Most folks know the 7#9 chord from Hendrix’s famous song, Purple Haze, but if you don’t already know it, here it is…

Likewise, if you do already know this chord, maybe I can hip you to a couple of other ways to use it in other blues songs and chord progressions.

Enjoy and remember to substitute responsibly 🙂

    4 replies to "The “Hendrix” Chord"

    • john d

      It is a great way to add “tension”. Your gig-in-a-box version of Deep Ellum Blues uses this chord in a way I really like. My classically trained wife hates it. Wrong sort of tension, perhaps? Such is life.

    • Dudley Gibbs

      Brilliant lesson Griff… a bit of Hendrix and the 7#9…

      I`ll certainly be working on that.


      Dud (London)

    • Mark allen

      Hi griff still here cool vid been doing some Hendrix material with my teacher always drop back to a little blues at the end of a lesson do like the theory dropped in with it been with u a few years now still enjoy everything cheers all best regards mark

    • Mark d

      Thanks griff another fine piece!

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