Today’s video is a little bit different, and you’ll probably have to just watch it through once first, and then try it for yourself.

It came from (as many things do) a question that came up on one of the monthly All Access Pass live sessions (we do a few of them each month.) 

It has to do with playing with the band, and not on top of the band when you solo. In this case it’s a jam track, but it works the same.

Anyway, it’s hard to explain, but super cool if you can do it…

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    • James

      It’s a great lesson Griff. Thanks James.

    • James

      It’s a great lesson Griff.

    • Bill45

      Wow! This draws so much from so many of your courses (and freebie videos) and brings it all together in a 16 minute video! Brilliant!! I echo some of the other sentiments expressed above that this would make a great course. Suggested title:

      “How to take everything you’ve learned about the blues and use it effectively” or

      “How to play with the band, not on top of it”.

      I especially love how you demonstrate the sound of the blues is not necessarily in the speed (although speed can be nice too), it’s the feel!

      At the risk of repeating myself. “Brilliant!!”

      • Bradford Barkley

        Is there a way to get this backing track? Thanks

    • Scott R

      Awesome intro solo! And the rest of the lesson was just as good. That could serve as another solos in the “5 Easy” lineup. I’d love a transcription of that….

    • Gary

      Hey Griff, Loved this video.
      Is there any chance you can put it out in a downloadable version. I don’t have internet at home, and go out to a coffee shop a couple of times a week to check out your stuff. This one would be great to have at home so I can check it out with guitar in hand.

    • Tom Bueche

      This hits me right where I want to be, Griff. I want to affect people listening, and this is the kind of stuff that does it, even if I’m not as fast as Bonamassa (by a very long shot). My band is on hiatus until after Christmas, but this has got me wanting to call them up!

      • BISHOP

        Thanks for all you have done. The lesson is great. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Bill

      Thanks for all you have done. The lesson is great. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • arock

      Great lesson with some really good ideas I can use now. Thanks!

    • Erv

      Nice lesson Griff, thanks and happy Thanksgiving

    • Kevin

      One of the best lessons. I like the sophistication of it.

    • Michael Dietrich

      Love you man, thanks

    • Layne Oliver

      Thanks for everything Griff,
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    • Rudy Rico

      Hey Griff, Thank you for that. You’re a good teacher. I’ll keep saying it.

    • Alexander

      Thanks griff, this video gave me a lot of food for thought in soloing. Can’t wait to practice this. I intend to watch this video again and go and practice this call and Response method.

      Thanks again


    • Jeff

      I have been watching your videos for years. This is one of the very best lessons yet. Real soloing strategy.

    • DaveyJoe

      Excellent ways to expand our abilities Griff. Thanks!

    • cowboy

      tons of fun…thanks Griff…later.


    • Todd

      Loved it! Helped explain/show some what of what the answer part is, but I still can’t wrap my head around the who/what constitutes the call…. helped a lot with when to make use of box two and how to make good use of double stops. Thanks!

    • John A

      Great lesson Griff

      thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you, the family and everyone in BGU club

    • Davy

      Thoroughly enjoyed this video Griff.Thanks

    • Don Hall

      And always do the face when you do the big bend. Griff, I love your stuff. Having an experienced pro mentor explain these practical ideas is invaluable. You could play tab transcriptions all day for years and never really get it.

    • PaulP

      I loved the bit from 11:05 to 11:45. The rhythm self accompaniment is so cool.

    • Kent

      Would love to know what you’re plugged into and your set up on that. I have both tele and strats and want to experiment with some pedals. Great video Griff.

    • Bryan

      Hi Griff, really enjoyed this. Any chance of writing the tab for the riffs/responses please ?

    • Alex

      This solo would make a good lesson that we could purchase, looks very doable.

      I enjoyed it.



    • Jay

      Great video, wow, I can feel the intensity of your solo,love the double stops, that’s my kind of playing! Thank you Griff!

    • Frank Maynes

      That was really infomaTIVE..I got BGU in 2008 went thru it but really didn’t spend enough time on your lessons. My fault,,,
      Also kinda got side tracked with jamming and learning songs from some of my favourite bands ,,,more of a side track. Really. You put out an email just the other day that confirmed what I was already kinda thinking about ,,GOING BACK TO CLASS, I DID ,, IN getting it now EVERYTHING is sinking in also using the jam track at the end of each lesson AND COUNTING,, I’m going to do each lesson and try to really absorb it Thanks for being a great teacher and have a great. THANKSGIVING

    • larry

      Thank you. Great “show and tell” with the dramatic bends, I’ll need to set one of the guitars up with 9’s


    • Terry b

      Thanks griff for another valuable lesson. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

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