CRGU Solo 7 style of Skynyrd

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    Les-Paul-Gold-Top-web.jpg This was the hardest solo yet in this course for me, i struggle with counting and playing it at speed correctly.

    I got a new Gibson Les Paul for Christmas, so couldn't resist laying down a track with it on this lesson. Comparing it to a recording using a guitar i've been playing since 1985 - It surprises me how different the guitars sound because i used the same cables and amp settings on both recordings without touching a knob or setting. Just unplugged one guitar, plugged the other in, and hit record again. Volume and tone controls on both guitars at max setting. Pic of new guitar included if i did it right. On to enjoying the next lesson with the new Les Paul !
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    Jan 28, 2017
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    There is a difference for sure! I like the sound of both. How does the feeling differ between these two guitars? Is it an adjustment to playing on the LP or do you feel right at home? PS that is an amazing Gold Top!!
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    Congrat's on the new Les Paul! Both sound good. My guess is the Aria pickups are hotter. I always wonder if we can dial down a hotter wound pickup to get the fat sound of the Gibson humbucker. I hope to be successful in this. I would expect better separation from the dialed down hotter pickup. I guess that would depend on how good it is to start with.

    See you down the road! :thumbup: