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    I posted this last night under Session Discussions instead of here. Sorry for the double post.

    Hi Griff,
    So I've been thinking of a topic for several months now but, being the quite, stay in the background, procrastinator that I tend to be have not yet shared my thoughts. I saw your email today looking for new topics and figured I'd throw caution to the wind and jump out there.

    Here goes: First of all I'm assuming everybody on this web site has at least one thing in common regardless of skill level, length of time as a member, or procrastination abilities. That one thing is we all "Love the Blues": fast or slow; old or new; acoustic or electric.

    With that love of the blues in mind I thought it might be nice to have one of our monthly webinars focus a little on the history of the blues musically. So in order to explain what I mean I'll give some suggestions.

    * Who is Alan Lomax and we did he do for us (in this case the us is all of us blues lovers).

    * Who wrote "Midnight Special" - (Huddie Ledbetter); what was the song about; how did he get a pardon from prison. The idea is to take a song or artist and kind of do a analysis of the song or artist. What made him good and why was his music successful and what did it add to the Blues genre. Of course no matter what artist or song you'll have to play some of his music, which should be the main focus. It goes without saying that both acoustic and electric would be used depending on the artist. Which is were my "history of the blues musically" comes in.

    I can see I'm really getting long winded (I tend to do that when I talk about the blues) so I going to end it here but, I hope you get the general idea. I can embellish this quite a bit so if you want to here more let me know.

    Other suggested topics. Robert Johnson - what makes him so important. Deltas blues players songs and sounds, Chicago blues players songs and sounds, Texas blues players songs and sounds. Etc.

    Paul J
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