What To Expect In A Challenge

If you’ve not done a BGULabs Challenge before, you might be wondering what to expect. Here’s a little video showing you how it will (most likely) work:

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  • Michael Quillen

    Reply Reply January 2, 2019

    Thanks Griff, looking forward to this. I’ve been playing guitar since 1968 at age 16. Was in a 4-piece weekend variety dance band from 1972 – 2007 with same guys playing private clubs & parties around central Indiana. We were very successful, sadly the two older fellows recently passed on. I’ve done some open mic nights and a couple solo gigs that went well. Started posting videos on You Tube in 2018 and my channel is Michael Quillen if you are interested. Not sure if my computer will handle live sessions in full length as it tends to run out of resources and stall. I do well with a Kindle but it may not allow me to be interactive. I’m enjoying your courses and have accumulated quite a few of yours (and others) so was reluctant to add this one, just couldn’t resist. Sorry to go long here but wanted to introduce myself. Thanks again, wishing you Happy 2019 & another great guitar year!

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