Griff's email today : Getting a full house

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    The "Killer Blues Solos" course mentioned in the email has not been available in the course catalog for some time.

    In it you will find the only "complete" course discussion of the minor & Major House patterns.:whistle:

    Also, a discussion of Griff's 3 Rules of Blues Soloing (all in one place:sneaky:).

    (Including which notes to "target" over each chord.)

    And a section on techniques: bending, pull-offs & slides.

    And a "killer" 2 chorus solo with Griff's "favorite" B. B. lick.

    And it's the least expensive course he offers.

    Hint, hint.
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    Nobody ever accused me of being real bright ;)

    Honestly, I didn't know it wasn't on the course catalog. I think I took it down once because the page was broken and I forgot to put it back. I suppose I should do that... but I kind of like it being a little Easter Egg too...
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