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    Jul 13, 2012
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    There are many approaches to playing the Blues on guitar. Here are a few from different sources:

    1. Play only dominant 7th chords.

    2. Play only minor chords.

    3. Play only major chords.

    4. Play major on the I, and minor on the IV and V.

    5. Always start on the first beat of a bar.

    6. Never start on the first beat of a bar.

    The list goes on. Personally, I dislike “absolute statements” like the ones above insist upon. I do think it is up to the listener and the player what approach to take.

    To me playing the Blues is like having a conversation. You use intonation to express and emphasize your thoughts, just as if you are speaking. Call and response is a good fit for the Blues. There are those who play endless licks that do not appeal to me, as they are disjointed, and lack continuity. Some players can play an endless number of 1/16 notes up and down the neck. Most impressive! For those who like "noise" (ie. unwanted sound :cry:)

    Well, we have to remember that there are almost 50 different types of Blues. So I guess we have to pick and chose what we like. My favorites are Shuffle, Rumba, and Piedmont styles. I do not enjoy other flavors, so I know what I like, and spend my time accordingly.

    Oh, I admit that many have called me opinionated, and they are so correct! :)

    Now I am off to break all the rules of the experts, and enjoy myself! :cool:

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    Life isn't Black or White but rather infinite shades of gray. Why should music be any different?

    All of what you mentioned are good suggestions but what anyone ultimately chooses to do is a situational thing. Groove, tempo, style and myriad other parameters all offer hints as to what works for a particular tune and even then there are spur-of-the-moment things that often add interest and flavor.

    That's why I believe in exposing myself to as many styles of music as I can. The hundreds of backing tracks I have encompass a wide variety of styles and genres. Naturally I like some more than others but I always either learn a new lick (or how to better apply an old one) or I find myself pushing boundaries and often playing beyond what I may currently believe are my limits and I always learn something.

    All of that makes me a better overall player with greater range, facility and adaptability.

    And it's a helluva lot more fun than just playing the same thing over and over! :)
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    As Eddie Van Halen once said

    you only got 12 notes

    do what the hell you want with them

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    Music is an emotional thing for me, if it doesn't make me feel something I can't get into it, and probably why I prefer more intimate playing situations as opposed to big productions, jamming with some buddies in a garage or basement on something we all dig is far more satisfying than putting on a performance of tunes I don't really care much about for a group of people. That being said playing music your into in front of people who are into it is the absolute best of both
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    God Bless you Tom, but you pretty much answered your own question. ;)

    ..and what Eddie and Mickey said! (y)
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    I am happy if I remember to play in the same key as everyone else
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    Someday I might do the right thing, for now................I'm winging it.
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    I enjoy playing with

    a group I just met at an open jam- it might crash and burn or be great

    A group at a BGU event- we might have had some time to prepare and select songs, and meet beforehand.

    a pit orchestra for a musical. Got some rehearsal time. I don't always like the show. I didn't like the gay subtext in A Chorus Line. Never played Rent. Did Wizard of Oz, South Pacific, King and I, Oklahoma, 42hd Street and many others. You just do your part and hope that the others (including on stage) do theirs.

    Just thinking about the many others: Li'l Abner, Footloose, Titanic, Music Man, Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof, Cats, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, Rocky Horror, Damn Yankees, probably more that I'm forgetting