BGU Unleashed and CAGED or Pentatonics?

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    I just started BGU unleashed and decided to run another course in parallel to work on technique and knowledge. What do folks think would be better, CAGED or the WarmUP/Pentatonics course?
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    The first "half" of BGU is chord and rhythm oriented (Lessons 1-14), while Lessons 15-28 are scale and soloing oriented.

    CAGED would be a better fit during the "chord" lessons and PSTM would better parallel the "scale" lessons.

    Griff's theory course is also an option.

    All depends on what area most piques your interest: chord shapes or scale shapes or theory.

    You might want to do a bit more exploring throughout BGU before you decide if you want to add more to what will be an already pretty full plate.:)
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    BGU could be a full time course but you are sure to ‘hit the wall’ somewhere in there and need a diversion. My advice is to let the diversion be playing just for enjoyment rather than working on another course. Noodle with backing tracks, play songs that you’ve learned, or even better get out and make live music with others. Find a jam buddy. When I bought BGU it came with a supplement called ‘rut busters’ for just such diversion, so a second suggestion is to let your second learning path be those or other intro, turnaround and outro licks.

    To answer your specific question, having taken all three courses mentioned, my recommendation is the CAGED course while you work on the first 12 BGU lessons just because it helps you visualize the whole fretboard. The PSTM course will really be helpful developing dexterity as you move into the BGU solo lessons.