The Most Popular Strum In The World

Learning how to strum chords properly and do it with good time and rhythm isn’t all that sexy… I’ll admit that.

But I’ll also tell you that there is not much out there that will improve your playing more than improving your sense of rhythm and timing.

Look at BB King – his playing isn’t brain surgery most of the time… no offense but it’s really not that complex. But he KILLS it by putting the right notes at the right time.

It’s amazing to me how many people are out there trying to learn how to play solos and songs that are difficult without having a solid grasp of some basic rhythm fundamentals like in this video.

And here’s one more thing… count this out loud. If you can’t play this comfortably and count it out loud at the same time, then you need it that much more. Don’t give up on it if it’s hard. If it is hard, I promise it will do more for your playing than anything else you could do right now.

If this is just your speed, you may want to consider my Beginning Blues Guitar course. This lesson is in that course (though it obviously looks a little nicer on DVD.) And there are a lot more lessons that cover all the basics of playing your guitar using blues tunes instead of the traditional old pieces that aren’t that fun to play.

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28 responses to “Guitar Strumming Lesson: The Most Popular Strum In The World”

  1. ken says:

    guitar strumming lesson hi griff; nice playing i`m trying to copy u i watch all your videos thanks for posting them keep up the excellent work.

  2. Bill333 says:

    Great video Griff, thanxx ! I was hitting a wall in my learning, and this is just what the Dr. Ordered.

  3. dear d griff says:

    It get song in my feet. Now I count that . Doublebeats but place it . All good . Thk ya.

  4. I’ve been playing a few months, and I was wondering if your course is more advanced than what I need.right now. I’m taking lessons and starting with the ABC’s. I like the blues, I get frustrated with 30 mins a week. Feel it’s holding me back, but, I don’t want to order your course and be lost. Tell me I won’t be lost and I’ll order your course immediately. Thanks, Rick Spain
    P.S. I’m 55 years old……

    • Ged says:

      Hi Rick. I’m around your age and Beginning Blues Guitar will do you just fine.

    • KPinNC says:

      Why isn’t there a ‘Like’ button on this message board? I’m 58 and a beginner, @rickspain, these guys are right! Griff is an amazing teacher. I bought Beginning Blues Guitar and was so impressed after just a few lessons I purchased the BGU version 2 course as soon as it was released, but I don’t dare open the package until I finish the beginners’ course! It’s killing me, though! Baby steps, brother!

  5. Jay says:

    Good lesson Griff!
    Will be applying this strumming pattern in my practice sessions until it becomes 2nd nature.
    As always a big thank you for your video lessons! Keep Rockin’, -Jay

  6. Jim says:

    Hi Griff,
    I.m a 67yr old has been who incidentally hasn’t managed to get anywhere yet i’d just like to say “you’re lessons and techniques are just what the doctor ordered. Great.

  7. bob sakell says:

    What better way to learn,then from a pro.It takes time to learn things the right way.The more time I put in,the better I get.Can’t lose,folling you.Thanks.

  8. @rickspain. Yo man, The course you are considering is JUST what you need to get started. Griff is one helluva great teacher and when you become a little more accomplished, there’s the e-mail lessons, and intermediate courses to purchase as well. I have two myself and have become “none too shabby” if I do say so myself. Jump in, you won’t regret it. I’m 52 and rockin out every chance I get. Good luck.

  9. Gary Allison says:

    To Rick in Spain,
    I am also 55 and just starting out on my guitar learning journey.
    I highly recommend you purchase Griff Hamlin’s Beginning Blues Guitar course.
    You won’t be disappointed.
    Best regards,

  10. Paul Warner says:

    That was an excellent lesson. It is always good to review stuff we might be taking for granted and then find out you aren’t doing it right, so even I will review what I am doing, and of course anything you do that shows the counts, makes it that much better. Good lesson..

  11. tony says:

    i can tell how important this basic stuff is and how to understand why its so important. i teach also and maybe i can get this across to the student. then possiably apply some of this to his bass playing . why because he doesnt get the when and when not to play . the one and two and not three and four and not . hey its a country g or for what ever. put your second finger on the 3 string on the fourth fret and third finger on the forth string fifth fret and its a very cool g small cord . leave your first figer on the third fret on first and second or course . and then its use to go to a c and g major and minor scales . I can say that i always new this but did not get it . crystal clear now you are very good teaching guitar .

  12. Mark a Wales uk says:

    Cheers Griff for the rhythm pattern

  13. Bill says:

    Thx Griff. Looks like you have a Taylor 414ce there. I have the 25th Anniversary model on which they used Indian rosewood for the sides and back, same as on the 814ce. Great guitars indeed.

  14. I’m always amazed at how much I learn about playing the guitar by side comments. Your subject today is about a particular strum pattern – but I found the comments about the difference between a fully “produced” recording and an individual strumming to comp a singer very insightful. Elsewhere you described listening to the bass drum on beats 1 and 3 and the snare drum on beats 2 and 4 – very helpful! I have found that teachers who “ramble on” often provide a lot of insights beyond the current topic. Please continue to include these asides – they are very helpful. Thx, Griff

  15. Legoge 47 says:

    I am 68 years old and tried to make a comeback but it’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anyplace. But thanks for the lesson anyway!

  16. Michael Chappell says:

    Hey Griff,
    I always enjoy this type of refresher on my acoustic electric. Hey I am closing in on 69 yrs in Dec and I can say to everyone here that All the courses from Griff Hamlin & BGU are the best. I am at intermediate level and learning from a variety of BGU Courses and strongly recommend the BGU V 2 once past beginner stage.
    Michael- Sydney- Australia

  17. Michael Chappell says:

    To Rick in Spain & Others,
    Griff is one helluva.Blues Guitar Teacher covering all the basics as well. If you practice the way Griff says then you will see the results far quicker. Griff makes the lessons interesting and is very cool in his approach. He has thousands of students around the world. Once you purchase a course you can join the BGU Forum an online meeting place and chat to other members and read about Gear, Amps, How to play stuff Jam online at the Forum it’s a new BGU World.

  18. You don’t know what you don’t know (Rumsfeld) But now I do know 🙂
    Reading the comments and not feeling so old.

  19. Roy says:

    Another great lesson. Well layed out and clear and easy to follow. It’s great to brush up and repeat lessons like these. My strumming is so automatic that I think I need to go over more strumming patterns and get the timing and pattern more correct. Thanks Griff

  20. Alex Mowatt says:

    Great lesson Griff. I have to admit that after some six years or so of trying to reacquaint my self with the joy of playing guitar I have never until today actually used this technique. Very useful, especially for when tackling a ‘new’ piece. Thank you.

  21. Just tuned in (WOW).been hitting walls for years .no rhythm no timing.nil absolute bedlam for a guy who has flung the guitar in a corner for months .frustrated at myself. Picked it up started again .then bang completely fed.up..not anymore ..your patience and attitude to dudes like me.. Respect sir big time.

  22. Terry says:

    I’m currently working through your Strumming and Rhythm Mastery course. It’s a lot tougher than I thought it would be, which means I’m getting a lot out of it. Highly recommend it.

  23. kim says:

    Great timing (pun intended). This year I will make sure I work on strumming.

  24. Alan Pellegrino says:

    Hi Griff,
    I’m an older “beginner” (75yrs. old) & I love your videos & how you teach. Don’t know if it’s my age, but I have trouble w/strumming patterns: counting out loud & trying to remember when to strike the strings all at the same time is my biggest problem; any solutions? Thanks!

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