OK, so I was feeling a little more towards the Classic Rock side and did one of my live session on the Facebooks and YouTubes with one of my favorite songs…

It’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” by Thin Lizzy… and even if you don’t care much for the song, the chord progression is super cool, with movements you just don’t see very often in rock music (there’s even some “jazz” in there!)

Anyway, hope you dig it, and maybe can spend some time with it today.

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    • Jabip

      Can you provide Tabs please

    • Gary


      What I really enjoyed here was your willingness to experiment and think out loud as you were doing this. Made it a really organic and human video. Most teachers are only willing to show the final product. Well done.

    • Lou Prastil

      Hey Griff- Where did you find that backing track that you were jamming over as you came in? Sounds like a take off on ZZ Top’s “It’s Only Love”…….One of my FAV’S. If you could point me in the right direction, I’d be much abliged!!! Thanx!

    • Lou Prastil

      Thank you Griff; Gary and Scott!!!

    • Don Hall

      Yes! I was never that excited until I began to not change oldies channels when Thin was rocking out Back in Town … younger me thought it a gay boy song … now I could care less … it really is a rocker!

    • Jim Kubitza

      Musical transvestite. 🙂

    • Dave M

      That was really fun – I agree! there have been times when THAT harmony on THAT song has brought me to tears.

    • Andrew Rigby

      That was superb Griff, a nice change up. Good fun.

    • Scott R

      I’m very pleased to see a classic rock song make its way into the mix!
      Keep them coming…

    • Mark Kaplan

      Hey Griff – just checking…is the 3rd chord in the chorus a C# power chord, not a Cb?

    • Mark Kaplan

      Hey Griff – just checking…is the 3rd chord in the chorus a C# power chord, not a Cb?

      Thanks!, great lesson

    • Nikki K

      GREAT cover by Thin Lizzy of the Bruce Springsteen (YES!) song : “The Boys Are Back in Town”. THANKS! for helping us Rock out today, Griff! 🙂

      • Karl Farren

        You are kidding, right!?

    • Karl Farren

      Oh, Lizzy, – how we loved them! I’m from Dublin, – grew up a couple of miles away from where Phil Lynott and Brian Downey were from. Back in those pre-U2 days, Lizzy were really our only hometown heroes on the world stage. Great band, especially live. Great songwriting, driving rhythm section, often with cool syncopations, and those twin guitar lines….

    • Jim

      Lotsa good stuff there! Thanks for a quick rock lesson to keep us old blues guys young!

    • Mike Mashburn

      Blues\classic rock. For me that’s where it’s at

    • Dudley Gibbs

      I`m looking forward to getting `stuck into `this one.
      I saw them a couple of times in London,`Back in the Day`
      A superb number by a brilliant live band.
      Thanks Griff.

    • Joseph Thompson

      Very cool tune Griff, and not real difficult but has a couple weird chords I never took the time to finger out, haha… thanks for making it easy & giving me something to work on today with my digitech harmony man, & my new strandberg, hee hee

    • Mark Wales

      Cheers Griff
      For the lesson enjoying the song lessons with whys and where’s I’ve been lucky enough to catch Lizzy on four occasions blew me away how tight a band could be

    • Mark Kaplan

      Great lesson – very informative. Learned a lot more than just the song

      • Trace

        What Mark said. Lots more.

    • Paul

      Thanks for the lesson Griff. Interesting chord sequence.
      I think Thin Lizzy were underrated

    • Denis Hermans

      Thanks for making this lesson !

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