sometimes less is more

    • tony

      the # of replys to this segment is astonding . Its pretty cool reminds of the Brian Setser thing I saw way back . Of course its not the same but interesting anyway. Griff you play that faster than any metradome can function . Please keep the tips flowing and thanks for the imput.

    • rdp55@cfl.rr.com

      My old brain doesn’t work fast enough to make my fingers work that fast!

    • mike z

      Griff,this is a very good lesson. Some information you cannot get from anyone else teaching guitar. Thanks,Mike

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      Thanks for sharing such a nice opinion, post is pleasant,
      thats why i have read it fully

    • Montgomery Lewis Hanna

      bugger…cant get it on my tablet and itsmy only access to internet out here in australian outback…….

    • Paul J

      Very nice. Where I get ripped up is the picking hand. I notice that you start woth a downstroke and then do two upstrokes. is it possible to show us the right hand technique for some of these kinds of runs? Thanks!


      Another great lesson from Griff,I didnt want to do this on here but agree with the comments from Bob Malin……..never a true word,dont know why these guys do this! anybody can be critical,keep up the good work Griff I love these sessions and Im sure others love them too.
      Keep up the good work Griff.

      • Frank

        Griff is a good teacher and I have every CD and DVD he has put out so far. He knows guitar as well as how to teach it. I am a professional educator with over 40 years of experience teaching and evaluating teachers. I KNOW what to look for, and Griff has it. I have five other courses on DVD and his is by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow. For someone with only a few years of experience, I need the clear path which he provides.

        Thank you, Griff!

    • MaxFubar

      Gracias Maestro! Ustedes muy bueno y generouso!

    • Undeniably consider that which you stated. Your favorite reason seemed to be on the web the easiest thing to take note of. I say to you, I definitely get irked even as folks think about worries that they plainly do not understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top as smartly as defined out the entire thing without having side-effects , folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you!

    • Mark S

      The 5 note run is a great technique to have in your arsenal and gets you feeling as though you have achieved something. The more this is practiced the quicker your speed becomes. Many thanks.


    • Steve

      Very Good! Thanks for insight on the “five note” technique. That was a break through for me to get the melodic “up and down” thing going (secret sauce) as you work thru the scale in position one.

      Steve – Dallas

    • Barry Smith

      Great tip as always – thanks for breaking that down…….just gotta get the fingers in sync now!!

    • Terry Quinn


    • T


    • Tom Arenz

      thanks Griff. can you clarify the picking? down vs upstrokes?

    • Luther Redd

      Hello Griff, thank you for the lesson.

    • Richard C Ruh

      Good lesson Grif

    • Ray Jackson

      I have to admit that I spend hours running around the pentatonic scales on my guitar and I also find that breaking solo’s/riffs into 5 note segments a great way to run up and down the full length of the fretboard, making some really cool sounds as you go.

      It’s also amazing how many tunes you suddenly recognise when playing the the scales. Considering I have struggled for years to play solo stuff, learning the scales and the notes all over the neck has been my greatest breakthrough. Through sheer practice, my speed has also come on in leaps and bounds. Hammer on’s, slides, fine, but sometimes I miss flicking the string on pull-offs, but again, that’s only down to practice.

      I bought the BGU course, signed up for the forum, but have never been able to access it, don’t know what happened there! Truth is though, I’m still doing all my learning from your downloads, but one day, I’ll get down to doing the course. So, another nice lesson on techniques for my Blues Guitar Unleashed folder. Keep up the good work Griff. Ray, UK.

    • Alasdair Sutherland

      Excellent way of demonstrating technique. You also have a good, friendly teaching style.

    • Douglas Collins

      Thank you so very much Mr. Hamlin

    • AzMike

      Awesome video- thanks Griff!!

    • Larry Hoskins

      Griff, great finger lesson, will also try with blues scale.

    • Bill

      By going back and forth, do you mean do five or ten notes and go back or do you mean go all the way through the exercise top to bottom and then reverse?

    • Xman2000

      love it keep those finger lessons smoken!!!!

    • chip

      Griff I have a kindle fire and can’t load acrobat on it, so can’t open your pentatonic speed scale vid. Wassup aid dat? Chip

    • Jim Dutko

      Does one of your videos explain techniques that can better ones approach to obtaining clean pick-offs? Great stuff!!!

    • George Blanchard

      Thanks for sharing this, in addition to yourself these are my modern players. I’m old school and I appreciate great talent, I don’t care where it comes from. Keep up the good work with introductions and explanations.

    • NoToeJoe

      Griff, can you find a format that all systems can open and stick with it? I’d love to see this vid, but my operating system won’t open it. Please take pity on those of us who are technology challenged. NTJ.

    • Dave G

      Nice 4Th of July gift. Thanks Griff! Have great holiday!

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    • Sam

      Hey Griff,
      That was cool man!!! Thanks

    • Dennis sutton

      amstill on the slow stuff, but you explained it pretty good thanks

    • Bob Malin

      IF you are such a great Guitarist,WHY don’t you go ahead and build up a website like GRIFF has,…I’m sure if you already KNOW EVERYTHING GUITAR,You DON’T NEED GRIFF,OR ANYONE ELSE For That Matter to show you anything,So,Why Waste Your Time and Let Those of US that APPRECIATE GRIFF Letting us in on little SECRETS that would take us a lot more time to Figure Out for Ourselves?
      JUST MY OPINION,But,You DON’T Go to Another Guitarist’s Website and CRITIQUE his Methodology,…..Just Seem a Bit RUDE and a Legend in your own mind,…..

    • Bob Malin

      Hi Griff!
      Happy Memorial day.
      NICE LITTLE Riff to add to our BGU Bag ‘O Tricks!
      Easy,but takes a little Finese and clean picking,w Pull-Offs timed right. Great Exercise Too!
      Thanks Again!

    • J. Groover

      I normally don’t do this but Cypher, Dude it’s Griff Hamlin. You could probably wake him up in the middle of a nightmare and he would still blaze the neck.

    • J. Groover

      Thanks, Griff. Man you always “come around” when I’m down, frustrated, in a rut, whatever.
      Thanks again for another great nugget.

    • JJay

      To view on iPad (and probably other idevices) click on the download link above.

    • louis cyfer

      poor choice of fingering. going to the second finger on the A on the 4th string and reaching back with the 3rd finger, instead of rolling the third finger is much faster and smoother sounding. that way you can end the note you are coming off of exactly on time, no overlap like this way. same with the 5th string E going back to the 4th string A.

    • Robert

      Wow! That was great Griff. Thanks!

    • Sherby

      Brilliant as always Griff. Hoping to meet you some day. – Mick

    • Leigh

      Thanks, Griff. I enjoyed the lesson, but wish you’d have included the picking pattern.

    • chris


    • Jonny

      Very funny Griff…very funny

      slow that down by about ten times and that is where I am

      Thank you Griff

    • Jeff Grimsley

      Unfortunately (and rarely the case), this video won’t play on my phone. I’ll have till check my tablet, but I don’t think it will play there either. Have to check my previous emails seems this might be a repeat.

    • Jay Wright

      Well, thanks SO much for this. You have made what appeared to be sheer wizardry very understandable & doable. I need some practice, but I just doubled my speed in a few tries.

    • Doug Evans

      Hi Griff…

      Any chance you have this video in an iPad compatible format..?

    • JOE

      very cool as all ways JOETHESHAKER ROCKABILLYLEGEND

    • st,michael

      aloha griff cool little bit of info… i run these patterns alot too… now try doing it going up… kind of a carlos santana groove going up and down like that… aloha from hawaii my friend … keep up the wonderful work …we all love you man…

    • Carl

      NICE…As always!

    • Robby

      your knowledge is so overwhelminh to me, I was just about to begin my Bebinning Blues Guirar lessons and now I want to learn this! Help me! I just want to learn, play ALL YOUR VIDEO’S. You really are a grear teacher and of course guitar player,and I know U play other instrument’s too, which I sure U have a great command of each. Keep e-mailing me and stay well. U and your familly.

    • Ralph Essex

      Many thanks for this- really like how you rope up all the different techniques with this lesson…pull offs, pentatonic 5 note runs and the way you use the pick!- You have taught me so much and if there is a God then I hope He jams with you!

    • hair-trigger

      +++++++++ YES !!!! +++++++++

    • Mike

      Cant view on ipod 🙂

    • Mike Howarth

      Thanks for some great tuition videos. As a new guitarist and recently retired, I find them very helpful and I have learnt a lot from you. Unfortunately this latest video won’t play on my device.


    • Jerry Mckinney

      Outstanding! Some great inside Info Griff. Thanks for sharing.

    • John

      Thanks Griff, but it won’t play on my device, I love Gary Moore one my fav’s. still got the blues, I haved learned more with you in this short time than I have ever teaching my self. I’ seemed to always take the long way around. Your way is so much better, and it’s just as if you were here in my studio Thanks Johnny

    • Roland Wright

      All my time with guitares. My connection with you is the best learning with you.


    • Jeff Grimsley

      Unfortunately, which is rarely the case, the video won’t play and the format for the is unplayable on my device…really looking forward to another try. Thanks Griff

      P.S. Still working my way through BGU, thanks again.

    • Joe Gasbarrini

      you rock Griff ! thanks, Gasbo

    • Rob Johnson

      Love it! Cheers Griff. I’ll be working on this along with the riff from Joe Bonamassa’s version of “Had To Cry Today”

    • quero

      It’s another good tip for learning pentatonic scale and speeding up! Apprediate it very muck.Thanks Griff

    • Ian Oates

      Always rely on you Griff every one a winner

    • jack romanik

      love these little plays

    • JakeA

      lovely little riff – beautifully ‘unleashed’. Thanks! I’ll now practice that! JK

    • ed sarbiewski

      great tip. are the notes hammer on’s on the way back down?

    • Mike Webb

      Thanks Griff..great stuff as always.

    • Faus

      Help in understanding how this stuff is done is great! thanks

    • Hank

      Thanks Griff for another good tip !

    • Bob Brajovic


    • jay

      Griff…….you forgot to mention the right hand…….

    • Ian

      Hi Griff, thank you once again. You come up with these superb tips that save your fellow guitarist hours of wasted practice time. I have said this on many occassions we all appriciate the time, effort and commitment that you give to us all in developing our skills and talents in playing the guitar. It is second to none.


    • Bart C


    • Maurice


    • Dan Saucier

      Thank you, Griff. Like the idiot that I am, since 1972 I have been trying to duplicate the intro riff by R. Blackmore on the Live: Made in Japan recording for “Strange Kind of Woman” For that EXACT tab I’ll buy something else from you :o) I know the hendrix chord at the end,,,,,

    • LP

      Cool !

    • Roger Osborne

      I’ll give it a try, I’m good at hammer on’s but nothing 2 brag about on pulloffs.

    • Ernie Moshurchak

      Wow! Could you show your picking technique (slow) for this lesson?

    • Tom

      Well I really did wonder how they done that thanks.

    • Craig

      Thanks Griff, for another great mini lesson. You are the blues guru who keeps on giving! I was reluctant at first to spend so many of my hard earned shekels on your BGU course but you keep paying it back with dividends! Bravo!

    • Wayne J

      Griff, I was recently introduced to the 5 note riffs…E Johnson’s technique was attributed to these 5 note runs…oddly enough…I was told he also uses 6 note riffs, too…in order to to get that TRADEMARK sound. Eric J is my favorite player. It’s hard to pick one but he paid his dues and his playing live or recorded is unique. Thanks for your hard work Griff.

    • Phill Martin (PeeJay)

      Thanks Griff. Another good one.(with vid).
      Regards Phill.

    • Rich

      Great lesson. Speed was one thing I was lacking in my playing. I would like to be able to put in a fast flurry of notes occasionally in my blues soloing. I think by practising this technique I should be able to achieve it. Thanks !

    • Randy Boesel

      Just want to say thanks for the mini lessons, they are bad ass

    • skip

      Great stuff Griff. As has been said: “these little short lessons”, tips, and tricks help a lot. Keep them coming. I have started on my “Blues Guitar Unleashed” course along with “Pentatonic scales & trechnique Mastery” and having a great time. Thanks.

    • Colin Campbell

      Thanks Griff for an excellent exercise to increase fluidity of pentatonic scale and develop a good lick from it.

    • Andrea Pasillas

      Great quick lesson. Yes, Griff. I have always wondered how to pull off (no pun intended) a fast riff like that. Now I know. Thanks!

    • Ken Reynolds

      something new to practice and try to increase speed I need all the help I can get the old hands dont work as quick as they use to thanks for the great video Griff

    • Richard Lafleur

      this is a good method to practice picking , again thanks Griff.

    • jmarriott

      excellent session. clear, concise and motivating. nice how you minimize your personal skills, while still proving they are there. The right hand technique is minimized, but even if the left hand is there, its tough to do without a good right hand. Maybe a follow up video?

    • Raymond Schiller

      Even though I have been playing awhile and am more intermediate now I still like the simple shorts lessons that you send. Thanks

    • Sal Minardi

      Sounds great. There’s got to be more to it than pull offs.

    • Scott Beck

      Way cool! When you ripped it off at fast speed it just jumped out at how it all comes together. And your explanation of taking these solos that go up-down-up-down as you run through the box made sense. So much more interesting for the ear than something that just goes in one direction. Thanks so much! Now I just need to convince my fingers that it’s possible to go that fast. 🙂 Small steps, small steps.

    • george margo

      Many thanks for this imput…..

    • greg

      Been playing for 20+ years using similar techniques but still cant get that smooth speed. seems my fingers just dont move fast enough. It ends up sounding choppy usually after a 7+ note run and becomes sloppy at best. Hard for me to sustain a long smooth fast lead run. Any suggestions?

    • Mark Uridel

      Your no-nonsense straight-forward approach is always appreciated. You always simplify seemingly difficult things.I have gotten so much out of all of your lessons. Keep up the good work!

    • david griffith

      thanks for allowing comments which don’t require facebook – great lesson Griff – still trying to get a didleydidley with 3 notes let alone 5.
      Inspirational as always.

    • GARY


    • Ron

      I’m only a few weeks into your lessons but the improvement has been dramatic. This video just lifted the lid on what was a mystery to me and I really appreciate it. Feel I know you already.

    • MARK

      most excellent brother , keep these kind of licks comming bro .

    • Danny

      Hi Griff. Just to let you know I think your style of teaching is awesome . I have invested in several guitar courses, but yours are tops.I understand right away with your breakdowns and.your explanations. Keep up the good work.

    • dave h

      hi griff, this is excellent stuff, keep up the good work, thanks dave.

    • Louis T.

      Great stuff bro , thank you for sharing maestro.

    • Mark

      Heya Griff – As always your explanation of a problem that has me stumped, gets me right over it and onwards I go. When I win the lottery (ya right), I am coming down to California and going to pay you an extraordinary amount of money for private lessons. Get a well insulated hotel room to practice in, then back for more of the best instruction there is. Thanks for sharing these tips & tricks.

    • Christopher J

      just an afterthought, if you do this riff out of G,or E (ala Page) you can use the “complete”pulloff to the open string… cheaters speed trick.

    • Christopher J

      Hey Griff, been usin that for light years, for some reason, when i teach this to students, i don’t get thru as quickly as i do when i send em to you instead.hahahamaybe i need to do a vid.

    • Don

      Now, we’re talkin’, Griff!

    • Francisco Neto

      THnx for so useful lessons you use to give us!

      Francisco Neto

    • Chris

      Is there an economy picking technique for that run?

    • Rob

      As usual Griff,great stuff man thanks a million.

    • dub

      Giff, that is by far the best riff lesson I have ever seen, form anybody,anytime anywhere. I have only been able to do that up the scale with hammer on’s,never could get the thing to go down the scale like the greats. Now I know. Swweeeettt.

    • greg sutherland

      Think you just opened a door. Always wondered how that worked. Talk about thinking inside the “box”.

    • Tony

      Unfortunately, I can’t get a flash player for my IPad. So I’m going to miss out on this lesson. Thanks anyway, I’m sure it’s a good one, they all are. I’ll check out the tags. Keep them coming! It’s appreciated.

    • mike flood

      as always a great lesson

    • tim dillon

      i was just checking out speed videos on utube and you came up with a nice easy way to add speed to my most used (some may say wore out) lick.thanks

    • James E. Watson

      Hello Griff,
      My name is James and I’m Located in Madison, WV. I am soon to be 64 yrs. Old. I have been playing since In 1962, With a Cherry Red Les Paul Jr. which I still have today It is Mint. In 1966 I went off to war, was released in 1968. One Problem, Lost my Left Led Part of my Right Foot and the back of my Left Hand. The Doctor’s said I would never be able to Play Guitar again. But I had someone that got me a Guitar out of Pawn Shop. I strung it up Left handed Re-Learned my Chords and Barr Chords. I now Play Left handed, not good but fair. I’m only Bluegrass and Blues. Your Teaching has helped me more than any other Method I have come across ! All of this just to say.

      God Bless and Thank You My Friend,

      James E. Watson,

    • darrell fitzgerald

      Hi griff i love this guiter unleashed and the more see the more i won;t to know these video you send are WOW my problem is not much time for buildding speed seem like 2 or 3 days work 1 hour guiter then we play on friday.ps this video will help a lot thanks.Please keep them comming.

    • Gibochris

      Thanks Griff,
      Just what I am working on at the moment. Having fun with my new ’08 Standard Les Paul.

    • Bernadus J P. Runntuwene

      Wow……………….Bro!!……Great trick ……. Thanks, greetings from Indonesia

    • Bruce Sankey

      Now l know eric johnson had a brief radio play with white cliffs of dover , but thats nothing compared to e/c slowhand , its because clapton can sing , and play too, and come up with hits of his own. Same with SRV, steve miller , john fogerty , on & on think about it folks.

    • Bruce Sankey

      Ok so what griff , now what happens? lt seems these speed guitarist only impress other guitarist . l mean with all their speed abilities do they have any instrumental hits on the classic rock radio? l mean do they have staples heard regularly like jessica, or blue sky for example ? lf you notice the most famous riffs of all time are mostly 1/4 , and 1/8 notes, such as layla , satisfaction , my girl , pretty woman ,day tripper etc. Many more, where these speed guys must be a frustrated bunch who despite great speed, either can’t write , can’t sing , can’t whatever, slow down , n come up with a hit. Meanwhile they impress whomever they can with a loud distortion filled replica sound of a horde of angry bees. lt would seem that just as speed talker would be indisernable , a speed player would be inarticulate also. Just ponder on this thought for a while. Thx .

    • Jim Copeland

      You’re definitely the best teacher on the internet. I have your course and always appreciate these tricks that you pass along. Your teaching is understandable and too the point without a lot of unnecessary dialogue.
      Keep up the good work.

    • A Martinez

      Again outstanding video Griff. You’re timing was great as I was searching for another way to work at speeding up my riff’s and pentatonics. Happy 4th of July to you!

    • David




    • lester

      please send your fingers in the post asap!! thanks griff,your tech’qes make it easy to follow
      so here goes for the next week of practice,may take some time working up that speed! lester.

    • John Thomson

      Hi Griff realy simple and very effective as always, good finger exercise to, regardes Johm



    • cal walker

      hi griff great stuff as usual

    • christopher tompson

      hi Griff

      your a great teacher and Musician
      i put up there with the best of them
      kindest regards


    • Gene Hardin

      Thanks Griff, This is very usefull and would probably never be learned from a book.

      Thanks again.

    • Jeff

      Hi Griff, I can’t open this video for some reason. Never had a problem before

    • Chris

      Yet again, you’ve demonstrated what should be a blinding glimpse of the obvious to an unimaginative aged guitar student of 43 years inability. Since I homed in to your web site, purchased Blues Guitar Unleashed, my enthusiasm has been re-kindled. I enjoy practicing and am starting to find what I play aurally bearable! Wished you’d been around when I started learning (a physical impossibility considering the age gap). Griff, I have 2 requests. !. A video on playing in and out of chords in a say 1, 4, 5 progression. 2. Advice on a good equipment set up for home practice, jamming to CDs etc.
      Thanks a bundle.

    • nash

      awesome…I will try and work on it
      and thanks for sharing the knowledge…

    • George /from the U/K

      H’i Griff.
      Great Lesson, it’s fascinating to watch you play.
      I’ll work on it.
      Thanks again.


      George Howard

    • Gary

      Thanks Griff. I liked that lesson.


    • chris

      Great lick,took two seconds to learn!Thanks.

    • Cecile

      Thanks, Griff,
      I’ll try my best knowing fully well that it will take me several months to do it even half your speed, ha, ha, ha!!! But, I am already satisfied!!!

    • Harrison Haun

      Thanks Riff, I wish I could practice all day but I can not, Thanks again

    • donsturdy

      Hi Griff,
      just a quick note to say thanks for sharing-much appreciated.

    • John Affleck

      Thanks Griff,
      I am enjoying your little pearls of wisdom man. Gary Moore is one of those guitarists that make your jaw drop, and make you wonder will i Ever be able to play like that? With Practice, I believe I will.
      Thanks again, I have put an American friend of mine ‘Tim’ who was very interested in learning blues soloing onto your Website.
      Cheers, have a great Easter. Keep on Rockin

    • Desi Sloan

      Thanks Griff you are great for sharing this knowlage of the guitar..I eagerly await your next video lesson then play on..

    • Kevin Buechel

      Great speed technique in the scale pattern I use the most. I like how easy you break things down. Thanks for the snaking reminder…

    • Wayne

      Griff, thanks for taking the time to put together and send your emails/videos. I play acoustic guitar rather than electric. Mostly because there always seems to be something more important than a guitar to buy. But I know several chord shapes both open and barred and I know all 5 boxes of the Am pentatonic as well as G major pent. and can play thru them pretty good. My question is, do you plan on putting together a video going from chords to scales and back to chords? I feel like I know enough “mechanics”. I just want to be able to put it all together so my playing doesn’t sound robotic or boring.

    • PETE

      Thanks Griff,for sending me such usefull instruction.

    • Tom

      That should have been a no brainer! I’ve been working on speed with that scale and thought – this doesn’t work, you run out of notes too fast. Just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter how good you are technically if you don’t use your imagination. Thanks for that simple thought! TW

    • Charlie Snyder

      Thanks again for these little “side lessons” Griff. Sometimes working on things like trying to get my timing down can be a bit tedious. These little gems you throw in from time to time really help to break that routine up. I’m 66 and sure wish this type of learning experience had been available when I took lessons back in the ’70’s. BGU is great!

    • Al Kanosky

      Thank You! great practice for pentatonic scale and pull offs!

    • David

      Hey Griff, I’ts people like you that make the world a better place. Thanks for all of your help.
      Ps. That was a killer lesson. Sometimes it’s the small things that help so much.

    • Danny

      Thanks Griff It’s nice of you to go out of your way to help some of us to understand how to build our speed up speaking for myself. It takes me longer to understand things and i just wanted you to know how much it helps me and I’m very

    • Mike

      Anytime I feel overwhelmed I just sit and practice and watch you play until I get it right. I’m a lot slower than you but I’ll be catching up! Lots of spunk in these old hands yet. Thanks again for all your help Griff. I’ve never made faster headway since I started watching your videos. Let me know when your band comes to Toronto!

    • JCRoy

      Thank you so much Griff for sharing. The scales have to fall off my eyes so I can see it! Does it makes sense?

    • b etz Ulrich

      plese unsubscribe
      Thank you

    • Don

      Amazing. This is one of the best explanations I have heard about how to practice the Pentatonic scale for speed. Good work, Griff.

    • Bill

      I have BGU, the Jam Tracks, and the 4 note solo lessons. Great material and it helps me so much! I have actually increased my ability to play faster thanks to your lessons! I look forward to your continued emails!!!Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and breaking everything down!!!!

    • Derrick Sweet

      Hi Griff,
      You’re an amazing instructor! I’m going to put this latest tip to good use.
      By the way I purchased your Playing Through The Blues about a year ago and I really enjoyed and review it all the time. Your work is very much appreciated.
      Good up the good work!

    • RichS


    • Rick

      I want to thank you for playing it slow enough that us oldies can pick it up. It is really hard to catch on to some of the scale patterns and the methods of playing them. I just want to personaly tell you thanks. Rick

    • Benjamin Okolo

      Heard about this site from my friend. He pointed me here and told me I’d discover what I require. He was right! I acquired all of the concerns I had, answered. Didn’t even get long to seek out it. Love the fact that you made it so easy for individuals like me.

    • LaMarr

      none of these videos will play, please help

    • Tony

      Great lesson, that felt like a weight lifted off me I couldn’t figure out how guys were making those fast runs thru the pentatonic scales sound so melodic

    • steve


    • Larry

      A great dynamic run, I can use it so many different ways, Thanks

    • Steven Smock

      Yeah, in my dreams. I can’t see that fast or think that fast.
      -But thanks Griff, I will work on it. I am working on Lesson 19-1/TAB at the moment. You say it is a really important one to master, so I’ll do my best. I’ll do this hyperscale for a “break”.
      -It boggles my mind that some people are born able to do this. Not alot, but some.
      Not me, that’s fo sho.

      Outhouse Spunn

    • ROGER


    • al

      nice, can you show the up/down of the picking hand in slow mo or in TAB?

    • Tim Ewald

      Great explaination of how its done! Thanks -Tim

    • Helmut

      Hi folks,
      i see Bonamassa at July at the Tollwood- Festival in Munic, he played as the preband from Jeff Beck.
      Baby, thats music !! Great gigs.

    • Chuck

      Awesome lesson! I’m on it! Thank you so much Griff!

    • danny

      Griff, I have being trying to learn to play since Bert Weedon was a boy. I know that I will never be a guitarist but every time I make up my mind to give it up another one of your gems arrives through the ether and, because you explain it so clearly, and make it look so easy I can’t resist picking up my pleck flexing my arthritic fingers and trying again. Thanks, you are without doubt a STAR!

    • danny

      Griff, I have being trying to learn to play since Bert Weedon was a boy. I know that I will never be a guitarist but every time I make up my mind to give it up another one of your gems arrives through the ether and, because you explain it so clearly, and make it look so easy I can’t resist picking up my pleck flexing my arthritic fingers and trying again. Thanks, you are without doubt a STAR!

    • Cynicure

      Griff, thanks for that little pentatonic rundown… I’ve known about the pentatonic scale for ages but have had little or no idea what to do with it. It’ll take me some time to get my left hand moving quickly enough to keep changing directions (up and down) as quickly and smoothly as you do, but I’m sure the exercise will do me good!

      Still looking forward with eager anticipation to getting your course through the post; ask any Aussie about the ‘Tyrrany of Distance’… Oh well, patience is a virtue…


    • Cynicure

      Griff, thanks for that little pentatonic rundown… I’ve known about the pentatonic scale for ages but have had little or no idea what to do with it. It’ll take me some time to get my left hand moving quickly enough to keep changing directions (up and down) as quickly and smoothly as you do, but I’m sure the exercise will do me good!

      Still looking forward with eager anticipation to getting your course through the post; ask any Aussie about the ‘Tyrrany of Distance’… Oh well, patience is a virtue…


    • michael mcgoogan

      These type of \’Cheat Sheet\’ tricks really force me out of my tunnel of comfort and open new and sweet noodle\’n. Thanks! MM

    • michael mcgoogan

      These type of ‘Cheat Sheet’ tricks really force me out of my tunnel of comfort and open new and sweet noodle’n. Thanks! MM

    • michael mcgoogan

      These type of ‘Cheat Sheet’ tricks really force me out of my tunnel of comfort and open new and sweet noodle’n. Thanks! MM

    • Ty Durrett

      Thanks a million Griff. We have made my blues guitar playing so much fun. I really enjoy playing to songs from you Blues Guitar Unleashed DVDs. Keep up the good work.

    • Evgeny

      Cool! Thank you, Griff! Enjoyed learning your courses.

    • Oliverio Garza Jr.

      Griff, you are awsome.Thanks for sharing that lick with us. All we have to do is practice it until we master it. Thanks again from Michigan Oliverio Garza.

    • Stan

      Thanks so much for that insightful mini lesson, i\’ve been practicing now about a week on this and WOW what a difference, my fingers feel very light on the fretboard,


    • Stan

      Thanks so much for that insightful mini lesson, i’ve been practicing now about a week on this and WOW what a difference, my fingers feel very light on the fretboard,


    • Stan

      Thanks so much for that insightful mini lesson, i’ve been practicing now about a week on this and WOW what a difference, my fingers feel very light on the fretboard,


    • ChaliQ

      Thanks for another good tip Griff. What happened to the Crossrads show? The only guy ahead of you must have alot of good friends cause Chigago was always big on stuffing the ballot boxes or buying votes. Probably not but you guys were light years ahead of him, 2nd place must mean something.

    • JesseRay

      Always a little something to put in our gigbag of goodies!!!

      Excellent as always!

    • yogi

      that’s a keeper!

    • Tom

      I am really glad that came around was wondering how to get that sound the good ol pull off Thats the ticket. thanks griff. Is there a sercret to getting a good sound out of my less paul with a fender amp where to set it for that clean to ratty sound Thanks Tom

    • Warner Swarner

      Griff, You make it so clear. Us slow pokes really appreciate your going through these riffs note by note. It frustrate the heck out of us to hear that lightning speed and have no way of replicating it. Thanks a million for bringing it down from light speed to slow pitch. WBS

    • Cyberthrasher_706

      Thanks again Griff. This will definitely add some new flavor to my lick arsenal. Never even though of doing that to make a basic scale not sound like a scale.

    • JJL


    • JJL


    • david griffith

      thanks Griff …. still working on the 4 note blues AND scales but this is more inspirational ‘stuff’ from a great teacher and will help fill a bit of a hole in my understanding as to how things fit together.
      cheers to one an’ all



    • Ted Edrington

      Still pickin’ away at my lap steel, thanks to your inspiration. Remember, I am the sax player taking up something new. Not quite ready for public performance yet, we have been gigging pretty steadily. But I am using what I can from your lessons. Bought your Blues Unleashed and it has already given me hundreds of dollars worth of enjoyment even if I never play the steel in public. Bought your Griff Hamlin band CD too. listen to it a lot while on Facebook, lol. Keep doing what you are doing, Griff, you are inspiring so many people to spread the gift of music. Oh, and thank you.

    • Pete

      Great video! Another point that is well illustrated is what’s going on with the picking hand. The first picked note is a downstroke, and the rest are upstrokes until the pattern repeats. This is a good exercise for both hands. If I were to use a metronome, would I play five notes per beat?

    • Jerry Persall

      Many thanks, Griff! Another secret revealed. Very succinct and tidy explanation. Enjoyed learning about it. Now if I can get the weak pinky pulloff mastered…

    • paul

      can anyone give me the tab for picking somewhere over the rainbow pleeease

    • Bill

      Does anyone know where I can get free tabs or lessons on ragtime guitar for a beginner.

    • Ross

      Check out Joe Bonamassa’s new single with a FREE download….just type in the promo code: BLOG and enjoy!


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