BGIB2 Solo # 1 Featuring New Tele!

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    I have developed a love for the look and feel of a Telecaster. The ergonomics just feel right in my hands. Decided to take it for a spin with BGIB2. When I video record, there are certain things I like about each take I get but rarely do I like the whole thing (for some reason it just doesn't come all together). However, this is my favorite take. Thanks for checking it out!

    Technical Stuff:
    Squier Tele (Bridge Pickup)
    VOX DA5 (Crunch 2 with Reverb)
    Presonus Audiobox interface
    GarageBand with iMovie

    Blues Gig In a Box 2 Solo # 1:
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    Super good. I'm still working on Down and Out. I just started the intro to this one, When I Get The Blues. I'm not going to really spend too much time on this one until I get Down and Out under my fingers a little better. But I like watching your videos because they help me envision being able to play what otherwise seems out of reach.
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