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    Worked my way through BGU twice and feel I got a better handle the second time. My playing has improved tremendously with Griff's course! My question is where do I go next? I read where they recommend you follow up with Gig in A Box next. After, listening to Griff's blog on level's, I still feel I'm not really equipped to solo like I want to --- my fingers go to the same licks I've memorized. How can I expand my playing at level 1 pentatonic scale? I feel I need more phrases under my belt. Any help would be appreciated.!
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    Playing stuff you love thats not too fast ...

    Thrill is gone get a backing track of that with no guitar. Sweet home chicago same thing.

    i just did buy blues gig in a box the first one ... first song is sweet home.

    Keep looking at the emails Griff sends you cannot do all of them not even most for me but there are ones at times that show you what you need.

    I am working hard at counting shoulda done more earlier. Counting playing rythm trying to stay off the 1 ha ha ...
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    Look at Soloing Without Scales and Slow Blues Supplement
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    What to do:
    -Listen to a lot of blues (Active listening, not just background noise)
    -Play a lot. Put on a backing track and play the boxes over the entire 12 bar. Try to add things you heard in your active listening. Slowly little improvs will pop out. Try to remember them. I can't say that this is the fastest way but it will work.

    -Soloing Without Scales
    -Blues Construction Kit-Shuffle
    -Blues Construction Kit-Slow Blues
    -Blues Gig In A Box
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