The Spent Money Blues On Electric With Different Words

I had a request from the forum for The Spent Money Blues played on electric instead of acoustic guitar…

So I played it, but then I did some other fun stuff, enjoy.


  • Dan

    Reply Reply May 31, 2017

    Great one Griff. I really enjoy your teachings of the blues.

  • Chuck Raymond

    Reply Reply May 31, 2017

    Hi Griff,

    I really enjoyed these tunes. Any chance of you tabing out the first one. I’d ask for all three but I’m not greedy. I am working on your Acoustic Blues guitar unleashed course but would love to learn these songs.

  • Ken Reimer

    Reply Reply May 30, 2017

    Hi Griff, very cool blues tune. Any chance of you posting the tab for it?

  • Pete Regan

    Reply Reply May 30, 2017

    Thanks Griff, well done. Any chance you would be willing to put this in a downloadable format so we can have this as we work through the course? Thanks!

  • John Ford UK

    Reply Reply May 30, 2017

    Hi Griff
    I bought the acoustic Spent Money Blues and have watched/listened to it a few times, have yet to try playing it but it looks doable with plenty of practice. It’s a beautiful number and I love the way you have included all those great licks and rhythms. It’s a perfect foundation piece for learning to play that style and although I normally use a pick on both Strat and acoustic I’m really looking forward to trying out the fingers approach. A great lesson – THANKS!

  • Jeff

    Reply Reply May 29, 2017

    That was great ! You make it look so easy too !

  • That’s wwhat I like Griff!!!!! goody,goodie!!

  • clif

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    fresh strings thanks

  • Mitch

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    I liked all the different licks that you put into this. It gives me things to look at!!

  • Jay

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    Good video Griff, Really would like to learn more of this style of playing for acoustic guitar, you sold me on this fun blues course,going to order it shortly, Thank you Griff!

  • Tom Ward

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    You could use the lyrics to Milk Cow Blues, too.

  • BIll Edman

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Still playing at 80.

    Thanks Grif.

  • Scotty

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Terrific stuff Griff!
    Thanks for the demo and the variations…. I can see the value in a course like this for sure.

  • Jim

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Fun stuff! I’m just finishing up DVD 1 on ABGU and looking forward to the first tune – it’s in E, too!
    Finding the acoustic to be a bit tougher than I thought it would be…so I’m glad this tune transfers well to the electric!
    Thanks for another cool lesson!

  • James heaton (Jim)

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Thank you griff for another great demonstration just when I needed it it brought out what I’m trying to accomplish thank you for great lessons jim h

  • Legoge47

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Thanks and Happy and Safe Memorial Day to all!

  • PatB

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    As and aside, I found the right hand finger picking vs pick and fingers very interesting. I’m looking to the acoustic courses to learn both then use it on slide. One day I will be proficient at the basics.
    As always,
    Thank you Griff

  • Paul Korchuk

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Hi. Griff. I am approaching my 72nd birthday and have a library shelf of your lessons. I got this one and am going through it. I like this video as it is great for all the little nuances of blues in one little package.If players use this they are well on there the way to blues fun playing. I used to play well but after all your courses. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished. As an older man, I am never lonely with my music. Thanks for a lot of years.

    • Gary Hylton

      Reply Reply May 27, 2017


      I too am 72 and I love your comment, “I am never lonely with my music.”!

      Old School & Still Rockin’

      • Chaplain Ed

        Reply Reply May 27, 2017

        Glad to see I am not the only “mature” blues fan here. I’ll be 74 in July, still very active in ministry, and blues guitar is my “private” place. I can watch Griff’s videos, play along and lose myself for hours. Thanks Griff, we really appreciate you. God bless.

        Archbishop Ed Skiba

    • Rohn

      Reply Reply May 27, 2017

      Hey Paul happy birthday in 2 mo ill be 75 and know where your at glad im not the only old and grey person following Griff. He is great

  • Dan Davis

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Thanks for another great vid. Presently enjoying your “How to Improvise ” course.

  • Len Errick

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Hi Griff
    Could you send this as a download as I would like to add it to the course material.

  • Michael Doss

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    I have no money to take care of bills childsupport or healthcare losing the ability and mobility to use my left arm and hand but I will continue to play as long as the good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise. Thank you Griff

  • Mark d.

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    The man does it again thanks Griff!…love it!

  • Mark Wales uk

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Cheers Griff
    For the lesson like you said most lyrics fit over I tried I believe from Gig in a box 1😎🎶

  • Allan Schrattenholz

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Hi Griff.
    So good to give a lot of blues for listening, learning and enjoying. Incredible that you have been able to include som many great licks and so much technique and furthermore make it accessable both for acoustic and electric. I am primarily going for acoustic but love this kind of lessons that you ccan use anywhere. Please come up with some more acoustic courses.
    All the best

  • John Wall

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Inspiring … as always

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