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    Have you guys ever seen or heard of this? This worked 12 hours ago but now it doesn't. Each component individually tested (guitar through 1 pedal and into amp) and everything works. But now, the TC Electronic Sentry gate pedal just doesn't want to have a TC Electronic Bona Fide buffer pedal directly after it. Sound comes from the amp, but it's very low volume and "staticy". The guitar into buffer and into amp works as it should. Guitar into Sentry and into amp works as it should. Guitar into Sentry then into buffer then into amp doesn't work. However, Guitar into Sentry then into buffer then into amp works fine if the power cord is disconnected from the buffer (which would mean that the little patch cable between the gate and buffer is good).

    If the buffer goes before the gate, it works fine.

    Oddly, everything worked as it should this morning. I'm going to try it the original way with a different amp as the end point. But first, everything is being unplugged and "rebooted" to see if that helps.

    Very strange.... it is amp dependent. The exact same setup works on one amp but not the other. Taking the output cable from the buffer into the Mesa Mk. 5 works. The same cable going into the Marshall doesn't work (unless the power cord to the buffer is unplugged).

    2nd Edit:
    OK, it looks like it's a problem with the Marshall amp. Hopefully it just some faulty tubes.
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    Hey now!
    I love it when a little exploration and time can solve a problem.