Well since I recently found such a cool video with Joe Bonamassa talking about his new Les Paul, it seems fitting to post this video with a demo of the limited edition Fuzzface pedals that Joe also mentioned.

This video is from ProGuitarShopDemos on Youtube (ProGuitarShop has a cool online store too) who makes a lot of good gear demos.

A lot of people get confused with the differences between overdrive, distortion, and fuzz… this is definitely a fuzz. You’ll hear it’s very squishy and pretty “in your face” sounding.So enjoy the pedal demo and let me know if you get one of these 🙂


    5 replies to "Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa Fuzzface Pedal"

    • john Fogle

      Joe just heard the “Dust Bowl” Disc. Wow….. Slow Train is just the dirtiest song I’ve heard! I listen to it aleast 3-4 times a day. I’m on the rail road and have gotten all the guys I work and Jam with listening to your stuff. I pump that song through a 1600 watt Peavey stereo PA system when I’m home jamming alone, Nice work Joe!! Keep ’em commin’.

    • Tom Lennig

      Absolutely awesome and good tone. A must have for anyone getting to a higher level.

    • Roger C

      Been really digging on the quality reviews that pro-guitar shop does! This pedal is super sweet too, glad to see it’s getting some recognition.

    • Dave Shephard

      Sweet. Appreciate all your help Griff.

    • Bob Furnes

      Love it…have been trying to get this sound…send info…thanks..

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