Today’s video is all about a pentatonic 4 note sequence involving pulloffs. This has been stolen from Jimmy Page by pretty much everyone at some point. I don’t know who Jimmy Page stole it from, but you can bet it was some old blues man…

So here’s the video, enjoy. The TAB is below. There isn’t much to the tab so there’s no download version today.

It would seem obvious to place your first finger across the top 2 strings on this one… but resist that temptation because you cannot control the over-ring from the string you are not playing right now (the first string rings out when you are playing the 2nd string and the 2nd string rings out when you are playing the 1st string.)

And the TAB:

Jimmy Page Style 4 Note Pentatonic Sequence TAB


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    • ed sheeran first song

      I went over this internet site and I believe you have a lot of great information, saved to bookmarks (:.


      Great with the 4 note solo that I have….I am playing much longer and cleaner now that I have my headphones…I love to put on the Ultimate Blues Jam Tacks or the 29 Blues Jam Tracks and play untill my hands hurt…Usually about 11/2 to 2 hours but working on the hammer ons and pull-offs…cannot beleive what a difference plugging in my amp is…Ihave a combo amp with aux. to plug in my phone or laptop to jam with…

    • paul wilson-white

      i do believe that is a muddy waters lick or as i call it a flurry of notes and is great for rock blues even fits in rock and roll nicely,not a bad lick but there is better but great to get you started and hey griff when are you going to do a Gary Moore solo that i have to see, STILL GOT THE BLUES SOLO AS GARY PLAYED IT,THERE IS YOUR CHALLENGE

    • Scott R

      Great little tip Griff.
      And I’m very happy to see you include blues rock in your lessons and tips.
      Would love to see more of: Page, Hendrix, Young, Joe B, etc.

      It’s still blues, just with a little more speed and gain.

    • PatB

      I like it. It plays into my work in Pent.Scales and Rhythm Mastery.
      Ok, now lets see some jazz. I really would like to learn a mix.
      Before y’all blow this off, check out Laurence Juber doing Liquid Amber.
      Hey, you started it Griff.

    • MinorPentatonicAddict

      Great lick! If you branch out after getting this one you can nail the “I Can’t Quit You Babe” Jimmy Page/Otis Rush flurry which is similar. (That one starts with a big bend on the G string at the 7th fret into the barred B and E at the 5th fret…then a quick hammer-pull on the B string 8th fret to 5th fret. Then a big bend on the B string 8th fret. Then just recycle that sequence.) Once you get it up to speed it’s OK to play it a bit sloppy. The key to nailing this lick is playing it painfully s-l-o-w-l-y at first. Trust me…speed comes naturally with time. Just keep at it, and it will come into it’s own.

    • tc

      what slow downer software do you use or, what is the best slow downer software you found?

      • Kimberley

        Amazing Slowdowner is excellent

    • Saddler

      A great lick to increase your finger speed. Thanks again Griff.

    • john campnell

      Nice one, having some trouble mastering these pull offs persevering though practice, practice, practice,i will get there thank you Griff from scott’s JOHN.

    • bruce-a

      Griff,I’ve enjoyed all your lessons and ideas. Keep up the great work. Lately, I’ve been working on Thunderstruck by ACDC which is rough, and this one is a piece of cake.Thanks again

    • Paul Warner

      Funny when I first started working on guitar people always asked me if I could do “Stairway To Heaven” as though I would be considered a god if I knew how to and so I spent months learning the song with a pick and three fingers, which meant I also spent months learning all of the lead solo, which I consider to be among my top ten lead solos of all time. This riff in a similar form is used on the opening of the solo after the bend at the the seventh fret G string. Lots of hammer-ons and pull-offs on this solo lead
      and worth learning in my opinion. If you read the bio on this group they tell you the blues players who really influenced Jimmy Page.

    • Walt

      I’d like to see what you played after the initial pattern on this video!

      PS: I watch all your videos on my iPad and iPhone and all the DVDs I’ve purchased from you on my MacBook Pro.

      So I’m not sure why folks are having issues with thei iPads.



    • Jim Kubitza

      Well, Griff, you’ve finally tripped me up. LOL Usually your licks are pretty easy for me to get hold of. But this one is frustrating the bejesus out of me. I can do it just fine slow, but when I speed it way up everything gets wrapped around the crankshaft. Gotta break out the whips and torture devices and go to work on making my little finger do that pull-off fast.

    • bishop

      hey griff thanks man now that what you call great teaching from start to finish

    • Bruce Moore

      If you have an Ipad, you can download the video just by clicking on the highlighted word “here” in the first paragraph of this post. Works perfectly……..

    • tony

      I got this a long time ago hey what about the follow up on the major notes on the guitar what happened i never got it .

    • Steve Kelly

      There is an easy way to covert DVD to play on iPad . If you google the problem, there is step by step instructions how to do it. You need to download two free programs onto your computer. One program converts the DVD to a QuickTime movie and the other program allows you to connect to your iPad as if it is an external hard drive, so you can copy the movies onto the iPad

    • John

      I live in the UK and have tried to buy your courses using paypal but at checkout there is no link for it…..

      • Saddler

        Hey John, I’ve bought several of Griff’s courses including BGU.using PayPal, no problem. I live in the west Midlands, UK.

      • Picknslide

        You can choose paypal if you pay for the whole thing at once

    • Fred Gardner

      Video doesn’t show up on my iPad.

      • Mike

        If you have an apple ipad try tapping where it says “if you want to download video right click HERE ” click on the highlighted blue word ” HERE “

    • Gary L.

      The video would not play.

    • Joseph Padgette

      Thanx Griff

      • Mo Galloway II

        I am glade you have taken the time to teach and produce these videos. I am going to purchase the Blues Unleashed set soon. I like Jazz a bit more but I have to start somewhere.

    • jay

      … about some more of those note flurries, you must know a bunch!

    • dave

      hey griff, first time comment, all lessons you have sent me have been
      fantastic. my finger speed has increased tremendously in a short period of time. my chord fingering has increased as well. i not only learn the lesson but i also study your mechanics and hand posture. what struck me in this lesson was the do it slowly. i reteach some of you lessons to my brother and neighbor and they just as i use to do, try and play fast. it is the do it slowly part of your very first lesson that stuck with me the most and has paid BIG dividends. thanks for sending me your lessons and your mechanics of playing. i have so much fun playing leads and you have made the process easy to understand with concrete mechanics. the fan of you and your product OUTSTANDING

      • Ray lautier

        Thanks Griff, I’ll work on it slowwlllyyy,
        cheers mate

    • Ken

      Can’t watch it on the iPad!!

      • Skip

        I’m seeing it on my iPad. You need to get the Puffin web browser. Griff should start using vids that dont require Flash though.

      • Mike

        Hi Ken,

        Try my response above to Gary L. Works on my apple ipad.

    • Frankie

      Alright Griff , Cool little lesson with alot of style …

    • Ray Knutson

      Cannot view on my IPad


      I wish you would not use flash so I could watch these on my iPad.
      Subscriber and purchaser of Dvds

    • Sharen

      Like it!

    • Colin

      Excellent Griff as the link between Blues and Rock is essential to know.

    • Luther Redd

      Hello Griff , my computer been down for week. thank you for the 4 note riff , I have to work it slowly. thank you.

    • Jeff Youst

      I had to Laugh Out Loud when Griff said to play it “SLOOOOWWWLY and EEEVENLY.” Thanks for everything Griff.

    • Ray Jackson

      I ran this routine through 4-5 times and found that I was picking out the riff from Sweet Surrender by Bread, all be-it somewhat slower. That’s the good thing about all of the solo’s you’ve sent, within no time at all I’m playing out tunes with the solo’s I’ve downloaded and practicing. Now that’s got to be good, cos’ that’s the whole point of them, putting them into use in tunes. If that doesn’t happen, then they will never be anything but practice pieces. Thanks Griff for another short but sweet one. Ray (UK)

    • Axebender

      great little riff….finger strengthing also….way to go Griff keep em coming!!!!

    • Gary

      “Layla” is a good song to learn if you want to practice some hammer ons and pull-offs!

    • Gary

      Mr. Music, I have been using one of those small nerf handsize footballs to squeeze to get my finger strength back in my left hand, after a nerve from my neck to my arm went dead from being pinched. I do that and stretch my fingers out with my other hand when I think about it. Also just basis, hand areobics to, like clinching your fingers in and out one by one or all at the same time. It has worked for me. Im not a 100% like I was, but can do bar chords, and almost get my pinky way down on the neck.

    • Gary

      Excellente Maestro! Mas guitarra muscia por favor! Gracias

    • Cash Backman

      Hey Grff… why not just place your first finger over the 1st and 2nd string – wouldn’t that make it easier? And, for beginners anyway, isn’t a pull-off easier with the third finger? Just a thought. Cheers, Cash

      • Dave

        Hi Cash, read the paragraph above the video re not barring the 1st & 2nd strings.

    • Jean-Eudes

      Tank for everything
      I looks for back track for practice like clapton pink Floyd

    • Rob

      Nope. It’s an F not an Fsharp. My bad. Should use my glasses more often

    • Rob

      Looks like the beginning of Pages electric solo from Stairway. Continue on down and finish with an Fsharp which is out of scale but sounds cool. It’s also a but like Billy Gibbons first solo in LaGrange.

    • Greg Quinn

      Apple devices such as iPads aren’t supported for Flashplayer, so a lot of your distribution list customers won’t be able to view these videos.

      • Mike

        Try my answer to Fred Gardner above.. Mike

    • Paul

      Very simple Griff ! I like playing Henrixs style licks. Is it a bad habit to have my index finger on the E and B string on the 5th fret? Instaed of lifting my finger off the e string and then put it down on the B at the 5th and at the 8th at the same time ? I find it’s easeier and faster. I have no problem doing it that way. It’s kind of a Habit. Placeing both fingers on the strings. For a pulloff or hammer on. Is that a problem ? Thanks , Paul Dragotto
      PS: I don’t want any bad habits. 🙂

    • Sam

      The perfect lesson for me at this point!

    • Gerald Irwin

      The double shift takes some practice. As yet I have no choice but to do it slowly.

      Definitely worth practicing.

    • dale

      thanks Griff, a little tricky but works. thanks, slow and evennnly…………

      thanks Dale

    • Creston Rendall

      Cool Griff, that will be fun when I get the hang of it, cheers.

    • Joseph Jacobs

      Awesome Griff! Now show us one movable must-know Major scale, one movable must-know Minor scale and one must-know movable Major & Minor pentatonic scale. Just these four must-know movable scales. Your choice, of course. Many of us need something simple and easy to remember. Because there are tons of mindboggling scales and let’s face it – we’re not going to be able to do them all…so I figure this should help for now. I thought about it and can’t think of anyone else who could acomplish this better than you (for us). And, I mean it, Griff
      P.S. Maybe call it “the four movable must-know scales” A DVD course would be awesome too. Ha, a challenge for ya” (I hope). I’m sure there would be a lotof us interested in this. 🙂

    • jim

      great technique to learn,,i can see where t his’d come in handy in alotta places,,,,thx griff wanted to comment on also,i see alot of people asking about different video formats for these lesson videos,,there are a number of free,easy to use(i use em,they gotta be easy) video conversion softwares out there on the internet,,i dont know if it would be cool to mention them by name on this blog but they are there,,google search “FREE VIDEO CONVERSION SOFTWARE” and see what you can come up with,,some are as simple to use as drag and drop the video into the conversion tool and click a button,,as always be careful what you download but the ones ive downloaded are great

    • John b

      Hi…Any chance these videos can be available in a format that iPad will play?
      Thank You.

    • canadiangirl

      Awesome, as usual! My guitar hand is a bit messed up, but this tip is really helping me strengthen my abilities. Thanks so much your teaching skills are always so appreciated!

    • john reilly

      this lesson is great. i like the way you make something so simple sound great. im a very big jimmy page fan and would love to see more riffs like this one.

    • rab17

      Blast from the past! Have a great holiday to you and yours!

    • Jay

      Once again, thanks for a MOST useable tip to step up my game.

    • tracy griffin

      I would pay for a good lesson on how to to play SRV Life Without YOU.

    • Noel Summers

      Griff: Loved your live show. Would cross town to see that. Two thoughts, do you ever add the guitar and amp settings for applicable videos? Also, would you consider a DVD /lessons for “deeper” progressions such as the attached youtube site

      Noel Summers

    • Mr. Music

      OK, I’m gonna be the one to confess. (Of course, I haven’t read the other 100 plus comments to see if anyone else did). I seem to have a major problem with pull-offs. My hammer-ons are quite clean and effective, but my pull-offs continue to be sloppy and filled with residual notes. I’m thinking perhaps it’s the angle of my pinky, but since it’s my weakest finger, I have a hard time arching it and keeping it from touching other strings after a pull-off. Any suggestions? (Yeah, I know, practice, practice, practice…lol).

    • Jan P.

      Thanks, I am working on it
      Jan P

    • Phill Martin (PeeJay)

      Thanks Griff. Got this one o.k.

    • Dave Cook

      Very cool as usual. Tahnks Griff!


      I love this lesson, although I find it difficult to play, as I’m just a beginner, this is something that would fill up my free time practicing with, again thanks Griff.

    • Art

      Always great to receive this little tidbits of information Griff. BTW: Loving the Acoustic Blues DVD’s. Still have a long ways to go to cover all of the DVDs, but doing it the right way the first time. Take care.

    • matt

      Thanks Griff you the best!

    • mike

      do enjoy your 4 note lessons. have to practice speed. any suggestions.

    • Roger Osborne

      Like your stuff. Have bought several of your packages.

    • gibstrat

      thanks for the tip griff.

    • Mark

      Apple does not allow Flash on their iPads, iPhones etc, so for me I cannot see it. Can you put this in a format supported by Apple please.

    • Mike

      Thanks Griff for this very useful exercise!!!!

    • Dave

      Great idea but may I ask a quick question?

      Why don’t you just put a mini-barre on the top two strings. Wouldn’t that cut down the movement or would it not sound as crisp?

      • Saddler

        Hi Dave, I think Griff explains why it’s not a good idea to Barre the top two strings before the video. I think it’s best to mute the one your not playing to stop it ringing out.

    • Ed Dinges

      Hi Griif
      Do you have a good exercise to lossen up the fingers I have a lot of stiffnes in my fingers so at times it is difficult to practice and play. Any help would be apperciated

    • Brian clementson

      Hi Griff

      Sounds good to me.
      Great stuff

    • Rod Sutton

      Hey Griff,

      Not everyone has a PC, you need to get on the APPLE train, ie; iPhone, iPads, Mac, iTV
      You are missing a lot of folks. Do it now.

    • Jeremy Haslam

      Hey Griff,

      Us Apple guys are getting left out — you cant get Flash Player on Mac.
      Love your stuff.

      jeremy in Australia

      • Mike

        Hi Jeremy.
        Try my answers near top of page. I have an apple and it works every time.

    • Bob story

      Why not just cover both strings on the 5th fret at the same time with the first finger?

      • Saddler

        Griff tells you why before the video.

    • Rod Sutton

      Hey Griff,

      You need to make all your videos Apple iPad ready as well. You can’t download Flash player on Apple products.


    • Dionlee Moke

      Hey Griff,

      I have spoken about your course to a few collegues,mentioning also that you mentor us via email with videos and tips,just the other day I recieved your email talking about memorizing the notes on the fretboard fret 1 thru 12,i thort it was impossible,but man your technigue is awesum,this guy has been playing for over 20 years and he caint remember the notes,he tried giving me a procedure to go about it,but it was to difficult to follow,so i mentioned your idea, Anyway it took me a lot longer about 20mins to memorize c and g,i understand the importance of this,also i listened to AC/DC BACK IN BLACK,a whileback i received another of your most important emails about TABS AND U TUBE,how you waste so much time,song hunting,i fell into that trap very frustrating,you also mention picking up the songs etc by ear,well,i always wanted to play that cover, i listened you were right.,i can hear some of the notes he plays in the intro,a bit more and shud have the song.

      Ohh Griff thanks for supporting us via email you have a excellant product and support,i dont think anyone else does this

      thanks man


    • jack romanik

      love your guitar tips. brought your blues package.

    • Gary Stonley

      Always fun playing with stuff like that. Good dexterity exercise for the old fingers too, lol.

    • Richard

      Coo!..totally ..will practice this one for sure Griff..thanks for the demo.

    • Wayne

      Thanks Griff, it sounds great slow and fantastic speeded up.

    • John Feehan

      Thanks Grifff absolutely fascinating stuff very well explained too

    • Joe E. Watson

      Very cool Griff !

    • tom

      home grown bud ,smokin !later .

    • Gary D Powell

      Excellent, thank you master!

    • gaurav gulrez

      Thanks Griff, cooool stufffff.

    • Scott

      Thanks Griff, sloww is still all I’m able to do. Still recovering from broken fret hand/fingers/nerve damage. However this is great therapy! Rock on!

    • HC

      Do you recommend a picking direction? i.e. Down-up-dow , vice versa

    • Alan Wherry

      Thanks Griff – and thanks for your course, which is terrific and great value for money.

    • david griffith

      Thanks Griff …. invaluable stuff as always

    • stuart heermans

      Yikes seeing is how i am a beginner this seems really hard, so for you guys who have been

      playing a long time its a baby step that you have mastered a long time ago. Great riff for

      even the beginner.. thanks for sharing

    • art flesvig

      thats great. thanks Griff.

    • tony s

      yeah i knew this but honestly only used to end some songs , you absolutly correct Griff lots of guitarist stole it from one another .just diffrent tempos right hummm an keys tooooo

    • Amagar

      Very nice , I appreciate all your free tips ! Tnx alot !

    • phil

      very nice….thank you…keep those valuable tips coming !!!

    • lacygenius

      Thanxxx…I needed this …

    • Rick Clemens

      If you bar this riff it is easier and faster to play give it a shot.

    • Mark Mastre

      Okay you have just totally convinced me…

      I love you man !



    • Peter

      Excellent .. Just what I needed after many years of playing one string lead for a 4th rate band.

      Peter (UK)

    • Simon Whiteduck

      Kool Kool very intriguing but too busy to play now.

    • Rob

      Griff thanks so much for all the great time and effort you have contributed to try and promote us and make us all better guitar players.we really appreciate you and what you are trying to achieve.It really touches me to know there are still people like you around and i hope you will be abundantly blessed for the tremendous effort and work offered to date,i salute you.

    • Bill

      You have got to be the best guitar player to have ever walked this earth.I look forward to your lessons in my email and I can’t wait to try them. I started to play as a means of physical therapy, following an eight year battle with Guillian-Barre Syndrome, that left my pinkie and ring fingers on both hands twisted and almost useless. However after subscribing to your website I am rapidly regaining my flexibility on both hands. Thank you Griff Hamlin and may God bless you.

    • stephie

      Thank you so much for this clip. Most people just want to sell their teaching ideas. Thanks for giving us some tricks free.

    • jack


    • Phil

      Keep the emails and tips/lessons coming Griff! Thanks!

      Phil in Vermont

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      really enjoyable stuff ,,,stirred up some new stuff in my soul,,keep it coming !!

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      Dude, your videos have rekindled my desire and advanced my skills. Thank you!

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      Cool , That makes a difference when the video is with it, and the instructor

    • lynn

      so much cool stuff and so little time



    • alvaro

      Nice one 🙂 i am working on the solo number 3 now so you know what i mean, smooth….
      Thanks a lot for the course Griff

    • Malcolm G

      Thanks. I can now easily figure out where this fits into Jimmy’s lead in “The Lemon Song.”

    • Paul

      Having a cool time building up my speed (accurately) on this one, Griff. Thanks

    • jon3b

      A little trick I’ve found is to cover both E and B strings with the index finger and ‘roll’ it between the 2 strings.

    • jay

      Griff your emails are amazing . . i haven’t even bought anything off u and you keep sending out `all this content 🙂

      good karma for you and thanks!

    • Tom

      I can see I need to be checking your tips on a regular basis. Thanks for giving us the refreshing tips.

    • David

      Hey Griff,
      You sent this a while ago but i’m just getting to it and it’s great. I really love learning the licks. Thanks a bunch.

    • dana

      Griff, can you give a lesson on how to play Hot Dog by Led Zeppelin?I have found plenty of sights of guitarists that can play it,but not one that can show how to play it.Thanks….

    • Jeremy

      You’ve helped me mature alot over the last several months. one heck of an instuctor. thanks and keep ’em coming

    • Jim

      Hi Griff, as a newcomer I have a question about Riffmaster pro. I have already a software Programme which slows down videos/ audio.But is Riffmaster pro going to be any help to a beginner ? It slows down the music Audio so you can follow the Chords notes being played. But as a beginner I cannot tell which notes are being played even if there played slowly, so do you think this is going to help me or should i give it a pass.

    • Ken Muller

      I agree with Rich S, theres plenty of cheep guitars that will get the job done, it’s more what the guitarest can do to get that blues sound, If you tune your guitar a half step down you’ll get easier bends and a mellow blues sound thats easy to bar cord , this will make you want to pick up that guitar more often. Ken

    • ron

      I see that you have two old guys ,trying to learn the Blues, one age 62 but I have him beat .I am 78 trying to learn the blues it dont get any better at this age either
      But both of us will keep trying .

      So keep up the good work,an I will keep trying

      Ron Hood

    • RichS


    • RichS

      Sorry to hear of your plight, man. I don’t know how much you can spend, but probably the cheapest thing to do to get an axe and amp is to buy a Squier or even the one below a Squier I think its about $99 and an amp will run you about the same. Just look on Guitar Center’s site. The cheap stuff is out there. Good Luck

    • larry

      griff, you are a great teacher!! i just ordered the “blues unleashed”
      cant wait. i recently re-united w my guitar after a 40 yrs of no play!
      your e-mails are taken w much appreciation.

    • Jay

      I ordered your system and have been very pleased with the influence its givin me on building up my own tunes. But recently Ive had my axe and all my gear ripped off ! I do have a beat up old Carlo Robelli acoustic I call glued and screwed because it is literally glued and screwed together and doesnt stay in tune very well. anyway, its very difficult for me to try and practice with. I have had surgery on my neck, c2 to c7 a week ago and im usually in a lot of pain. therefore trying to play my beat up bent acoustic aint happnin. to much pain. Anyway, playing my old Tele through an old twin reverb would help take the pain away by taking my mind off it through creating music. If you, through all the folks im sure you know have any idea were i can find a straight electric rig without having to spend a fortune ( which not being able to work for several more months ) Being cash poor, could maybe hook me up with someone who can work with me on finding a deal. aint gotta be pretty, just straight. Any direction or help getting me back into natures medication (music) would be a trumendus help. I pretty much play for myself, only really wanting to write tunes. I pretty much keep to myself and dont get out much. My music is my medication weather Im happy,mad or depressed. I have been diagnosed as a by poler manic depressive. I apoligize for laying my crap on you, but if you have any ideas how I could get back on track it would mean more to me than you could ever know. Playing is my therapy. Thankyou for introducing me to your program. I hope to get back to practicing soon. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, sincerely Jay Rousseau (The Rythm of Lifes Noble Savage)

    • Jonny

      Great lick. My greatest hurdle is seeing the ease behind some of these licks. Griff, you always explain this great!!

    • Cynicure

      Another day; another lick…


    • Fred

      The 5th & 8th frets were written on the 6th & 5th string.
      The 7th fret is on the right string
      Shouldnt the 5th frest be on the 1st string &
      8th & 5th frets be written on the 2nd string?
      To coinside with your finger movements.

    • Alex

      Shaka Bra, thats going to add some great speed to some really cool licks. Had to take a bit of time off, ( life stuff ) but when I came back. I realized how fast you have taught me to play. I even have been told buy a shreders wife, man, Alex is getting good quick!!! That really blew my mind, cause this guy is way good. Now when I listen to the thousands of rifts that I know by heart, and realize I can do that, cause it’s not that hard, thanks to you Griff!!!!! P.S. Nice Telecaster, I’ll play this lick on mine, later, Alex.

    • Alex

      Shaka Bra, thats going to add some great speed to some really cool licks. Had to take a bit of time off, ( life stuff ) but when I came back. I realized how fast you have taught me to play. I even have been told buy a shreders wife, man, Alex is getting good quick!!! That really blew my mind, cause this guy is way good. Now when I listen to the thousands of rifts that I know by heart, and realize I can do that, cause it’s not that hard, thanks to you Griff!!!!! P.S. Nice Telecaster, I’ll play this lick on mine, later, Alex.

    • mike

      I like it, but I fail to understand how it sounds like Page’s material.

    • Bill

      Hi Griff, still waiting hopefully for information on ragtime guitar lessons and or teacher online.

    • BlueRick

      Thanks for the useable tidbit. Every little bit helps.

    • John Gomes

      Just go the video!

    • John Gomes

      I don’t see the video…just the tab.

    • Craig

      Great tip Griff (as always). Instead of moving the first finger, isn’t it easier (and faster) to “roll” your first finger from the E to B strings? Basically a moving bar. I think Bob Murnahan introduced me to this. Or is there an advantage to do it the way shown in the video?

    • daniel

      great lesson
      simple ye t effective

    • Gene

      A little confused, I have something called the three-string box postion that I have been practicing for a while now, it is one complete page of notation showing positions starting with 3 through the last one starting with 15 then back to 1.

      It shows the box you have, Blues Block (BB)#1. However it has different notes in it. I Guess it is because mine is shown in the Box Pos, shown in F pent min and the one shown for the eight fret is somewhat diffetent than mine. So, I have to assume that there are many many box positions out there that I have not discovered yet.

      I really like your internet lessons and your music, is it possible to show me your box positions?

      I have the one with this lesson but that is the only one I can find. I have been looking for some time for them and all I find are leads to things I do not really want to buy right now. Thanks, any help will be appreciated. Gene

    • Pete Johnst0n

      This 4 note solo has brightened my day. You certainly make life easier for all your students. Thanks Mate on behalf of your Aussie students. Peter.

    • Jakeboxr

      Thanks Griff , another cool yet simple lick !

    • Roland

      Music is Magic, Colours and Mathematics………….plus Imagination and experiense. or what

    • EIEIO

      You’ve done it again.
      You take the most simple licks and make them hot.
      I listened to Keb Mo last night and he was playing this incredible lick.
      It’s three notes + one !
      You rock. Thanks again for the lesson and FREE IS GOOD.

    • Jeff

      Looks like Griff got a new Tele…… Sweeeeet.

    • Kalle

      You know you are an excellent teacher
      As usual you explain everything as ” plain as water”

      Thank you for all your tips on playing guitar , it has help me a lot
      xcuse my English 🙂

      Have a nice summer
      look forward to your next mail

    • Rasoul

      Hi Griff ! that’s cool ! but not attractive ! thx for all !

    • Pierce Phillips

      Unfortunately, no video is coming up. I’m sure you’ll get this fixed. I love all your tips.

    • Ken James

      Simple and effective. Cool!

    • foleypro

      Nice very nice..I thrash my axe its always nice to kick it down to learn a better way maybe…?

    • Tom

      Great as always. Keep on getting stuff for me I love it.

    • John

      Thanks for taking the time to share these tips. I am 62 years old and have only been playing for a year. These tips help an old guy get alot better. Hey, I don’t have alot of years left and I need all the help I can get.

    • Gary Tackett

      Great tip Griff… keep them coming.
      I also loved your "Soloing Without Scales" the 4 note solo course, it’s full of good stuff.

      Again Great Job,
      Gary Tackett

    • Gary Tackett

      Great tip Griff… keep them coming.
      I also loved your “Soloing Without Scales” the 4 note solo course, it’s full of good stuff.

      Again Great Job,
      Gary Tackett

    • Mark

      @ Dave AKA Bluewater:

      I was wondering the very same thing.


    • Ross

      Check out Joe Bonamassa’s new single with a FREE download…just type in the promo code: BLOG and enjoy!



    • Brad Shugart

      My interest went up when I saw Page mentioned, but there is no video in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

      I’ll try Safari on Mac.

    • Vic SoLo

      Another home run guitar tip Griff! I’ve been playing that lick for years and could never figure out how to speed it up… watching your video just once and then practising the technique has doubled my speed and given me a whole new sound to work with all the way up the neck.
      Vic SoLo Winnipeg, MB Canada.

    • Brian

      Excellent tip as usual. Many thanks ! Brian in England

    • Dave AKA Bluewater

      Griff – is there any reason to avoid using a barre at the 5th fret on the 1st and 2nd strings. That way the 2nd string E 5th fret is already in position for the pull off.

      • Saddler

        Hi Bluewater, Griff mentions this before the video, something about the other string ringing out. Also I think it’s to get used to moving two fingers on the same string at the same time. Just another learning curve I think. Cheers Saddler.

    • Scott

      Okay – it shows up now – disregard my last post…

    • Scott

      I see the TAB – but no video.

    • Cyberthrasher_706

      @Melvin – All the previous tips/lessons are listed along the right hand side of the browser. Browse around because there’s lots of cool stuff in there.

    • Cyberthrasher_706

      Perfect Griff. That fits perfectly with my style since I’ve always had trouble switching to alternate picking mid-riff (can’t re-sync my fingers like that). Another quick and simple tip that will take people a long way.

    • Melvin Nash

      Great tip. Thank for sharing.
      Is there a web site that I can see prior tips that have been given?
      Thanks, Melvin Nash

    • Melvin Nash

      Great tip. Thanks for sharing.
      Is there a location that I can find the prior tips that you have given?
      Thanks, Melvin Nash

      • Susan B

        at the bottom of this page there is a menu …. choose blog … it is full of helpful hints, lessons and stuff by old time and present blues guitarists

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