I think it’s only been about 7 years, or so, that I’ve been talking about doing a new album (and only 19 years since my last one…)

But the wait is almost over.

April 26th, Griff Hamlin & The Single Barrel Blues Band will be releasing our first CD called, I’ll Drink To That (barring any strange, unforseen circumstances…)

And you all, the Blues Guitar Unleashed family around the world, have had a huge impact on this process. It’s been your support, and occasional prodding, that pushed me to finally put other things aside and finish the songs and record the album and all the other stuff that goes along with it.

Here’s where I think we can have some fun with this…

Like I said, the album should be available pretty much everywhere on April 26th, and I think it would super fun to all descend on iTunes, or Google Play, or whatever, and push this album to the top of the blues charts immediately.


Because everyone “in the biz” would be looking around going, “who is this guy?” And I LOVE stuff like that!

As you’ve probably figured out, I don’t have a record label, a management team, publicist, or any of those people. I am “person,” I do not have “people,” so to pull off something like that, simply because of the goodwill in the blues guitar community would just be truly awe-inspiring to me.

So when the time comes, I’ll let you know, but for now I wanted to share a bit with you. We had a friend of ours come in and take a bunch of great photos during the recording process, and Laura (my wife, and the baritone saxophone in the band) put together this video of those photos to one of the new songs called, “Almost Level With The Ground.”

I really hope you enjoy this song and are just as proud to be a part of it as I am.

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    • James-Michael

      Hey Griff, Great tune, excellent vibe! Thanks for sharing. One day I hope you and the band come by the Detroit area, I’d loved to hear you perform live. Best to you, the band, and your fam!

    • robert w. george

      The video was great thanks for everything.R.W.George

    • robert w. george

      I’ve learned much from you and i appreciate all the hard work it takes to provide a platform of lessons for all of us.Thank you very much Griff.We couldn’t do it without you pal.The video was GREAT you sound awsome and look cool as always.Best to you and your lucky family who have and deserve each other. u da man pal. . yours trueley Robert w. George

    • Mark Wales

      Welldone can’t wait for the CD

    • Neil

      Awewome song. I can’t wait to hear the whole album.

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,
      Congrats and well done, listening to this song with the Pics and Video takes of the making are simply awsome. When you can put some of the other songs on the album up on your TSBBB FB page so we can also listen to them there.

      You have my support for the Album CD.

      Michael-Sydney-Australia 22nd April 2019

      • Michael Chappell

        Hey Griff, I have just posted the song on my FB timeline with your link as I have a lot of musicians as friends there.

        Michael-Sydney-Australia 22 April 2019

    • Phil Ritz

      Loved it! Heard a lot of influences on it (or at least they seemed that way to me). Nobody can listen just once.

    • Tony

      Oh Yeah! Great number.
      Thanks Griff and the band. Tony. UK

    • Joe gomez

      Great song!!! I for sure will the album. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.
      Great on all photos and how they were put together.

    • Troy Morey


    • Glen

      Really loved that tune. I will be buying the album too. Many thanks to the Griff Hamlin and the Single Barrel Blues Band.

    • Alan MacLennan

      Great song!

    • Robert in Raleigh

      Based on this great song, I will buy the album!

      I hope all Griff’s students will also buy it to support Griff, who is definitely a top tier ‘online’ guitar/music instructor:

      -Great course materials with great production
      -Clear and effective instruction,
      -Combined with wisdom of a seasoned professsional on so many topics
      -Also, the ongoing (free) upgrades to older courses one may have purchased, -All those near-daily emails to keep one engaged and motivated
      -And now live online sessions later available on youtube

      Thank you & Way to go, Mr. Griff Hamlin!

      • Scottie Peak

        I’ll buy it 😎

    • Tom Harrison

      Awesome tune, Griff. Congrats to the band, feel like the album will do great if they all score like this one.

      • Stephen Obal

        Awesome sound and cool flick. Run with it; you guys rock!

    • Clive Farthing

      Just wow!!! Thanks.

    • Ernie Razzano

      I loved it. Great full band sound sound. Can’t wait for the full album!!

    • Andrew Knight


    • Bob

      Great song. Love that full band sound.

    • Derek Hicks

      Brilliant! Excellent! What can I say ? One of the best songs I’ve heard since
      ……. oh, I don’t know when. Goodonya! When you bringing the band to Australia?

    • jean dominique

      Award winning candidate

    • Grant Reid

      Ina time where good music and Rock and Roll is dead as far as most new bands that are big, this is literally music to my ears! Keep it up man!

      • TA Ratko

        I agree with you for the most part. But check out Joe Bonamassa and Vince Gill, opposite ends of the spectrum, but unreal musicians and guitar masters! Also, I highly recommend The Mavericks, a band hailing from Miami who are swinging, outstanding musicians and songwriters. Very, very fun to see!

    • Patricia

      I loved it. Can’t wait for the whole album. Love dem blues.
      Your band family is awesome. It’s bluetiful.🌺

    • Dan

      Cool Griff. Nice flowing and smooth! Loved it.

    • Ernest Peterson

      I really enjoyed it Griff. Looking forward to the cd.

    • ChrisGSP

      Great track Griff and the Single-Barrels! When you wrote earlier that the new band had FOUR horns I wondered whether you were going with two trumpets or two Saxes. Now I know – LAURA

      • ChrisGSP

        picking up where I accidentally left off – LAURA ON BARITONE, WHOOHOO!!!! And a new Tenor I guess?
        Cheers from Sunny Australia, Chris G.

    • Mike Murray

      Thoroughly enjoyed this track. Nicely cooked!! I am looking forward for the albums release. Good luck and

      Thank you!!👋🏽

    • Ed Rodriguez

      The band sounds really tight. I loved this cut, the horns were great, the organ was great, and finally your solo was out of this world.

    • Dave D

      Awesome,Awesome,Awesome! So proud of you Griff and your band menmbers! So proud to have you as my teacher! Loved the song and how tight your band is! Will be purchasing the album on the 26th!

    • Larry Oates

      Hey Griff, loved it. Awesome blues band. I want the album when it becomes available.

    • David Huskey

      So, I didn’t that in the Beginning Blues Guitar course. 🙂. But, Deep Sea Blues is pretty darned cool for beginners like me who eventually want to get to leveled to the ground level. Cool band and song.

    • Wayne

      Very cool

    • Rick

      Fantastic! Now when do you tab it and teach it to us!

    • Reed Hogan

      Sounding great. Looking forward to its release. Love that full compliment of instruments.

    • Loretta Siegrist

      Way cool. I love a tight studio sound. Your band sounds fantastic. Looking forward to the whole album. Thanks for sharing.

    • Terry

      Awesome track Griff. Man, your guitars on fire! Fantastic Hammond & brass support, what’s not to love!

      Looking forward to the release of your album, I already have you previous one.
      What a band, you guys sure can play the blues.
      Respect to you all.

    • TA Ratko

      It sounds great, Griff. Are you also “Tore Down”? LOL. I recognize a bit of Joe Bonamassa at the end with what sounds to me like Bonamassa “patented” chromatic runs. Joe has a horn section with him on his current tour…his are the fastest runs I’ve ever seen, but yours sounded pretty close! Congrats!

    • Trace

      Very cool! Let’s do it. Drive it to the top.

    • Keith

      Wow! I love a full horn section. It sounds a lot like Johhny Lang hammering out the Blues, but more like Matt Watson (?) singing. Really great blues sound and I love the way you ripped up that scale at the end! If the whole album is this exciting, you gotta winner!

    • John D

      Terrific. Loved it. Best from Stonehenge John!

    • Mark Crandall

      Great tune Griff! Love it!

    • Steve Whitmore

      Great studio track-but you & the band really need to consider doing a “LIVE” album. You & the band really work well recording in a studio environment, but where you come alive is interacting w/an audience. that’s when the music really starts to sizzle! How about it?

      • PAUL


    • Layne Oliver

      WOW—Love it!

    • Louis

      Sounds really tight, Griff. I love it and cannot wait for the album!

    • Mark

      Fantastic Griff, well done to the band for putting such a tight sound together……and the engineers of course. Good luck with the album release.

    • Tom

      Great song!! Is that you singing, Griff? Whoever it is, he sounds good. Looking forward to the release on the 26th. Any special pricing for BGU members?

    • David Stodel

      I’m hearing it loud and clear in Cape Town, South Africa! Congrats, Griff, to you and the band. Wishing you every success with the official launch – if the rest of the album is as irresistibly listenable as is this track, then it ought surely to be met with the response it deserves. Please don’t wait another 19 years for a follow-up album!!

    • William Wetherby

      This tune really cooks. Great arrangement, the horns rock. Your solo flies. Looking forward to the album.. great job!!

    • Larry Allen

      Fantastic tune Griff! Love the arrangement with the guitar and horns working around the vocals. And your outro solo is absolutely sizzling hot! What an amazing band-they must be so much fun to play with. Can’t wait for the full album to be released!

    • David

      That is incredible, I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

    • jeff

      awesome tune!

    • John W

      Love the new cut. Good to hear all that sonic beauty from the different players. Nice solo there at the end, Griff (speedy fingers) Hamlin. Thanks for sharing. Congrats, brother.

    • Christian Van Horn

      I’m buyin’!

    • Alex J Mowatt

      I certainly enjoyed this track and look forward to hearing more of the CD before purchasing it.
      The video format was interesting providing an insight to the production process. I particularly was amused to see your personalised alcohol products. Back in the day (ed thirty years ago when I had turned forty, a friend wanting me to go into business with preparing and selling such products. I was vindicated in not doing so as he wished to continue working for the Government whilst I was seeking a means of being ‘my own boss’ not responsible to those that ‘managed’ then. Is there a scheduled date for the launch of the CD?
      I purchase too many, my wife would attest. Today I took deliver of yet another by a group called ‘Uncle Lucius’ the C D is called “And you are me’. The ‘buyer’ for me was seeing the video for the track ‘Keep the Wolves Away’.
      I almost certainly will purchase their back catalogue AFTER your one of course.
      Great work Griff.

    • Robert in Raleigh

      Great song — “smokin'”! And the ending makes me want it Not To End!

      Way to go — You deserve every success here, Griff!

      • Robert in Raleigh

        Forgot to add that I WILL BE BUYING THE ALBUM ON RELEASE DAY!

    • Lance Groody

      Really great track! And that outro solo… Dayum…

    • Vince

      You rock..and wait till all the royalty checks start pouring in! Appreciate all your help.. 😉

    • Terry

      I’ll be picking it up on iTunes on the 26th.

    • Greg

      🙂 :0 the faces show how I feel about that song when will it be released?
      Thanks blues man!!😎

      • Greg

        🙂 :0 the faces show how I feel about that song when it’s released I’ll be getting one 🙂
        Thanks blues man!!😎

    • Doug Posey

      Count me in !!!
      Launch date marked on my calendar…..
      Come on BGU Community, let’s send iTunes Viral !!!!

      Doug from Texas

    • Michael Fugett

      Good song. It really rocks! I am looking forward to the album.

      • Randy

        Blew me away🎸congratulations! Also sounds like a new course so we can play along!!

    • rick schott


      Sounds awesome and the video is cool. See you in Tacoma at the work shop and Saturday’s event.


    • chris clemans

      That was AWESOME the whole Band was great.Thanks for the CD just got it in the mail I wish!

    • Helmut van Bentum

      Congratulation! Excellent song. Great and spicy voice and instruments. I love it.

    • Marc

      Really nice! Really looking forward to the album… Let’s help Griff, I think we’ll have quite a bit of reach, if every BGU member shares on social media!

    • Todd

      Sounding gooood!!

    • Mark

      It’s always great to play with a band! Great tune and amazing riffs! Well done!

    • Tom

      Sizzlin’ will you have cds at the Tacoma guitar show?

    • Rick

      I’d listen to that all day! Bring it on. I’ll take that ride!


    • DaveyJoe

      Man, that is so cool, Griff!! I really dig it…Great sound!

    • Bill

      Love it! A very clean sound. Looking forward to getting the the whole CD.

    • Lou Prastil

      GREAT JOB GRIFF!! Video is terrific. Band sounds awesome. HOME RUN! I’d be proud of it too!!!! Lol.

    • chris cummings

      Lots of ‘jazzy’ sounding stuff in there, Griff. Great job.

    • Ormond

      Excellent! Looking forward to the new album release.

    • James

      Thanks to you for the great music and all of the bank
      I m looking forward to saying to all my friends- that’s the guy who’s teaching me how to play the blues guitar

    • Ralph

      Nice job! BIG sound … great pics too.

      • Ray

        WOW ! Great sound Griff.

    • Frank Scott

      Congratulations Griff to you and your band. Excellent job and love the horns in the song.

    • Maurice

      Great ! Thank you for sharing.

    • Edward

      Totally cool Griff!!!

      • Joe

        Excellent.love the guitar but the horn section blew me away

    • Bob S.

      Cheers! I’ll Drink To That! Impressive. Let us know when to bombard iTunes.

    • Dave H

      Great rockin’ song Griff! Can’t wait to hear the whole album! Great band! Love it!

    • Mark Cuddy

      Great number! Looking forwarding to hearing more. Thanks!

    • Jim

      I love the song Griff… Very nicely done… let us know when and where we can buy a copy…

    • Kathleen

      No surprises here. Absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait for the official release. We’ll stuff the votes from the east coast. Thank you so much for sharing. Just outstanding.

    • Rob

      Great sound. Makes me want to hop in a plane from Rochester NY to be at the album debut.

    • Gregory L Senich

      Meaty, Beefy, and Soulful Rockin’! Tight Band, Great Jam. I want a hard copy.
      Y’all Rock!I hope the universal recognition finds you–you quite well deserve it!

    • Alex

      Sounds awesome! Love the course and your videos

    • Bob

      Holy Cow! That sounded great and it was fun to hear and watch.
      Are you going to have an album release party and jam?

    • Dennis Herzog

      Forgot to mention how much I loved the black and white visuals. (Photography is my other passion.)

    • Rick Russell

      I agree, let’s bombard iTunes!!!

    • Dennis Herzog

      Love it, Griff! Can’t wait to get the record. Will it be available in vinyl?

    • Rick Russell

      Superb! So looking forward to the album! Love the horns, too.The organ adds a nice flavor also.

    • T S Winter

      Sounds great Griff! Can’t wait to hear the finished product

    • Sean

      Excellent Griff! You and the band sound great and I can’t wait to get the album.

    • John Conoscenti

      Terrific job, can’t wait to get the whole album.
      Thanks for being a great teacher as well.

    • Gavin Hadley

      ..very nice! Congrats to you and the band!

    • Bruce

      Love this tube Griff! Beautiful spring day here in CT and started my day off with it! I hope that single barrel is bottomless ‘cause this is a great tune and we want more.

    • Keith Balcombe

      Get track Griff and will be buying the album on its release, many thanks for all your help and emails, let’s get this album in the charts Keith

    • Andy

      Very enjoyable! I look forward to hearing it on SiriusXM blues channel, too.

    • 02KnowBetter!

      Great job y’all. Traditional electric blues with soul and personality. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

    • Ken M

      Nice tune y’all did a great job . Definitely something I’d put in my collection. I drive a lot and listen to my cds everyday on the road
      That’ll make a nice addition To my collection when it’s available.
      I would really like to do some vocals with y’all but unfortunately I’m in Louisiana. Take care and keep it coming 😎

    • Michael

      Wow that’s a awesome song griff killer solo. I’m in where do I sign up for my copy!!!

    • Brian Knowles

      Nice one. Put me down for a copy eh please .. even a pretty please ..but needs sending to the UK and would like every band member to sign it somewhere please. Thks BK ps … try and get your bass player to smile once in a while eh ..lol

    • Joe McCarthy

      Sounds great! Looking forward to the album’s release. Congratulations to everyone involved!

    • Wib McMullen

      WOW Great job cannot wait to purchase this awesome album Griff! Kudos to you the band and all involved love the sound and will be in line like I am sure all the blues community will be to push it to the top : )

    • Howard

      A great track, Griff. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the songs next week!

    • TheBallman

      Very cool Griff. Cant wait to get my hands on the whole album. Thanks for all you do for this “Blues” family.

    • Alan Pellegrino

      Awesome; you guys are great. Looking forward to the cd; looks like all you guys (& gal) really enjoy each other’s talents & are having fun doing what you love and sharing it with the rest of us.
      Keep up the great work, Griff…we all appreciate what you do!

    • Dee

      Behind every good man there is a great woman, and in this case, a great band, too! Congratulations Griff, Laura, and SBBB on your success. Looking forward to April 26th and the full release!

    • Big Al

      Wow Griff, nice job…really tight. I’m pretty sure you can count on the BDU crowd to buy the first copies.

    • PeteDM

      Great job! Love the song. Frank Zappa told Steve Vai: “own your own material”. Steve formed his own publishing company and went on from there. Great advice. You probably knew that anyway. Glad you’re playing unchained. Love the lessons too! Thanks. Pete

    • michael squires

      You deserve all good things. And you are producing good things

    • Jim B

      Great song. The band sounds great also.

    • Anthony Ditta

      Awesome song! Looks like you all were having a great time in the studio😁🎸🎤


      FANTASTIC! Can’t wait for the whole thing to be released . . .

    • Michael

      Awesome Griff!!!! Keep up the good work.

    • Graham H Uk

      Excellent Griff.Look forward to the album.

    • Ross

      Very cool!

    • Jeffrey


      Is that your wife doing the singing??
      Great song! Nice to see everyone in the band

    • Jason

      Great tune and great arrangement and instrumentation. Very classy. Good luck, my man.

    • Michael Thompson

      Thanks Griff
      Nice song good stuff I love the blues Griff…
      i shared it on Facebook with all my friends 🙂
      Your student and friend Michael

    • Paul

      Sounds really good Grif, can’t wait to hear the rest.

    • Steve Whant

      Looking forward to the new album. This is a huge amount of work & I for one will certainly do my little bit to help you get it to number 1. Those of us doing this month’s challenge have been lucky enough to be guided through “Someone”, another track on the album – it is really well constructed and brilliantly executed with buckets of soul. Fantastic work Griff

    • cowboy

      Nicely Done Griff…still working on “Someone”…later.


    • Richard Sheldrake

      Great stuff, proper shredding at the end there. Good luck with it.

    • Biscuit

      Mmmmmmmm. Groooooooooooooovin… Tighter than s tight thing! I know sometimes less is more but a bit more of you ‘burning’ at the end would’ve been good.

    • Larry

      Whoa! That is great. Song, Video, Audio, everything is terrific. Well done Griff!!!

    • Walt Otto

      Awesome Griff really in joyed the song love the horns you ripped it up at the end great looking forward to hearing more !

    • Fred Palmeroni

      Great just Great. I love the cuts when the whole band
      Is together. To stop and start together is difficult to do
      Trust me I know. Your band is very tight.
      It was a real pleasure listening to this song.

    • Peter

      Well done Griff!!

    • Anil K. Ratty

      Really enjoyed the song.

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