So much power in a small package

Discussion in 'SWS Questions' started by MarkDyson, Feb 25, 2020.

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    Four (plus one) notes small, even.

    Just sharing. Working on the intro for a blues classic for the next jam. Got the sheet music, plotted out the notes for the melody, found a couple of places on the fretboard to plant ‘em.

    Then it dawned on me that, for the most part, each of the phrases of that melody tucks nicely into a “blues box” right out of SWS. Not always perfectly, but close enough that the melody is recognizable. I understand that, since a blues box nicely covers a block of the pentatonic scale, that’s not really all that surprising. Hella useful, though, especially if I want to change the key of each box to fit the corresponding chord.

    I’m a fan. :Beer:
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    I'm wrapping endeavor is SWS. I watched the whole course today(excluding licks) for a preview. I was quite impressed where a "simple" idea can take you! My thoughts after watching was that I can hear Freddie King and EC somewhat in these solos.....but especially Freddie! :)
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