As you may have heard, I recently released Classic Rock Guitar Unleashed (and Β a lot of folks are really digging it, thank you!)

Well one of the questions I got asked a lot was in regards to the tones on the recordings for the course (there are over 180 tracks to play along with) and also in the videos, themselves.

On the tracks, by and large I used my Kemper Profiling Amp with some profiles from Micheal Britt, and a couple of custom profiles that I made of my Nace Pro-18 and my Bad Cat Cub II.

But on the videos themselves, you’ll notice I used an Avid Eleven Rack (which isn’t in production anymore, but is still a great modeler) with a Line 6 M13 – and that’s basically the same rig I use for all of my videos and have used it for years with great results.

As they say, however, “a video is worth way more than 1000 words,” so let me walk you through it and show you just how simple it all is.

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    • Rox

      I am waiting for mailing of DVDS and manual of CLASSIC Rock Guitar Unleased.
      My invoice states and I ordered CRGU and all I got was digital delverery of course and no email of CRGU shipping.
      Tried emailing customer service hub and couldn’t get through. I realize this is not place for this complaint. The given phone number is for orders only. I called this number and was told they would email customer service for me. They took my invoice number, email address and phone number. Called several times to no avail. Help!

    • Bob

      Offer is CRU for $97 until midnight – but (without a promo code?) at checkout it is charged the full $197 price? What promo code to use?

    • Russ Carre

      Ok great video love it all. Very informative and well pleased.looking forward to receiving the new classic rock course. Got loads to do before it gets to me. No matter. Rock on.
      Regards Russ C.

    • Gary Quellet

      WOW Griff,
      Ive been thinking about switching from regular stomp boxes to a good modeler.
      I found a local guy selling a Used Line6 M13 with Expression Pedal and Voodoo MIDI Control Switcher, all in excellent condition on Craigslist.
      Pick it up today. No more cables, wires and crackling sounds πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the CRGU course I’m loving it !! Focus on the rhythm part for now as this is not what I typically work on. Fun stuff!!

      Guitar junkie

    • Chris Jackson

      I don’t usually post comments, so this is a first for me.
      I call myself a bedroom plucker, I have no desire to play in a band or on stage but play for my own entertainment.Ilove live music and have seen practically every major band over the last forty years from Chuck Berry to Joe Bonamassa. I have spent hundreds of pounds over the years attempting to re-create there amp tones and the following is the results of my years endeavours.

      Line6 – I have owned many line six amps (four in total plus two pods)every time I have been sucked in by there advertisers or players with very little experiance. Once you take the effects off and just use the amp with a bit of reverb, thats all you have. They are sort of Marshally or slightly Fenderish sound. Also weather you plug a Β£60 or Β£6000 guitar in them they sound the same.

      Kemper – nails every amp perfectly but the price of one of these and a quality cab you could afford atleast two original amps you are imitating plus you need to attend a course at NASA to learn how to set one up. The chap at one of my local music stores uses one of these in the shop and again he always goes for the same amp setting a 58 Fender. Which he could purchase for the price of one of these and have a lot of change and would be much easier to set up, one volume one tone.

      Atomic Amplifi – These are a stripped down version of a Kemper,to use one live they need to go through the send socket of an amp and it takes over the pre set controls. Same processor and are a third of the price. Again a days course at NASA would be required in order to set one up for anyone over the age of forty five but the presets are exceptional and nail the amps it is imaging.

      Blackstar ID15TVP – half the price of the Atomic Amp including purchasing the foot unit. It has been designed for gigging and the 15 watt is on par volume wise with a Fender Blues Junior but also sounds great at low volume, unlike a valve amp which needs volume to rock. amazing value for money this amp is the mutts nuts,it has been designed around valves not amps like other modelling amps and thus this behaves more like a valve amp. You can practically nail every amp you requre with this baby by just looking up rig rundowns on You Tube. If you nail a rocking JMP that will cover most 70’s artists such ad AC/DC, Blackmore, Zeppelin, Hendrix and many more. If your not sure of how to set these up you can always search and download from the cloud through the free software (I think thats right wording) settings that fellow musicians have uploaded.

      Marshall SL5 – best amp marshall have ever made 1 or 5 watts nails all 80’s rock bands at bedroom volume and is all valve. Limited edition, if you can find one grab it!

      Marshall 50th Anniversary – Again all valve 1 watt but dedicated to each era ie 60’s 70’s, 80’s etc (JTM, JMP, JC800 etc).

      Fender Princeton – The transistor model produced in India no longer made. If you can find one and you are on a budget gorgous clean tone and fab overdrive 65 watts trany power not powerful enough for gigging but good at low volume and for practice session.

      I hope you can find this usefull, I got my first guitar when man landed on the moon and Lilly the pink by the Scaffold was in the charts.But due to circumstances over the years I have picked up and put down my guitar but has always been my favorite passtime.
      Well done Griff, another excetional course to add to my things to learn.

    • Glen

      One Line 6 Helix to rule them all, one Helix to find them, one Helix to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

      • Russ Carre

        I love what you’re saying. Some amp’s have a load of rubbish on them.

    • Jeffrey Goblirsch

      You said a lot of nothing! Start from scratch & tell us how to set up a regular amp & pedals. Got to be realistic! Don’t tell us how many toy’s you have!

      • Chris Jackson

        OK, as this is Classic Rock lets look at a Classic rock amp like like the 70’s Marshall JMP. This amp consisted of a volume bass & treble was available in 50 or 100 watts and was powered by two EL34’s. Most guitarists could not afford pedals as there wern’t many around so the guitars were plugged straight into the amp aka Angus. The volume of the amp was set at full and the volume on the guitar to clean up the tone.
        To get this type of tone you need to set the gain between 11 & 1 oclock depending on your amp the volume on full and use the master. Or on some amps crunch with gain rather than overdrive. These old amps were not high gain so you really had to crank the volume to get any breakup. They were not equipped with reverb until the 90’s DSL.
        So just a smidgen of hall reverb to fill out the tone. Bass and treble to taste and use the guitar volume to nail it.
        A lot of guitarists have the gain way to high and these amps were not capable of this. I suppose the modern day equivalent would be the Fender Blues junior.

    • Fred St Clair

      Nice Les Lius: I love mine.

    • Val

      Hey Griff, thanks so much for putting this together. Can you tell us which pickups you have in that LP? Also, I might have missed it, but did you talk about where you have the tone knob on the LP? You mentioned taming the treble on the amp, but I’m also wondering about on the guitar. For example turning down treble for bridge pickup and increasing for the neck, etc.


    • Darren Goodpaster

      Boss ME-80 works very well, is very intuitive, and, most of all, easy to use. I’m sure Line6 products work for a lot of people, but they are way more advanced than me, lol. I’ve owned the M13, Live XT, and HD 500X. They ALL worked well, but required a college education to figure them out, lol. Guess I’m just old school. The ME-80 does everything you need it to do, and is easy to use, even for a dummy like me😊

    • Randall Clarke

      I have an old GLP Deluxe from 1968 played through a Blackstar ID:260 TVP modeling amp and would like to know if you or anybody else can offer any tips or suggestions on the best way to set the Vol and Tone controls on the guitar and particularly on the amp to get the closest sound to your Blues and now… new Classic Rock Guitar Unleashed courses…also use a Boss BR-80 PDR with it’s built in studio effects at times..

    • tim theys

      Thanks for the line 6 info in setting your amp clean to get the unmuttled sound… do you ever go straight through your amp to get the sound, the crunch, without the use of pedals? I have a blues Jr, and a hot rod deluxe.

    • Robert

      That is the coolest shirt I’ve ever seen!!!
      I want one!!!
      This whole thing is so cool I can’t stand it. I love the Blues but I’ve been so focused on just Blues I’ve been starting to think I need to diversify, at least a little. Blues based Classic Rock??? …f***in genius!

    • John Eisner

      I am a real beginner and I love your tutorials. I purchased your “Beginning Blues Guitar ” package and I hope soon to make progress.
      I am approaching 70 years old but my son is a fantastic guitar player and I said to myself – if he can, I can also, but of course I will never make it to his level.
      John (Israel)

    • Len Canter

      Hi Griff,

      Thanks for your rig breakdown. Learned a new word: Line6M13. Will have to check it out when I get back home to Chico, CA. Several years ago someone stole my Boss ME-5 pedal and I never replaced it. Been mostly playing a 1998 Gretsch G-6120 thru a 20 year old Daelcetro Slap Back Echo and a 2016 SolidGoldFX Surf Rider 3 into a 1992 Peavy EVH 5150. S’pose it’s time to look for different sounds.
      Keep up the good work. Should you ever come out with a lesson on Rockabilly, I’ll be the first order.

    • Steve

      Hey Griff… Looks like this will be a great course and a wonderful learning tool. Is there any way I can order just the manual and the DVD’s at a price that doesn’t include the digital version? It seems a little redundant and over kill to have all three, and I don’t like to rely on my computer or the internet. For this reason, I would not ever need or use the digital version.


      • HotLks

        The online access is free. Griff won’t be able to discount that from the price. Just don’t use it.

    • Ravi

      Hi Griff,

      I always wanted to be a “Rock & Blues” Guitar Player. I hope I can pull this one off with your “Classic Rock Guitar” course like I’m doing with your “Blues Guitar” courses. Why has it taken this long? πŸŽΌπŸŽΆπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    • Buzzi

      Griff…in your offering of “Classic Rock Guitar Unleashed”, you have three deals to select from…but not the one I want. There’s no way to select just Digital Access + DVDs. Can you add that option in another emailing?

      – Buzz Carroll

    • Howard Spruit

      I am an acoustic chauvinist so am not at all interested in amps, overdrive fuzz tones, etc.
      However over the last 2+ years I have learned much of what I wanted to know from your teaching and am still learning.
      Your teaching technique works very well for me, and has helped me be able to learn to read notation and tabs so I can learn some classical, folk, and acoustic country that is in fact what I really want to learn.
      Thank You!

    • Jim

      A lot of great information Griff. I got the digital download of classic rock guitar unleashed and i’m waiting for the DVD and printed material because I work better with that but so far it’s a great course and thanks so much for putting it together. I have several of your other courses blues guitar unleashed and the five easy blues solos all are super thanks again. keep on rocking and rolling. Jim

    • willemjacobs







    • Anthony

      What is a profiling amp?

      • Denis

        Very briefly a Kemper profiling amp is an amp that can copy an existing (valve) amp by listening to it. The digital copy of the amp is called a profile.

    • Michael Valadez

      Didn’t catch specifically what you used for the Jimmy Page lesson tone?????

      • Griff

        That was the Eleven Rack with the Line 6 M13 (Tube Drive model) as shown in the video. I used it for all of the videos

    • Mark Wales uk

      Cheers Griff
      For the advice just have to save up to get the course now ☹️

      • Russ Carre

        2 great led zeppelin sounds on the m13

    • Michael Chappell

      Thanks Griff, Such a simple explanation.. wonderful.

      Glad, I purchased the CRGU and can’t wait to get all the DVD’s & Cd’s and Hard Copy Manual in a few weeks.. In Australia the Internet is pretty darn slow, so I will wait for the Bundle to thump on our front porch.! In the meantime ,I will try to get the Digital version in little a couple of weeks time as I am busy with some of your other BGU courses..

      I have a Marshall AMP 100w with a Boss ME 80 Multiple Effects Also I have a Line 6 practice AMP 15 w & inbuilt effects, which I think will cover the sound that you are getting and I will experiment with these.. With your tips in this video I have toned Down the Marshall AMP to Clean to get a much better result and it is a much better sound.

      Thanks again for a quick response here and congrats for such a great CRGU Course..

      Michael-Sydney-Australia 22 March 2017.

    • David. Norfolk England

      Thanks Griff. Very informative as always – and I’ve just ordered a Line6 M13 which should be with me by Saturday (and I hope I can then emulate your great sounds)
      Blessings David

    • Tom

      What sort of speaker or can do you play your Kemperthrough?

      • Tom

        Should read ‘cab’ not ‘can’ πŸ˜€

        • Griff

          Mostly just the studio monitors. Sometimes headphones, sometimes I’ll turn off the cabinet part of the sound and run it through a regular guitar cabinet. Just depends on the situation.

    • Chuck

      Fantastic explanation Griff!

    • Christopher

      Loving the CRGU course. Do you have any suggestions about using IRig and the Amplitude app, and feeding this through a standard amp?
      Thanks so much

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