In this video I’m going to take solo 1 from Blues Guitar Unleashed and “mangle it” in such a way that it works over 2 different tunes. One is in a different key, but a similar feel, the other is in both a different key and a different feel.

Have fun with this…

If you haven’t learned solo 1 yet, you can take a look at that post here

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    • Andre_C

      Thank you so much!!

    • Beli Voucher Gemscool

      I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do
      I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and amusing, and let
      me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something too few folks are
      speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something regarding this.

    • Beli Voucher Gemscool

      I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do
      I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and amusing, and let
      me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something too few folks are
      speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something regarding this.

    • Michael Chappell

      Hi Griff,
      Thanks for your continued support. While I am not yet at Lesson 18-Solo 1 in Blues Guitar Unleashed I do know the 12 Bar Blues Rhythm part both straight and swing and the Solo is easy to follow. Maybe other members here should look at Blues Guitar Unleashed – Course as it is absolutely fantastic and is helping me a lot. I am advancing faster after starting from Scratch Blues Guitar Unleashed (even Guitar) back in 2013.

      All your regular video lessons are the icing on the cake. I have saved some of them for later when I get to there level.

      Again Thankyou Griff you are making my retirement more enjoyable than first thought.

      Michael -Sydney -Australia

    • Raul Moralez

      Thanks Griff that was great. It is good to know. I will try that.

    • Graeme H

      Now why didn’t I think of that!!! Thanks Griff

    • John

      Saw an interview with Clapton (I think it was after the Cream reunion gig) & he said that there are some phrases that he always uses & reworks. Thanks for the reminder & example of how it’s done

    • grateful


      I have seen a few other on line lessons, but in my humble opinion, yours are REALLY TAUGHT.

      I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, after watching this. In a matter of minutes you can teach absolutely usable creative methods. There are humans who are nearly perfect in many skill sets, athletes, engineers, plumbers, whatever they have put their natural talent and hard work into perfecting.

      And no slam at all towards many who out of shear kindness and generosity try to teach, and that in itself is as beyond admirable. No doubt the best in the world are those who take the time to help others, with not a thought of anything in return, so don’t get me wrong here.

      But it must be a genetic thing because some people can do whatever to perfection and yet even with the best of intentions are not teachers.

      You my friend are a teacher. While a lot can be gained from these short lessons, anyone who gains from this and if practiced will gain a lot, are missing out if they have not purchased Unleashed.

      For those who have not made the extremely small investment, they are missing out on this kind of lesson squared, and squared again.

      I am not on Griff’s payroll, nor am I his next door neighbor, nor do I stand to gain one red cent from telling anyone who learns from these are going to be blown away by Unleashed.

      It’s the same right pace for the right level, the video is perfected, as well as the lectures, and whatever pace anyone wants to chose it is there.

      Cannot thank you enough for the tremendous help you have been to who knows how many just from these lessons that cost no one anything but the time to replay it enough times to get it down.

      I’m no professional by a long shot, but it is amazing when you go over and over these licks and suddenly you add one note, one bend, one change in tempo, don’t hit a note when you had been and the lack of a note in that spot, routine, makes the whole riff sound like something.

      I would have never figured it out and kept with the same non bluesy sound without a teacher. Who knew not playing a note, would sound more like playing a decent riff.

      I bet there are a lot just like me who get in a muscle memory rut, then by one simple change up, be it that pause or holding the bend a half second longer or a half second faster, junk becomes one of those “holy c” moments.

      Thank you Griff from all of us that have benefited from your years of practice, the hard work to put it in a format that is very understandable, and the generosity to share it.

    • Jean Dominique

      This piece has always been one of my favorites.In fact I always thought to make it my signature play if asked to play a song. It is simple. The bending is not that hard. I particularly like the swing version you are suggesting.I need to learn to play it in different keys, different rhytms, etc. Once again, KISS, keep it simple….Thanks for the ideas.

    • DaveyJoe

      This is excellent Griff! This is what all of us need. Especially those of us that will be attending BGU 2015 Live coming up soon. And I don’t just mean the new guys. ALL OF US!

    • Bill

      I was one of the people who asked you to do this. Like many of the things you cover, this seems less complicated and more within reach than I thought. It’s just like your play a song lesson from a couple weeks ago. Really cool.

    • jim

      Heck, I’m still trying to change the keys on your RHYTHM lessons (1-14)!
      Solo #1 starts today! (Nice timing). Now, rather than just learn lesson #1, my goal is to replicate THIS video. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be posting my recording on the Forum soon…I hope!

      • Russ carre

        Great video good encouragement for learning the solo, s.

      • Rudy Esparza

        slowly I am getting there, I got side tract learning some Santana solo’s,they are all on the blues Box 1 and 2.

        • Ricky Pisano

          Great EARS!! I immediately thought of Carlos when I first heard this and in fact many of Carlos’ riffs are in “A”. Certain guitarist’s seem to favor certain keys. I was talking with Tom Morello (Rage against the machine/Audioslave) after a show last year at The ROXY on Sunset Strip and he LOVES the key of F#!! I guess the only difference is having the ability to change 3 octaves on the 6th string root. After “G” it gets a bit stretched down to the end of the fret board. THANKS!! ROCK ON!!


    • pete williams

      my goodness its all coming together but slowly. i can play the backing track and the solo but putting the two together is what i find tough. i read music though i am a bit rusty on the value of notes with regard to timing. if you follow the tab it must be near impossible until you play along with your great playing. 2015 is the year of counting- have a happy one ! really enjoying the course and falling into all the traps you mention and climbing out and learning something new.

    • Gene

      Griff Am having a great time playing along with you and learning licks. Very happy with your programs. Thanks alot

    • Dave

      OK Griff, I’m going to pile on here. I am 61, was an absolute beginner at the guitar and had been taking lessons for 10 months from a guy who is a crazy great guitarist and a respected teacher in this area. I have improved ten fold in one month just on Beginning Blues Guitar. Truly remarkable. Program lets you proceed at your own pace and easy to go back over things and hear how they are supposed to sound. Don’t feel like I’m doing homework any more. Thanks.

    • Lou

      Hey Griff,

      Don’t comment often, but i wanted to tell you That your lessons are the best out here. I have become smoother and alot more confident in my playing.
      I screw around after practicing and put in slides at different places,pick the string mabey a couple times extra just reaching out there and it’s with what i have learned from you and ALOT of it sounds really cool. [makes me feel like a real blues brother man!!! lmao!]
      Just wanted to say thanks. Your really good at what you do. I’m sure your proud and should be.[you dress cool too !!!]

      Take Care

    • John Hamill

      Hi Griff. Good video – any chance of including a download version?. Thanks

    • Harold

      Listen too you is great but only problem I have is I a newbie and I can follow you on the Fret but I can’t follow you on the picking, strumming with your right hand.

      would be great when you show the chord you also show what you doing with your right hand picking or strumming, what string are you picking.

      would help not only me but lots of new commer

    • Monty Tutauha

      Hey Griff

      Absolutely amazing !!! as I have said at least a thousand times already your method of teaching is so easy and simple ? I can play solo #1 and solo #2 together to the tune of ” the thrill has gone ” which not so long ago, I couldn’t even play any solo successfully, all your material Griff is just amazing, truly,,, keep up the good work.. who knows maybe 1 day I will be able to play with you and the BGU team in the USA well thats my dream anyway so again thanks very much??!!!


    • Alan

      Could you send the sheet music for the video.
      By the way you are the best. Wish you lived close to me for private lessons

    • steve

      this is the first solo I learnt on guitar 4 years ago this works well with the thrill as gone

    • tony

      just want to comment on the three videos that Steve did . I finally got to see the first two . I got impatient the down load took forever but was well worth the wait. Now this one today has issues but thats ok I will get to it later. Just tons of info to take in here . definatly a fret board journey to better guitar playing . later !!!!!!!

    • Gary L

      Great lesson Griff! Gives me some great techniques to work on! Thanks!

    • tony

      once again tried to watch steves video and it DOESNT play Disappointed in connecticut. sounds like a very good lesson . I got the follow up lesson ,but , wish I coulfd have seen steve break down the whole thing . Been playing for more than 40 years I can figure it out myself by watching Griff play it. Can that lesson but resummited out so i can see it anyway?

    • Alan

      Griff, as always silky smooth and hugely inspirational!
      I love it!
      Keep it coming man.


      first off…you read each of these cause there be a bunch! Secondly all sound advise. As a matter of fact while I can’t say I play with my eyes closed a lot it does happen. But what I do is play in dark rooms so even when I m tempted to look I really can not see much. Moving them from key to key and creating little phrase’s out of the complete package all great learning tools and a way to created your own personal chops.

    • Demetrious

      great stuff,Griff.really apreciated the video,yeahhhh!!

    • Bruce Sankey

      Yes Griff , be honest if a musician just listens to the groove for the, key, melody & tempo ,and overall feel, almost any sequence of notes should all work right as long as it follows the rhythm , and all right ?

    • bernie pendergast

      another great tip thanks spending a great deal of time with BGU AND HAVIN A BALL.your teaching approch and dedication to your students is over the top.

      Thank you



      Thanks for all that you do, really appreciate everything!


      Thank you SO MUCH for you lessons. You are a very thorough teacher and you are able to break things down into simple chunks that are easy to digest. I love that I am able to download this and watch it any time. I love the BGU courses. Thanks Griff.

    • Jerry

      Not ready for this one!

    • Michael

      I sure wish I could do it with my eyes closed. Your great though and wish I had an hour with you in CA. Your course is great but I’m coming from the behind a lot so it is taking longer, in which case I am behind. Just trying to learn and I keep playing your lessons over and over. Thanks for it all!



      Thanks Griff, Love the BGU course.

    • Gerald A. Hughes

      Griff unable to open your I Learned a Solo video!

      Gerald A. Hughes
      Ft. Walton Beach, Fl. 32547

    • Gerald A. Hughes

      Another great lesson. Thanks

    • markrh

      Thanks Griff. After getting your email lessons for awhile I finally got BGU and it’s great. Now I can put your emails like this one in context. If your reading this and thinking about getting the course, any of them, It’s well worth it.

    • Gary

      Thanks again for a really great lesson!

    • Danny R.

      Good job. Thanks

    • lonnie6a

      Another great lesson Griff!!! I have been including more solo’s in my gospel playing and using your techniques they have become more of a main stay and have taken on a new adventure in praise and worship. Using the different keys is the key and mixing up the pentatonic boxes has brought out more flavor in my playing thanks again!!!


      good job griff as usual best teacher I know

    • Mehdi Modiri

      Hi Griff

      Your lessons are amazing. However, I cannot get any information from anybody as to what equipment I need to play the backing tracks you use to practice. Also where do I get the backing tracks?

      Your answer will help me tremendously as I feel I am rotting in the same spot all the time and cannot get by timing right.

      Kind Regards

    • Ron Borrow

      Hi Griff
      Can I say how much I enjoy your stuff I really look forward to your emails.
      As a 73 year old I have playing blues for a long time and not being musically trained at all I play entirely by ear and some of my friends think I am lucky to be able to do this but it does have a down side and that is I cannot play anything the same twice. I just play how I feel at the time can read a bit of tab but that’s about all.
      Now I am getting on a bit my memory is not quite what it used be and it’s not unusual for me to forget how a tune go’s half way through, I think it’s important that younger players should be encouraged to learn to read music, I now sure wish I could .
      Once again thank you for a fabulous email it always fires me up.
      Ron Borrow

      • Bill45

        Ron, it’s never too late to learn to read music. Just like BGU, start at the beginning, take it slow, spend a little time with it each day.

        I once read a quote about reading which also applies to reading music, “The man who won’t read has no advantage over the man who cannot read'” . I’ve met a lot of musicians who seem to take pride in the fact that they cannot read music. But if you learn to read music, it opens up a whole world of music to you that was a mysterious black box before.

        There are lots of “How to read music for guitar” out there. Although it is a huge difference in style, there is a classical guitar method by Frederick Noad “Solo Guitar Playing”. The first third of the book focuses on the notes on the strings and lots of exercises that reinforce the notes.

        Good luck. Expanding your horizons a bit is always a good thing.

      • patrick

        I am 68 and began playing guitar 2 years ago and began learning to read notation/ music one year ago. I used the “Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1” because it was recommended by my instructor. It is available at most any large music store as are several other beginner’s books.

        Notes are the vocabulary of what we do plus the time values.

        When you can read the notes, take your favorite homemade lick and write it in notation. It’s slow going at first. It will reinforce your reading and will help tremendously with your timing, counting out loud, and understanding the lick. I’m guessing you don’t know the length of the lick or its relation to the rhythm unless you are seriously counting.
        Notation conveys so much more than tab. It will give you a feel for the music that tab just cannot provide.
        Take that time you waste on internet sites other than Griff’s and spend it learning to read. It will be quality time.

    • Manastrat

      Would love to see a link to that first backing track if at all possible.
      Great lessons.
      Thank You.

    • Mark ( jock ) Reid

      Great tips amigo , your mode and manner of teaching makes so easy to understand , just got to get the hobbit fingers working , no prize without effort pmsl

    • bob lavoine

      i like this vido and can use it i need to get some jam tracks on a cd but cant afford verry much can you hepl me im not a begginer but not a pro either thanks bob

    • Jon

      Fantastic Griff,

      I’ve been playing guitar for over 30 years and your course has opened up a whole new world for me. I’m totally self taught and was always wary about taking lessons because I wanted to retain my own sound and not pick up other people’s habits, but the simplicity in how you explain things has blown me away. I’m hoping to maybe put some of my own compositions on the forum one day.

      Thanks again Griff, I’m sticking with you.


    • Donald Adkins

      Thank you so much. It took me awhile to learn this one.I can play it but not as smooth as Take care

    • Geoff Elliott

      Hi Griff

      Once again, a big thank-you. In fact, I can’t thank you enough!!


    • Frankie

      Thank you Sir , another great lesson and words of incouragement for us determined to become good guitar blues players … Good day and be blessed Griff …

    • Bill Dochnahl

      Hey Griff, it’s Bill again. There are a lot of beautiful, sweet licks in this clip. Still being at the beginning of my blues learning journey, I try to create my own licks from the 5-position scale runs I’m getting down pretty well now. But my attempt at creating (musically compelling) licks still seems to leave them sounding more like I’m just doing the scales in little 3 and 5-note segment runs — instead of building interesting, melodic, and rhythmic segments tied together Question: Do you have any guidance (for a beginner).

    • Bill Dochnahl

      Hey Griff: I missed the previous video to this lesson where I suspect you might have included the tabs of the solo you’re playing here. Would it be possible to get that video emailed again, and/or the tabs — and a download of this clip? I’ve loved and listened to blues for many years and decided at age 70 it still wasn’t too late to do what I might have done when I once was a very young rocker. I’ve been learning off your Youtube videos (the absolute best of all the other guitar teachers I’ve tried) for the past 2 1/2 months; your instruction style (far and above the others who basically show you scales and basically teach some licks without how it fits into the structure and feel of blues music. As a result of your step-by-step, patient approach to demonstrating fretboard theory and technique, and has already gotten me to the point of at least basic proficiency and applying the 5 positions in several keys. Not ready for a jam session yet, but it’s in my sights as a result of your videos. Now I need to transform scales to real music and stop being a blues wannabe lurker. I plan to get your 1st two training DVD’s which I am ordering the next couple of days. Final question: Do you ever do Skype training? – as I live in Oregon. Thanks for sharing your talent — and all those excellent free videos — as an inspiring teacher and obviously a skilled musician with a passion to share the blues.

    • Edmund G.

      Hey Griff as always, great stuff great mentor, I’m just slow at this but I’m determined to win. Thank you for everything that you do.

    • Rod May

      Is a download of this clip available and or TAB? LOve the lessons and your down to earth approach.

    • Smokey

      I’m a complete new in the box beginner. I suppose chords is the best place to start. Where do I get that material. i’m trying to stay openminded but I really want to learn



      Another terrific lesson..Paul

    • james sternberg

      Hey Griff,
      Thanks for the tip.
      When I play this lesson I incorporate two notes into the song.
      I’ve been playing for many years so it’s not that hard for me to do so.
      Maybe sometime you’ll show people those also and let them run with it.
      I really enjoy all you do for us and look forward to more lessons in the future.
      Thanks, Jim

    • Sharen Munk

      Love to hear you play. But it isn’t a piece of cake. I can ‘t get bends or tweetlies. ha ha

    • Larry

      That was a good example of three different rhythms with the same lead. It’s definitely doable in a lot of stuff.

      Thanks …gettin there one lick at a time!

    • Ken Brickett

      Hi Griff…more great stuf to learn from. Like a professional golfer, you make the “game” look so easy! I kinow it takes time to practice, not something I have a lot of everyday, however, I do indeed try my best to at least pick up the guitar every single day and play something, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. Your blues courses are really something I can hook into though…I think there’s hope for me yet! Your teaching style is excellent for me; you break things down into very understandable bits that I can grasp a piece at a time. Thanks much for your courses that I’ve purchased, as well as all the good things like these little “encouragement” videos.

    • Manny

      Hi Griff. Awesome stuff. I bought you Blues Unleashed Course a month ago but have not has a whole lot of time yet. Just finished Concerts with a Chorale group up in the Monterey Bay area and I perform with a Doo-wop group. Time is of course “skimpy”, but I am now finally start to practice the blues DVD. Thanks for your help, looking forward to all this.


    • gene

      I realy like the soio.and I don’t have to much trouble pickn the seems that the most trouble I have is tryn to remember the names of the the 7th chords and the 9th chord and known how to use them.some of the problem is being alble to see clearly what u are doing, and some time;s you move to fast and im a slow learner.i do know how to play most of the scales and open chords and bar chords.i played by ear since I was a kid,but these new blues chords seems like the hardest part to learn.i bought the blues guitar unleashed from you and im stuck on there 1st dvd.its like being akid just learn to play all over again. if there was a way to slow down every thing were I cld see the leason clearly it sure wld make it easier then I cld move on with the rest of the dvd’s I bought.

    • John Cordingley

      Hi Griff, Very well explained, keep them coming please.

    • Joe

      Good stuff Griff.

      Would like to see more and more of these types of videos for your BGU enlistees. They really help me find new places and get out of ruts with my own creations.

      I’ll be working this into my daily practice starting today.

      Thanks again.


    • george mcculloch

      FANTASTIC GRIFF!! You are by far the best tutor I have ever come across!
      Incidentally, some real Cool playing sometimes I watch your video`s just to watch you play!.”..COOL HAND!!”

    • Merlin

      Your creativity and innovation , as demonstrated in this video , is much appreciated. So thank you for sharing those techniques Griff. You have much to offer!

    • Phil Lamrock

      Wonderful teacher

    • Vern Edgerton

      Just finishing up with no. one!! I want to go back, and make sure I have most of the material down to some degree. I’m more than impressed, and happy with the course so far. May go to acoustic blues next! Thank you!!!

    • Dave1

      I am attempting solo three, just waiting for my extra fingers to grow:)

    • Dave Cyr

      Very cool. It’s easier to see. No need to recreate the wheel for every tune. I have and really enjoy the BGU course. I usually check out these videos you send before work. Running through my head all day. Gotta get home and try it out! Keep em coming.

    • Paul

      No Jam Tracks? Workerd on that solo for a weeek and then you gave us the licks, 1-4 to learn. Well I learned all 4 licks, but forgot this ones now. I’m not bad now on adlibbing, or changing around licks. In fact some of the licks from this Video I can remmeber and last week I was Soloing over a Eagels MP3 Jam track useing the first 2 licks and some noodeling around the minor scale. I was jazzed that I was not doing bad. Just overwelmed here. With all this new stuff your sending, I’m going to have to start BGU all over again. Apreciate what your doing Griff. Thanks. Paul.

    • riche

      Hi Griff!,
      I bought BGU about 2 months ago and am really enjoying it. I’m now working on Solo #3. Not sure if this video is in the BGU program, but this is an awesome lesson! And this lesson, along with the new licks/ideas I’m learning from the Clapton Torn Down program, has opened up a new realm of guitar/lead playing for me. Even though I still have a lot to learn, especially in regard to how to select notes during chord changes, I feel like for the first time I’ve been able to play some original lead guitar during jam tracks. And I love the idea of playing the same type of solo to both a straight feel and a shuffle feel song.
      Thanks for sending this great free lesson!

    • Dave

      Very nice work Griff. I’m sold on the program and will be ordering soon. From all the emails I have received and reviewed over the last few months, this is the most complete and comprehensive email to date. This lesson is getting me off the fence and is exactly the direction I want to go to get my blue’s on. Thanks again.

    • Mark7308

      my question is when playing a solo and the song moves to the 4 or 5 chord. Would you move to that position on the neck as well? or just stay on the 1 chord.?

    • nmb

      Thanks for sharing. I love the way you play and I love the sound. It sounds a bit like BB King. That is something to strive for.

    • Joe

      Thanks a lot Griff .

    • Michael

      Hi Griff. I have your Blues Unleashed course but my solo #1 is far different from what you’ve posted. Mine says lesson 30. Is there another one I’m not aware of?

    • will

      Thanx, Griff that was awesome, so how do I go about finding background tracks for any of the licks that you’ve demonstrated? You seem to be a very good teacher but maybe I’m just getting back into this a little too late in life, I just started picking up the guitar again, been away from it for almost 50 years. Thanx, will

    • wayne wright

      man this is good brotherly advice…peace

    • Bart Hargis

      Thanks, Wish Ii could play, not in my life time ,to old

    • Quero

      Wow! That’s a very good eye opener for me as a neophyte guitarist. Thanks Griff.

    • Curtis Anderson

      I Learn something new everyday!!!These Videos inspire me because if I hear it I practice it!!!

    • Richard

      This is a perfect example of a simple solo that sounds great. You don’t have to be fast and flashy to play something that’s really effective. I think that’s the principle that the old American bluesmen worked on.
      Richard, England.

    • Francis Mercuri

      Thanks Griff for this great vid instruction, does surely make the courses exciting to practice.

    • Art

      Griff, just as sweet a demo as one could make it. You make learning super easy and it has gotten my creative juices flowing. I just picked up your 29 Jam Tracks CD set with manual and already moving along with them.

      Take care

    • jer

      some nice phrases i am enjoying smoothing them out thanks buddy

    • colinwulf

      hi griff, been practising solo 1 a couple of weeks & just getting up to speed with it.A bit slow I know (wish I had more time to practice)but i’m getting there.
      Haven;t had time to check out the coarse yet but i’m looking forward to it.Also keen to get the theory coarse I ordered which i’m sure will help me a lot.
      Many thanks for now
      colinwulf England (59)

    • Manny

      Hey Griff,Manuel here love the Blue’s and im just starting to learn on how to read the number’s on the tab’s and trying to figure them out,but im been playing since fifteen yrs old but never got’en real good,and now that I’ve found ur lesson’s and practicing I even had sound better my wife said I even make sense of what im playing so thank you so much,oh one more thing how can I get the sound track on your video’s.

    • jeff s

      I can’t watch your videos without a download! I keep getting started then I’m left hanging

    • Nola

      Hi Griff. I am just stoked! I haven’t started the BGU course yet, as I am finishing up the BBG lesson. Your lessons are easy to follow and learn. I absolutely love this video. I am saving it! I should be starting the BGU course in the next few weeks. I just love, love, love this music! I can hardly wait to learn it! Thanks again for all the extras you send!

    • Chris Moore

      Thank you so much, I’m getting there.

    • sylvia Holly

      I enjoy your lessons…very informative and great to follow…one of the best…Keep up your great lessons and trying to help so many of us…

    • MIKE J

      Griff all your lessons are so well put together man one thing any chance of acouple of slitly slower videos i dont pick things up as fast but when its there its there. ps. your the man . MIKE

    • Nigel Hunt

      That’s so smooth Griff – great teacher, great sounds and fun way to learn and improve. Thanks.

    • Barry smith

      Kinda sounds like”thrill is gone”.

    • Andy Kirkland

      Hi Griff,

      I have all your dvd lessons, but I enjoy the snippets like this that you email me, as it gets me working on a single exercise and I focus on just this for a long time. And by the way your lessons work (but you know that). If anyone needs to know that before they buy them I’m testament to that. I even feel like I’m able to play now, which before your lessons came along, I was kidding myself (I might still be, but I can play along with this one, which there’s no way I could before) . Anyway, the reason I’m emailing is the extra bit at the end of the “C” swing playalong, where you add a sneaky bit at the end, could you do the tab for that as it is kicking my ass and I can’t figure it from the video, and I’d love to try it at the end.
      Thanks and keep it up…. great stuff

    • William Gaudette

      Your lessons are very clear cut. I totally enjoy all the refreshers you offer. I am always learning,,even at 52. I found some things in your vids,,,that I never thought about trying before. You make it simple. I like things that are not so complicated. I watched a Steve Vai video that I liked,,but he played just way sooo fast,,,I could not comprehend half of it. He is sooo awesome when it comes to speed,,,and accuracy. πŸ™‚

    • Pete Gonzales

      I love how You teach, I’m wondering if you could teach me or sell me some of your lessons but I don’t know how much it would be! I love the blues I know a couple of songs for the blues and other techniques that you have been showing me are excellent, I need more input please give me some prices. Thank you so much Pete Gonzales

    • John

      Hi there real great to see how easly it is to manage a solo piece once you have more or less mastersd it. I have a ways to go yet , but I am really lovoving it………Thanks.

      Oh by the way I am from New Zealand

    • DON




      DG OB./FL

    • licksnkicks

      WOW! This is so cool. So many wonderful and exciting possibilities~

      You da man!

      Love the swing version! Pure joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dean

      Thanks for all the great work your doin’! I’d like to see you do some slide blues stuff on a resonator in some open tunings. If it was kept simple for beginners like myself that would great too. All the riffs and scales available on the web are to elusive or played a bit to fast for many to get them down properly. So how about doin’ it for all the sliders out there.

    • Frank Pimental

      Hello Griff,

      Love your stuff. Just starting back after 20 yrs on, then 10 years off. Can’t wait to get started. Three questions: 1. Which of your lesson sets would you recommend to get back in to playing the Blues? (Very rusty!) 2. Do you offer a lesson program on “Chord Theory?” 3. Last of all to do all of the bends you show in your videos, is one brand of strings better than another for my Les Paul?

    • Edward O'Donnell

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    • sam

      Very,cool,Griff,I like playing along with your little samples sometimes! Even though I might not play it note-por-note,it sounds pretty cool,like I’m dualing with you! Take care……….your online,parttime student,Sam!

    • Al McCausland

      This was totally great! Now I’m going to work on learning a good lick or two and play it over my drum machine. It will be tough deciding what to play it over since I have absolutely no music theory training. Thanks, Griff!

    • ed

      You have confirmed what I always thought one could do with licks. I haven’t got around to experimenting with that idea in a big way. This lesson opens new musical roads. Thanks.

    • Temple Weste

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    • Tommy Kraft

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      Great lesson as always. You remind me of Bob Taylor. All he is interested in doing is improving the guitar player’s life. Both of you freely share your knowledge and love of the guitar. Bob actually shares his guitar building skills with the likes of Martin and Gibson to help them make better instruments. How cool is that ?
      I’m a better musician because of you.

      Thank You

    • Dee Crews

      I Have the best guitar training ever, The Fretboard Roadmaps series by Fred Sokolow, books and Dvds, But you do a good job, I like How you explain things

    • fred

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    • Riff

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      Thanks Tons!

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      How about some more instruction on trills & tweedlies!
      Blues jams r better around world because of y!

    • Mark

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      This lesson is really helpful.

      Is there any chance you can tab out the very good lick you play near the beginning of the following lesson?

      Best regards,

      Colin Campbell

    • Brian Spreadborough

      I have a similar question to Jim. Do you start each run on the same note as the chord, say a B note for B chord. A D note for a D chord and so on. Maybe I haven’t got to it yet?

      Cheers again, Brian.

    • Brian Spreadborough

      Great stuff! I finally feel as though I’m finally starting to ‘get it’

      Cheers Brian.

    • Larry Dempsey

      You make the complicated as easy as A B C. That’s one of the reasons I recommend BGU to so many people.

      Larry D

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    • Jim Clarke

      Have bought DVD’s and good as far as I have got ( work etc)

      There is a lot I already knew (from other books etc), unfortunatly, I have always played cassical guitar which seems to be a disadvantage.

      One thing, that may be on your DVD that I haven’t got to yet: When playing say in “A”, when chords change to D-F, do you need to start runs on the chord note?




      Thanks Griff,

      Great stuff. Very helpful information.


    • David Munson

      Hi Griff,
      As usual, great advice. I have been playing for over 45 years both as a Professional,and lately as the weekend warrior. I keep a log of all your email sessions and share with my Bass player.
      We both have benefitted from these. Please keep sending them.
      Thanks again,

    • Robert


      Started today with 1-1, 3 chords, no problem right? Problem is that when I play as the book and notation says, 4 beats to the measure, down, up, rest, up I get basically 3 strums to the measure. When I listen to the rhythm track it sounds like you are doing more than that. Is it my ears or hands?



    • Les Cline


      I purchased Blues Guitar Unleashed but I can’t find these licks in the book or either I’m looking in the wrong place. Where can I find these?


    • Bill H.

      Great solo, it was fun learning and playing. I’ve been breaking it up, as you say, and adding some notes from other boxes and it seems to just keep expanding. Thanks, and look forward to more lessons. I’ve been enjoying your Blues Guitar Unleased course also. You’re playing is great!

      Bill H.

    • Robb

      Hi Griff,

      Thank you so much, I love the course and the video you send out all the time. They have really helped me. I have improved so much all ready. I basicaly put my guitar down, gave up learning over 40 years ago and in the last 3 months…I’m comin back baby… My wife jokes and says I spend my evenings down stairs talking and playing my guitar with my buddy Griff, says what up with that, but honestly she loves to hear me play, she is constently bragging to others saying she had no idea I could play the blues,,,I just say thanks Griff, keep sending out these mini lessons.

      Robb aka Krusty

    • elmer fuerte

      hi sir griff,

      am 53 and had never stick to one style reason i have no formal lessons. am too much interested with your lessons.i don’t know really where to start and where to finish. i only play a part that makes me bad and can’t never complete a song. it’s always only a phrase.

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      Cheers Dionlee

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      Since purchasing your Blues Guitar Unleashed learning manual, I practice on a daily basis and look forward to your regular email updates. I did make the classic mistake of rushing through the lessons and almost gave up – not having acomplished very much on reaching the end of the book.
      I’m now going systematically through the course at a slower pace and solo #3 is starting to sound great and it’s lots of fun to play.
      Your teching course and coaching is great value for the cost.
      Best Regards,

    • Trevor

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    • AL

      Hi Griff, I wanna tell you man! (Laugh) your videos and lessons have really improved my skills from counting to putting it on the frets, before it seem like a tug-a-war singing while playing to make it soung right, I’m workin on it! (Smile) and the magic is startin’ to happen. Thanks Man AL

    • Robert

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      Love all your advice. Every little bit helps and I appreciate it! I also enjoy mangling it.


      Bad Bob

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      These little bits of the jigsaw puzzle help understand the bigger picture. Many thanks Alan

    • Mike

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      Thank you for that video. Anywhere up & down the fretboard it sounds great.
      I have been playing “Playing On The Porch Part 1 & 2” and as of now I am Lesson 6
      The Tore Down Rhythm. I lke it

      Thank you, Mike

    • Tom

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      As always: your video’s are highly appreciated! Thanks!



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      Loved the video and the solo, can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks

    • peter

      Great stuff – thanks. I know this can be be used on acoustic, but do you have anything specific for acoustic? What about basic slide tips (or basic acoustic slide)?

    • Mark

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      Thanks for everything; however, you’ve sent so much good info that I’m not sure where to start. I’ve just started to look at your emails (stored all your emails for later and now that I’m ready to start, I’m not sure where to begin. Dates of your emails don’t always help.) If you could provide some order to your learning approach, I will defintely devote the time, just not sure where to start. I may be purchasing your lessons, but I wanted to get a handle on your emails first.

      Thanks much


    • Richard Mitchell

      thanks for the e-mail, your course is layed out great! but unfourtunly too advanceer for me. Ill be sending and asking to trade down to your beginner couse. Talk to you soon and have a great holliday.
      Richard Mitchell

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    • Richard Lafleur

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    • Bill Casale

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      First, thank you for including this post. However, I have a few questions about these boxes you are teaching. Why are these leads confined to a box? It seems the entire neck of the guitar should be used to make this lead more interesting. It sounds very robotic. My other question is about the placement of the lead. Could you explain a little more about this? I’m sure you are not placing them randomly against the cords. Where and how are they best placed?

    • Robert Gingras


      being new to playing guitar (i should say “trying”) where do you get the jam tracks?

      I’m sure it will help me.



    • john p caines

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    • Douglas Collins

      This is just what I want to be able to play. Griff, just how do you know when to change from a I position to a IV, to a V position or does everything that you play in the solo go with any part of the back ground music in this video?

    • Eric

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    • MARK

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    • john rothengast

      This is the heart of the matter for us beginners. Getting something that is interchangeable & sounds good, is a great building block going forward. I can’t play this with my eyes closed yet, but when I do, I’ll write back & Thank you!

      Keep the licks coming!

      Thanks again.

      Best Regards,


    • Steve

      Great wisdom as well as great practical lessons. I feel much more confident in reaching my goal now that I understand really knowing 10 or 12 solos well will give me all the tools I need rather than feeling I must know 100 or more chops to be able to play well. Thanks and keep up the good work, sir.

    • ralph

      Hey Griff , Not that far yet but I can’t wait to get there. I practice everyday and I can see a big difference in my playing.I’m on lesson 6 of guitar unleashed and moving right along….Ralph

    • Tony De Marco

      Hi Griff, What solo are you showing the frist 4 note or the one on page 58? This is the frist you lost. Good stuff.


      Tony D

    • Frank Starace

      HI Griff:
      How many times does one need to play a lick in order for it to become part of you so you don’t have to think about a specific lick but it just comes out at the right time and place in the song. I find that about 100 times seems to work.

    • Rusty Pfauser

      This one’s a keeper. Keep ’em comin’! Thanks!

    • Robert Hutt

      Great, but, I haven’t finished Blues Guitar Beginning! Although I am having fun with it. Gotta give old fingures time. BTW I have a Godin Summit CT which I like, but, am not happy with the sound!
      Do I have the wrong guitar for good blues sound? I tried an Epiphone LP special in the store and thought it had much nicer pick up for blues? Mine has Seymour Duncan pickups. Any suggestions?


      This is great. I love watching and learning about what’s to come. I am back in Beginning Blues Guitar and need to discipline myself to do as you say. I wish I could play without looking at the tablature. I need somehow to train my ear to remember these licks and play, by ear. This is a problem for me. I can do it visually. So I am stuck here, and really want to play a piece by ear. There seems to be an inner block that keeps me so visually trained to the page.

      Any suggestions. Or is it a matter of playing and playing over and over, till somehow it becomes automatic and “in” my head.


    • bob

      i like your style Griff….good lessons, no shouting or other bs

    • Robert LoRusso

      Hey Griff I loved it. It is starting to come together for me.
      Thanks, Robert

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      bets way i have learned guitar yet, thanx for makeing what seems to be hard so easy if you practice

    • daniel

      dear ralph i can’t answer on behalf of griff here but here are my humble 2 cents:
      improvising on the *fly* doesn’t really work if you wish to play in a blues context you need to learn a few licks here and there BUT be careful do not just *memorize* licks you also need to know how you can be creative with those licks to create new licks that you can call your own from the scale or box you know..
      another thing that can help is playing behind backing tracks as much as possible this will help you expand your ideas in a musical context.

      as for what makes a solo tasteful..well many things but it mainly depends on your taste and style of choice..some people like a BBkingish style some are more like a SRV approach or a Clapton some (like me) like to just SHRED it like a maniac. it depends on how you feel you can express yourself with.

    • DerekN

      Thanks Griff

      Yet another really useful lesson!

    • John Paul ..........

      Thanks Griff!

      I love the blues, and you help me find paths to put some soul into my playing. I’ll be buying you whole course soon. At 63, I don’t have any more time to “mess around” and I want to give it all an earnest try. Just love those blues….. Thanks Again.


    • Alwyn

      Griff, thanks for the wonderful lick. I loved it.

    • Ralph Brock

      Griff, Maybe I’ve got the wrong idea. You seem to creat music by memorizing licks and incorporating them into songs, while I’ve been trying to learn (unsuccessfully, so far) how to improvise solos on the fly. Are those two valid separate approaches to playing, or do you think one needs to memorize licks first.

      Also, I’d like to hear what you have to say about what makes a lick or solo interesting, and not boring.

      Thanks for the great lessons.

    • michael stone

      wow so nice I bought a Acoustic guitar so i can learn I wont to learn to play so i can go to sturgis next year and play for my friends there.

    • Island Dave

      Fins UP Griff!

      This my seem strange but I’m a steel drum (Pan) player who wants to be THE steel drum blues king!

      Blues on the pan sounds fantastic and is a real shock to people who hear it.

      You free videos has helped my enormously.

      Sure, you can’t bend a pan note BUT, on a circle of 4ths and 5ths leead pan, your box 1, 2, etc. converts to the pan easily! And, with this pan note layout, you can change to any key with the same basic “boxes” by just moving around the pan

      Thanks Again for all the info. I promise to put it to good use!

      Your “Pan Fan”

      Island Dave Hunter

    • Bentley

      Hi Griff,

      Let me first inform you, It was by chance that I found your web site after searching the web for any help with learning to ”the blues” style in music. I ‘am’ basically self taught. Well exactly as you’ve mentioned in your introductory video, I have tried Calypso, Reggae, Definitely Soul.

      Blues! This remains the one style I just couldn’t get beyond the absolute basics, I never even knew of the major, minor and seventh boxes until just before I found your site. I started a refresher course based on blues with a great tutor, Professional musician and great guitarist/ tutor. That was a great musical eye opener, then your lessons were exact and equally in depth, so I told him about your course and my intention to purchase. Don’t worry he supports it!

      The reason why I have’nt already purchased is simply due to the yo yo situation with work since reaching 63 yrs of age as a truck driver, plus the unhelpful global downturn in work.

      Your genious presentations have been a great inspiration,captivaation and motivation. Very much so, on the many days when I have no work and can’t afford a lesson; I turn to one of my six guitars and your videos/ my lesson folders.

      I want to thank you for not giving up on me, the joint tuition is working, because friends are now naming all the riffs and songs I play. And I will be shortly placing my order. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

      PS. I hope you won’t post this one.

      (Griff, I’m truely impressed and greatful)

      Many Thanks,

      Bentley Connell (UK)

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    • Rob

      You make it look easy Griff.
      You’re smooth dude

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      Griff i lost the video on how to build up speed and counting. ( one and a two and a…..) Can you go over that again please!

    • Adrian Bold

      Thanks Griff – strangely I had just finished learning solo #1 so this came at a very useful time. I will now practice it over other backing tracks which should cement the individual phrases in my mind and help the solos! Cheers!

    • Brian

      For the longest time, maybe five or six years I have owned an electric guitar and the same pattern would repeat itself over and over. I buy books research the internet ect. ect. learn a new song or two then in 3 months the guitar went back into the case. Last November I decided I was going to really put some time into it and I worked feverously on pentatonic scales.
      I still did not make the connection that I wanted to in regards to soloing, I just didn’t get it. In June I purchased BGU and took your advice and started to think of licks in terms of talking in phrases. Then the light came on. BAM! I mixed solo 1 with 2, solo 2 with 1, interchanging licks and even came up with a few on my own. Now I am heading into solo 4.
      I do want to say that hammering scales out for six month did pay great dividends. I developed out a lot of muscle memory, picking technique and really prepared me to move through BGU licks quickly. Now the fun is just beginning.
      Thanks again!

    • pat closa

      its really easy to learn man i love it thank you much i can use this now as my blues intro songs

    • Rob

      Great stuff Griff,very interesting.

    • steve

      Gidday Griff,
      currently working through lesson 12, and the first 3 solos, still some way to go with these,plenty of room for improvement, am having great fun enjoying the guitar again. Steve

    • Dennis

      Thanks Griff, perfect illustration of recycling licks. It’s really the only reasonable way to go.

    • Luther Redd

      Hey Griff, thank’s for the solo example 1. I have not got there yet. I’m still working on the frist five lesson, I don’t want to move on till I get down real good, and in my head. July 4 I got myself the Riff master pro, thank you. have a good day. Luther

    • T. Green

      I played keyboard and guitar in a garage band in high school, self taught. Nobody wanted to share their knowledge or experience. I stopped playing after graduating. I’m now 55 years old and try to play keyboard to fight off arthritis. After stumbling on to your site, you make me want to buy a new guitar.
      Other than PLAY PIANO TODAY, I’ve never known anyone who would give away real musical tips and lessons. I played a couple of clubs back then, and this was news that I could have used. Thanks for not being just about sales, though important. I’ll never play in a band again, but I know some old dudes who like to hit a few licks now and then. I’ll have to impress everyone a couple of times before I give them your web site. Thanks again.

    • michael

      in Japanese the word MACHINE means[ without conscious thought ] so practice practice practice makes your actions like machine.after that have fun with it

    • Sumner Parkington

      useful and fun

    • Stan Palmer

      Hey Griff, Thank you for bring me up from the living dead. I am 58 years old and thought that I could never master the guitar, well you have brought new life into me and now my new goal is to master the guitar before I die. Again, I thank you for helping me see that I can do this.

    • Stan Palmer

      Hey Griff, Thank you for bring me up form the living dead. I am 58 years old and thought that I could never master the guitar, well you have brought new life into me and now my new goal is to master the guitar before I die. Again, I thank you for helping me see that I can do this.

    • Shawn

      O.k. This is great! But…I’m still in a box how do I solo all over the neck? When I watch the greats via, wylde, moore, page, etc… it seems like they are playing every note on the guitar and it all sounds great, as it goes together. I understand keys, scales, chord relations but I feel I’m missing the link! Take your example of the c shuffel, say I want to play that solo across the neck how do I do that?? HELP!!!

    • Keith

      Hey Griff, this was great. I was struggling a bit but this has re-invigorated me.


    • John


      Thanks for the folow up, I’ve rarely experienced a product where the the service, freebees and added support and materials is offered before I ask for it!

      I brag about your program and methods to my freinds, some of whom teach could take a lesson form you. I’m having a great time spending hours learning and improvising.

    • old dog new tricks

      Griff, what’s wrong with me?? The solo and licks you are showing are really cool but they won’t stick in my head. I play them over and over but forget them in no time.

      I learned how to play In My Time of Dying in about 30 minutes, Black Dog in 20, Brown Sugar in 15, Smoke Stack Lighting in 10, Muddy Water Blues in 10, and on and on … over 125 songs (and I’ve only been playing guitar for 6 months now, mind you I practice at least 2 hours a day). All of these songs I’ve heard a thousand times (I’m 56 years old, maybe its been a million times), so the tempo, rhythms, and riffs are all bouncing around in my head – I hear the songs.

      Maybe it’s because I don’t have a context for your licks – I’ve never heard them in a song.

      Don’t get me wrong, the stuff you have shown is great and has made it much easier to learn the other tunes I know and love. Is this normal?

      By the way you might get a chuckle out of this. I was in my local music store a month ago buying a hard case for one of my guitars. I started plunking around on it while I was waiting. One of the salesman (who also teachs guitar) asked me what I was playing? I told him Led Zeppelin’s Rain Song. He asked me to play it for him. By the time I was done 3 other salespeople came over to listen. None of them could believe I’d only been playing for 5 months. One of them commented, “Jeez, just think if you would have started playing guitar when you were 15 years old, you could now be a poor musician working in a music store just like the rest of us” πŸ™‚

      It’s never too late to learn to play guitar.

    • bob hackett

      i like the “feel” part. i get so much more personally when i can just relax and feel it for myself. i like the idea that it comes out a bit different each time but i’m using the same lick without going nuts on exact memorization. helpful tidbit my man griff. also i’ve taken ypur lessons pretty much step by step so as not to miss to much. have to step back for a few days sometimes. when i come back, i’m refreshed and i seem to grasp it better.

    • Tom Roberson

      WOW! It falls right into place!

    • tim dillon

      i like it.because i understand the principal behind what your teaching.i wish i had spent more time on licks in the beginning when i had the skills to use them. instead i just learned the major and pentatonic scales in all the positions all over the neck and was told by what i considered a very competent teacher that i should stay away from other peoples stuff. in retrospect i now understand that he was a narcissistic instructor and probably didn’t have a clue what was happening in the real world. what a waste of my time. i’m glad you showed up just in time to keep me from being him. thanks for the video.

    • dick weber

      Hi i cant find the original solo you sent before this one could you re send it

    • bilbo andersen

      Hi Griff

      This is a truly helpful vid for me.

      Getting the most out of the licks is so obvious if you know how to expand yr thinking!

      Changing the key, changing the tempo and changing the backing! So obvious & simple I didn’t see it! DOH!

      And then play ’em in ANY order… well I feel like a dummy… HA HA HA he laff’ed nervously…

      Anyway… Thanks for reminding me to use my noggin (think) Griff!

      I’m really getting somewhere now cos I realise what’s outlined here can be used everywhere with all the Unleashed lessons or other with things n bits I’ve picked up in the past!

      way cool



      down in Sydney town!

    • Didy(Wanda)niederreiter

      Thank you griff, I’m not quite there yet. Just figuring out the chords on page 43, it’s taking me a long time. What do you do when you just don’t have a natural talent?
      No I’m not giving up! Keep your emails coming I need all the support you can give me!
      My slippery road is very long, but I’m NOT letting go of my destination.

      Aka blues babe



    • alvaro

      Hi Griff, thanks a lot for this, i have found it very useful and i must say you are totally right, it is good to know where to go next once you have learnt something, i liked the fancy bit you played at the end though!


    • Gibochris

      Another great lesson “add-on” Griff. I hope you know how much all your students appreciate the extra material you email to us regularly. I have been playing around with solo #1 all day and having fun. My fingers are now sore so I had to stop.

    • A Martinez

      Excellente as always Griff. I found myself inspired to play along with you while watching. To answer Rick B. below, Griff has a separate CD in his BGU DVD training video that has Jam tracks to play along with. Griff is a great instructor I believe to learn to play Blues guitar in a simple to understand format, and the video dual image that he provides is second to none. I balked at the idea of paying the initial $147 price, but after reviewing a lot of other DVD blues instructors, Griff I found has the best overall instructional videos for the price. Too boot, he provides these freebee’s to compliment the BGU DVD’s.

      Yes I’m giving him a plug for those who haven’t bought the BGU set, because I waited and waited, and think now that I could have been that much farther ahead if I hadn’t balked so long. Besides, if you figure a 30 min lesson at $20 to $25 dollars a pop x 4-5 lessons in a month with a live instructor adds up. I know, I did it for a good 3 yrs. Sure I bought teaching books the instructor suggested, but in the end, far more spent and I’ve learned much more in a short time from Griff.

    • Pat Carvalho


      I’ve kept pretty much all your e-mail tutorials as I find them so valuable but don’t always have the time to work them all in right away, so I’ve created my “Griff Hamlin” library of cool blues guitar lessons. Keep up the good work!

      P.S. I’m in contact with Amy at the Fender Center to take care of that donation to your school.

      Pat C.
      Elk Grove, CA

    • Glenn

      Hi Griff,

      This is the best blues guitar course I have taken. I’m a fingerstylist, but so far, I’m able to do the lessons. Keep up the good work.



    • mick tulk

      Hi Griff, Thanks again for the wealth of knowlegde that you are passing on. I cant justify the full works as I`m getting older and ( tireder ) but I`m learning stuff I should have done 40 years ago. Is it rude to ask your guitar set up? Its a lovely sound. Tokai? Did you change any of the pickups and what brand are they? yours Mick.

    • Mr B

      Excellent lesson Griff!
      Getting there but finding the time without kids is difficult!!!

    • Schnook

      Since this is down the road for us BBG-ers, how about the usual set of download links so we can save it all for later?


    • Reyes

      Please email this video a wmv. Thanks!


      griff, my everyday life is the blues. Every time you send out a free tutorial I’m on it and it has opened so many doors. Given me what has always been just barely out of reach. Thanks to you i’m going to fire my instuctor today. (me) I wished this had been available 40 years ago. The more you send the better i get. Thanks for giving back. You dont have to live the blues to play the blues,but it when i play them it takes some of the ache out of living them. Thanks man

    • les

      thanks a million times Griff for making everything seem so easy without
      any complicated jargon that totally confuses me which is what so many
      other tutors do! You “nak” of teaching is very up front and simple l have
      no trouble following your lessons what’so’ever!and lm sure everyone following
      you will agree.thanks Griffyour n’ace!Les.

    • Eddie Martin

      A most excellent presentation!! Following your Blues Unleashed DVD’s has caused me to rethink tone in practice. So, for now, my ’72 Fender Jaguar and Roland Cube 8OX are shelved to precipitate use of a Glen Burton 4 pickup guitar (traded a Takamine 12 string for it) and a Fender Mustang III modeling amp. The tonal variations are indispensable in replicating the DVD sounds. Please keep the good knowledge coming!! Eddie Martin, Arlington, TX

    • David Echerd

      I can’t add much to the comments above. You are indeed an excellent instructor of the blues. Have really enjoyed the BGU course. You inspired me to pull my guitar out of the case after many years. For those of us, maybe very few of us, that have only an acoustic guitar, any advice on electric guitars, price ranges, equipment, etc. would be much appreciated. Thanks for all the good work.

    • David

      Griff, I am so sorry for not keeping in touch with you, I recently had a bad thing happen to me and kept me from the computer and playing but am back to it and wanted to let you know that if it wasn’t for you it wouldn’t be so easy to just pick up again and not even miss a lick… pun intended…. thank you for all that you have given me to help my playing happen again…..I am so grateful….David

    • Orin

      Sounds like a really fun lesson to try out. Is there a place to grab the jam tracks that you demonstrated here?

      I stumbled upon your website and am seriously considering buying the course. Is there a difference between the beginner’s course and the entire course which you offer at $149? I can’t seem to find a spot on your site that catalogues what’s in the beginners course as opposed to the full course.

      Many thanks!!

    • Patrick M

      I seem to have lost the tab for the solo. Any way you can re-post it? I’m saving my pennies to but the program, slowly but surely. I did get a House of Blues instruction book for Christmas and the first thing the guy wants is for you to learn A minor scales in all positions. Very tedious and hard to make progress. I’ve learned more just from you emails. Wish me luck and thanks for all your help. Peace and blessings to you and your family in the new year.


      hi griff,am not quite there yet,but i get the point and it makes so much sense.thank you so much for everything and keep doing what your’e are the best……..thanks again. roger.


      what guitar& amp do u use to sound so good when u play the blues.thank u so much for the lessons. u sound so good. roger

    • tonny castilloux

      griff sorry for my english i m french i got a jamstation js -5 backing machine with audio track i found that to complicated i like to know what do you use for the background for the blues i thing my machine is to much for me i bought your cd last week dind t receive yet no big deal but i just want to know what kind a machine i should get for the cd and maybe mine is good enough i dont know thank s

    • 59LPJ

      Griff, thanks for the great course and also the timely updates. I recently discovered something really spectacular… when I first start into a lesson I’m thinking this sounds really cool, I don’t know if I can ever learn this or not. When I am about half way through the lesson I’m thinking this is starting to sound good. When I am through with the lesson ( and my fretboard is starting to make some sense to me) I’m thinking how soon can I get on to the next lesson. Thanks for being such a great instructor πŸ˜‰

    • Larry

      Hi Griff. I was a little confused re: this email. You said you didn’t have room to put it on the BGU DVDs but it’s on mine. I believe it is the lesson right after the playing on the porch. I’ll have to check but I know it’s on there. I’ve recently learned the solo and love the way it sounds in B. Also, I took your advice and downloaded Riffmaster Pro so I play the jamtrack at 80%. That’s the only way I can keep up but I’m getting there. Thanks, Larry

    • Robert

      I want the course, but can’t open the page to order. What am I doing wrong?

    • enrique

      It is cool!!! & so EZZ!!!!! It Help me Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Ken Muller

      Hi Griff, I’m 65 and like slow sexy blues, like the kind of blues that rock you in a boat, like waves crashing the beach, like a beatiful chick swaying her hips in time to some sweet BLUES, you can’t put a price tag on that when a chill runs up your back to some great BLUES, I must be getting old the fast blues don’t seem like you lost your dog,house,wife,truck so I don’t feel like drinking myself crasy type of BLUES,. I’ve got to feel it or it’s not me.
      PS MAKE MORE DVDS i’ll buy them, THANKS KEN

    • Jerry B.

      Wow Griff,

      That was great, it is really starting to bring it all together for me. I was able to bring in some old riffs that I play and it sounded really good. I even played some very old riffs from when I was in a blues/rock and roll band, awesome. Keep the updates coming, they really help.

      Thanks much for everything,

      Jerry B.

    • Ron Cherepanya

      I;ve been working with Blues Guitar Unleashed for a few weeks now and did try the solo. I play it slowly to get the fingering right, and don’t expect to fly through the riffs any time soon. I like the method of your instructions and review the lessons several times before using the CD backup licks.



    • Russell Ives

      Have you thought of putting all these “extra” lessons on a dvd that we could purchase in addition to your course. I love the emails, but would love to be able to refer back to these “freebies” at anytime, even if I had to pay for them.

      PS I broke out a SRV book the other day and was amazed at how much better I can play the songs now, even though I’ve only made it half way through the course so far. Your lessons really do help to get a feel for where the music is coming from.

    • Dan Capece


      Your e mail message of JUly 30th re: RiffMaster. You listed the price at $29.00? I’m trying it out now and the price I’m quoted is $49.00. Also want to make sure you get credit for introducing me to Riffmaster. Not quite ready to use it but hopefully will be able to soon.

    • Dan Capece


      Your e mail message of JUly 30th re: RiffMaster. You listed the price at $29.00? I’m trying it out now and the price I’m quoted is $49.00. Also want to make sure you get credit for introducing me to Riffmaster. Not quite ready to use it but hopefully will be able to soon.

    • Bluz

      Thanks!!! You break it all down into “simplicity”. I always seem to make things more complicated than they actually are, but your lessons are easy to follow and understand. Especially for us that has played for years and are gettin” now were fast! LOL Appreciate all you do for your “distant students”!!!!

    • Travis Hooper

      Griff, I need your help. I cannot figure out how to link the lessons with the audio CDs. I’m working on lesson 17 and feel ready to “play along” and test my skills. But, I can’t find the right jam track to work with. What is the secret?

    • Joel Ihrie

      Thats the way to utilize a lick, when I learn a new lick or phrase, after I have it down I will most times see how many ways I can play it. Like you different keys, different amp sounds, styles, etc. But the most important thing is to know it frontwards and backwards.

    • Jim Jernigan

      Great stuff again. Have been using BGU and it is really helping. Keep up the good work

    • Ron Elrod

      I have both the Four note solo and BGU courses and ai can’t believe what a difference they have made in my playing skills. I am probably one of your oldest students at age 62yrs. and am living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!!! I had played at playing the blues for many years.. But now, because of your well organized and easy to understand materials, I can FINALLY PLAY BLUES GUITAR. Please accept my heart felt thanks.

    • Marc-AndrΓ©

      Thanks Griff it is a nice video and demo, i love the way you teach and talk it si always fun and easy to understand
      Have a nice day

    • fred powers

      Hi Griff just received my soloing without scales. also just broke my finger. so im on hold eny sugestions.your freind fred

    • Jim Sinclair

      the music that I receive is the best.
      I am having a great time with everything you send.
      You are one great! teacher .

    • Lysle Esmay

      Hi Griff, I am still back at the Beginning Blues Guitar course, but this info shows me where I will be someday soon, and I can\’t wait to be playing like that.
      Thanks! Lysle

    • Lysle Esmay

      Hi Griff, I am still back at the Beginning Blues Guitar course, but this info shows me where I will be someday soon, and I can’t wait to be playing like that.
      Thanks! Lysle

    • Lysle Esmay

      Hi Griff, I am still back at the Beginning Blues Guitar course, but this info shows me where I will be someday soon, and I can’t wait to be playing like that.
      Thanks! Lysle

    • Matthew Gomez

      what you proposed is what I’vr always tried to do. Each change seems to
      lead to a new way of playing licks. Perhaps a new chord progression along
      with a different feel. So far,so good. Tks

    • Matthew Gomez

      What you proposed is what I\’ve always tried to do. It opens up your ear to
      perhaps a different sound, lick, chord progression. So far, so good. Tks.

    • Matthew Gomez

      What you proposed is what I’ve always tried to do. It opens up your ear to
      perhaps a different sound, lick, chord progression. So far, so good. Tks.

    • Matthew Gomez

      What you proposed is what I’ve always tried to do. It opens up your ear to
      perhaps a different sound, lick, chord progression. So far, so good. Tks.

    • Mark Zimmerman

      What’s the difference between Playing Through The Blues, and
      Blues Guitar Unleashed?

    • Skip Hicks

      Griff, I think you are an excellent guitar blues instructor. You keep it simple but clear & easy to understand. If I may ask, what kind of or what make or brand of guitar is that you are using? It has a nice sound,& the pickups appear to be strats. Ihave a fender stratocaster the same color as yours, & a fender ultra chorus solid state amplifier. Obviously yours is a tube amp, & after hearing how much warmer that sound is makes me want one . for the best blues & rock n roll sound which brand , type & size amp, would you recomend? Thank you in advance & keep up the good work you are doing. Skip

    • Steven Smock

      Griff, this has very little to do with the lesson above, but since I couldn’t figure out where or how to ask you a question, I thought, what the heck.

      Question: I have been “Voting” for you everyday at Crossroads. I found where the top 16 bands are listed, and I see your band there at the top of the 2nd row.
      Does that mean you are in 2nd place or 5th? Is it overall, or just in the blues
      genre? Maybe you could send out a newsletter to all of us adoring fans? Regardless, I will keep voting. It is so easy to do. Click on my Toolbar, and click on Vote Here. Takes about 15 seconds out of my day. BTW, do they factor in the number of times tunes are listened to? I am assuming “yes”, and
      listening to at least one a day. Heck, they are pretty dang good, right!!

      later, Steven

    • Andrew Footman

      Real cool stuff.Both BGU and Soloing Without Scales are fantastic.My playing is much better and soloing is getting pretty good now too!If you are stuck in a rut these will get you out of it!

    • Rick B

      You frequently refer to “Jam Tracks” (background music such as drum beats, bass, etc.) which allows you to play lead guitar without the rest of the band.
      1. What are these “Jam Tracks” actually called? Are they on CD? Where to buy?
      This have to be great for practice and timing improvements.

    • Geesty

      Hi, you make it look so simple.

    • Ernie Moshurchak

      Griff, this is a great video. Is there anyway I can download it and keep it with the rest of the BGU course material?


    • Hank Crowder

      I own BGU and love it thanks for all of the follow up Griff. been voting everyday for you on crossroads ( that marty fella is really making me mad how can he be that far ahead of 2nd plase (you) somethan smells fishy. I can only watch the 1st 1:16 of the video on what to do with solo #1. Can someone send it to me ? Again thanks for everything Griff you have helped and inspired so much i could never repay Thanks, Hank C.

    • Kenny M


      Follow me on this. You know when you go to church, and it seems God used the preacher to prepare a message just for you – the timing, subject matter, how to move on – That\’s what this lesson is for me. I\’m steadly gaining speed with the 5 – \"A\" Minor Blues Boxes, and through that process have found my own six note signature move. Adding stuff in front and behind my signature has been the challenge (I\’ve learned the solo… Now what?)

      Your insight, added to my now playing with eyes closed and for the moment not getting all choke up over experimenting with groove and feel, I see good pratice sessions on the horizon. This lesson from you to me will always be known as, \"The Conformation.\"

      See ya Sunday πŸ™‚ !

    • Kenny M

      Griffer,’ 502002

      Follow me on this. You know when you go to church, and it seems God used the preacher to prepare a message just for you – the timing, subject matter, how to move on – That’s what this lesson is for me. I’m steadly gaining speed with the 5 – "A" Minor Blues Boxes, and through that process have found my own six note signature move. Adding stuff in front and behind my signature has been the challenge (I’ve learned the solo… Now what?)

      Your insight, added to my now playing with eyes closed and for the moment not getting all choke up over experimenting with groove and feel, I see good pratice sessions on the horizon. This lesson from you to me will always be known as, "The Conformation."

      See ya Sunday πŸ™‚ !

    • Kenny M


      Follow me on this. You know when you go to church, and it seems God used the preacher to prepare a message just for you – the timing, subject matter, how to move on – That’s what this lesson is for me. I’m steadly gaining speed with the 5 – “A” Minor Blues Boxes, and through that process have found my own six note signature move. Adding stuff in front and behind my signature has been the challenge (I’ve learned the solo… Now what?)

      Your insight, added to my now playing with eyes closed and for the moment not getting all choke up over experimenting with groove and feel, I see good pratice sessions on the horizon. This lesson from you to me will always be known as, “The Conformation.”

      See ya Sunday πŸ™‚ !

    • nino

      Hello Griff! Comming from Croatia and sou veri happy leasn your litle trisks and tank you for this!!! nino

    • nino

      Hello Griff! Comming from Croatia and sou veri heppy liesen your play guitar and learned!!!

    • Chris from Australia

      Hi Griff, I purchased BGU just befor Christmas 2009 and you keep sending more lessons and little tricks, I’d like to thank you for this as most of the time you buy the book and your on your own sometimes risky buying over the net, Your teaching program didn’t stop once the purchase was made, you really care about your pupils. I am really enjoying the way you teach.
      Thanks once again keep up the good work.


    • Chris from Australia

      Hi Griff, I purchased BGU just befor Christmas 2009 and you keep sending more lessons and little tricks, I’d like to thank you for this as most of the time you buy the book and your on your own sometimes risky buying over the net, Your teaching program didn’t stop once the purchase was made, you really care about your pupils. I am really enjoying the way you teach.
      Thanks once again keep up the good work.


    • Lapsedmuso

      Ben a bit slow. Really appreciate the friendly support. Really appreciate the contact.

    • Evgeny

      Hi Griff! Really thank you for all this excellent support you give us. BGU itself and all of these add-ons are really moving me ahead.
      unfortunately (I think it because of my perfectionism) , I do it slowly with my guitar (a lot of time must be given to my harp too) and actually hasn’t reached this lesson yet . But such "sweets" πŸ™‚ , as all these additional lessons, are made me deepening hunger to play and convinced that I made the right choice with BGU. Please keep on, it’s really useful stuff and doesn’t matter what I’m playing at the moment , my guitar or on the harp.
      And hello from Israel πŸ™‚

    • Evgeny

      Hi Griff! Really thank you for all this excellent support you give us. BGU itself and all of these add-ons are really moving me ahead.
      unfortunately (I think it because of my perfectionism) , I do it slowly with my guitar (a lot of time must be given to my harp too) and actually hasn’t reached this lesson yet . But such “sweets” πŸ™‚ , as all these additional lessons, are made me deepening hunger to play and convinced that I made the right choice with BGU. Please keep on, it’s really useful stuff and doesn’t matter what I’m playing at the moment , my guitar or on the harp.
      And hello from Israel πŸ™‚

    • Eric

      Thanks for resending the link to this video! Your "value added extras" are
      really useful. I am still having a great time with the course and have noticeably improved my guitar playing in the process. All for the price of five lessons!!! What an unbelievable deal this is.


      PS – If you get a chance, can you do a video on the Ethos pedal you wrote about a while back?

    • Eric

      Thanks for resending the link to this video! Your “value added extras” are
      really useful. I am still having a great time with the course and have noticeably improved my guitar playing in the process. All for the price of five lessons!!! What an unbelievable deal this is.


      PS – If you get a chance, can you do a video on the Ethos pedal you wrote about a while back?

    • William

      I would be remiss if I did not express to you what a well taught course I purchased from you. “Blues Guitar Unleashed” is the perfect tool for someone who wants to learn Blues.
      I am 100% satisfied. I went through the course one time and now I keep going back and refering to it. By the way, I havn’t had any email from you of ok?

    • James Denton

      Griff, hey i have a quick question for you. i’m a intermediate guitar player, and i’m having no problem doing the leads when they are broken into sections, but when it comes to putting them all together into the full solo, i’m really having a hard time remembering the licks. any suggestions for me?

    • Chris D

      Excellent fill in. I just learned the part one solo so this hit me at the right time. I’m comparing my learning to hitting walls. If I hit it enough the wall comes down. I working on Solo Example #2 now and swaeting the details. Thanks for giving me something more to do with what I’ve learned already.

    • Tom M

      Griff this is the best piece of advice anybody ever gave me. I was sure everybody that was anybody had countless different licks.

    • Anthony Ingoglia

      As always, you add another level that in small steps, that makes us better. On the other hand I’m having real difficulty in learning how to implement your suggestion on how to stop extraneous strings from vibrating. Repositioning my picking hand for muting and “flattening” my fret hand is, for me, like relearning the guitar. Before the course, I was basically a simple chords player. Everything was running smoothly until I hit that wall. I see very little improvement with weeks of trying. Any suggestions, or is it a tough-love thing or just keep on keeping-on?
      A note to any of you out there that are thinking of buying the course. I’ve invested more money than I would like to admit on books and on-line lessons and videos. Griff’s is the best for ALL levels. He even teaches you music theory and you don’t even realize it. I’ve paid more for two private bass lessons than I’ve paid for the whole course. The best I’ve seen.

    • james swan

      Thanks man,really nice licks.Please keep sending the free lessons. I’m very poor and it gives me the chance to play and learn what I truely love and thats the guitar, I do play the piano.But the guitar is my favorite. Ok, see you on the flip side Jimmy

    • Dennis

      Great program. You have a very good talent for teaching. I get the moves and scale patterns, but my question is more in line with your tonal control. I’m curious how your amp is set for tone. Can you reply with your amp settings as to how your tone is achieved. Are you using reverb? How much? I can detect a little delay too. Is that right? When I try ti imitate the sound. it is close, but not quite right. I bet other players would be interested in knowing how the tone settings on your amp can help replicate the sound for better play-along.
      Thanks, I look forward to your reply.

    • Mark Baribeault

      Hello Griff,
      I have to say that I love the BGU lessons. I\\\’ve been using them for a couple of months now and currently playing solo three at about 80% speed. I have started to learn the solo Blues in G which is great. This Lesson now opens up many more playing avenues for me. Thanks for following up with my lessons and this lesson. Keep them comming. With the BGU program I just can\\\’t seem to put mu Guitar down. Just having too much fun.

    • Simon V

      Hey Griff,

      this video was really useful. Listening to the natural phrasing of the licks in both examples has really helped me through a sticky patch that I was having with this particular solo; even my wife is commenting favourably on my guitar playing now. Thanks, man!


    • art larmand

      great prograhm i love it having fun with scales,chords,and licks,i think it will keep me busy for only the
      rest of my life thanks ART

    • Tom M

      The more I’m around your material the more I like you. I’m on leason 14 but leason 13 really put the boots to me. I became a cripple over night, fingers would just not work c9 at the fifth fret kicked my a**. Worked through it but it took about two weeks. I’m looking forward to the lead segment you just demoed. Keeps me going by looking ahead. Keep us going we need ya.

    • Darrell

      Great information. I am getting solos 1 and 2 down pretty well so this showed up right on time. I work with pcs, so I understand that what seems obvious to one person needs ample explanation for someone else. I am that “someone else”! This stuff is great!! I feel like I am making progress. I really appreciate it.

    • Alex

      You really inspire me to play. I can watch just one of your videos and go and play all day!!
      The licks that you teach are just amazing. I can pick them up, then vary them and then go to my friends, and they’ll be like wow!!
      I have really learnt a lot already and i will definetley continue with the lessons.
      Thank you so much dude!!
      Keep the lessons coming!!

    • Mike

      I would really love if you would speak about the guitar you use, the amp and any special electronics you use to get the sound you get on your videos. This would be much appreciated.


    • Rene Santiago

      Yo Griff, I have been all over the internet looking at blues lessons and riffs, you
      are the one that has open my eye’s to the revelation of good, I mean real good blues playing! I know that I have a long way to go, but you gave me the tools for
      the average person to say that I sound pretty good. The one that I really understood was your video on 4 note riff on a whole blues songs. Thanks man, you really rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you did some scales over classic rock ballads. I love the Blues and slow Rock ballads. I love SRV and BB King.

    • Rob Green

      Hi Griff, really enjoyed the extra clip on playing the number one impro over the different keys and rhythms . I,ve been ploughing through the book from the start but had to take a rest with the jazzy shuffle blues . Some of those chords , like Dm9 & C9 ( bar 6 ) are really hard to finger quickly to make them sound clean.So I,m on to the Example 1 solo & will keep going back to the chords now & then . I cant wait to memorise the solo because it sounds so cool playing it over the Bm blues track , sort of Garry Moreish !. I,m loving the course its the best thing i,ve tried ( and I,ve tried a lot believe me !! ) .

      Stay cool

      Rob G. ( Adelaide , South Australia )

    • BlueRick

      I found this lesson very useful…you presented the licks…showed how to string them together in various combinations and then presented them in different styles and time formats…very nice and quite useful.

    • Ronald Stough

      Hello Griff,

      I have a question for you, is this a good course for beginners?
      I have played around with the guitar for years and I really would like to get better.
      I like the way you brake things down so us beginners can pick it up.


    • Jimmy King

      HELLO Griff,
      I just finished going over the riffs you sent on `What do I do now"?
      They do sound great, Thanks! and a
      "Happy New Year" by the way.

      yours truly,
      Jimmy King

    • Ron

      Great stuff yet again Griff!

      While it might seem an obvious progression to a lot of folks, it sometimes helps just to have a nudge in the right direction as to where to go next & this was perfect!

      Keep up the great work.

    • Rob

      Thanks for the neat tip! Well explained and logical, these little lessons are fun and a lot of help.

      Thanks, Griff

    • Dave Friesen

      Just a Great Great Teacher, I learned how to read tab pretty good and when someone shows me how to play something on guitar sitting across from me, I don’t get it, It’s a left hand right hand thing or something but when I watch you do it , It seems so much clearer.
      Cheers raveondave

    • Kenny Z

      Griff, Initally I thought I was taking a big chance spending the money on a course over the web. But as time goes on, I\’m finding out more and more about who you are as a person and a teacher. I discovered that the course did not end with the purchase. It didn\’t end because you really care about those who paid good money on it. These little extras that I find in my email on the lessons and how to expand our knowledge are really a major plus. I can honestly say, and I know all those who bought the BGU lessons will agreee, the rating I\’ll give it is an 11 out of 10! A big thanks, Ken

    • Johnny Wales

      Just Kidding…
      The final straw in ordering your CD’s; was your constantly giving away secrets. Most teachers, won’t do it.
      PS. It was riffs; not chords that set me free…
      And yes, I’ll wait awhile before I get cocky in a blues bar throwdown..

    • Johnny Wales

      Hay Griff!
      I just ordered your CD teachings!
      Those six chords you teach on A minor have opened my mind forever..
      I am going to take my cheesy Mexican Strat down to some bad ass blues bar;
      and challenge anyone and everyone to a blues throwdown; [while sneering]..
      THINK: Six chords. Six times six=36. 36 times 36
      times the mangle factor =’s
      {More than a couple hundred; which is more than enough!}
      Thanks again Griff! (Johnny Wales)

    • Emilio

      To Phil: If you have any problem with the riff master, send a E mail to ,, they will solve your problem with the riff master in no time, , The riff master is a very good tool to have, it will help you alot with your solos, Im’ very happy with it , take care people, Emil

    • Phil

      Hey Griff,
      What about sending the wave down load for this too?

      Incidently I wrote to you on the 19th Nov about having bought the RiffMaster Pro software, only to not be sent the serial number to get it up and running. You haven’t replied on this. They won’t replay to my numerous e-mails requesting the number and they don’t have any phone contact! I guess I am going to have to get my money back through my credit card soon, unless you can influence the situation. My order number is SEG57C2F.


    • jerry mahaney

      hey griff its me again i’m having problems i’m not catching on very well and i suck at making the transitions can you help me? this is my first time ever playing the guitar.

    • jerry mahaney

      hey griff how are you? this is jerry again i’m learning and thats a good thing my problem is transition and i’m not catching on very fast. this is my first time ever playing guitar and i love it. i’m just getting frustrated can you help me?

    • Tim Scorelle

      Griff just wanted to thank you for the up date; I hope in the future you make more dvd,s @ cd,s to play along with. some of us do not have enyone else to work out are guitar playing with. Thank you and your friends for letting all of us sit in with your band as players. Tim Scorelle

    • Teeder

      Good lesson Griff,
      Your tips have really helped kick my soloing up to the next level. For blues and rock. The "lead" guitar player in our band is playing more rhythm each week at practice. Thats fun all by itself. Next question. How do I take what you have taught us and apply it to fills around chord changes or chord progressions when a song changes to chorus or interlude for example?
      Keep the emails coming, I have asked for the BGU lesson set for Xmas. Has she ordered it for me yet???

    • Bill Safewright

      Thanks for this one..along w/the rest! You really follow-up on the BGU package of Lessons you sell! You are a teacher who really cares about
      everyone getting better and better on this instrument we all love.
      I have limited pratice time during the week but.. on the weekends..
      I`m really starting to get into your course!!
      And this works! I can see you put alot of time and effort` into` this
      package of blues instruction. I am getting alot ` out ` of it.
      Thanks again,

    • AL_S (BGU)

      Very cool! I knew how to change keys but had no idea the feel could be changed. I’m very impressed. This makes learning all of the solos in BGU much 10 times more powerful.

    • Rod


      I have learned alot from you and this is right in line. I play in alot of different genres and I just started digging into the blues, always like them but had a hard time playing them. I think I finally got thanks to and you course. This video is a keeper for putting it to work. Thanks again.


    • Lame Pinky (BGU)

      Hey Griff,

      Really well put together & explained ,nice little changes of tempo to match the beat.I’m currently working on solo #1 but have had a few distractions – which I think you know about-but its getting there.
      Nice to actually see the possibilities of it though.
      Hey Dan if you want some more solo’s why not get yourself a copy of BGU & join the coolest group of up & coming blues guitarist in the world.
      Thabks again Griff,

      L.P. (BGU)

    • George Bennett

      Thanks Griff ive learned a lots listening and watching the lessons .

    • michael oitker

      I’ve learned, or think I’ve learned, your solo #1. At least according to the tablature. The problem is that it’s not quite what you’re doing (in the video). And I think it’s all about the “slurs.” I’m working on them, but their execution greatly effects the finished product: the sound, tempo, and overall “feel.”
      But the solo is one of the cooler elements of your instruction and I haven’t lost any enthusiasm for it, although I’m a bit bewildered. Practice. Practice. Right?

    • Dan

      Very useful information. I tried it and it sounds good. How about sending us another short (12 bar) solo with new licks?

    • Greg K

      Great video and ideas !

      Do you ever play acoustic blues ?

      I have an acoustic only .

      Thanks , from a beginner !


    • William Birdsong

      Hey Griff, thanks for all the input, please sen me all that you can. I most definately be ordering you complete course soon. I just had surhery. money,s a little tight, soon. Thanks again, ur a great teacher!!!!!!!!

    • Laura C

      Sounds pretty easy,thanks for being very generous with the lessons,thank you for helping me put all the pieces of info together and making it work and eliminating alot of confusion.

    • joe

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    • Brett

      love your work Griff, since starting bgu things have become so much clearer with music, its all starting to make sense,

      keep up the good work

    • Paul

      Hi Griff,

      Its getting better. Thanks for the posting your videos, they are very helpful. You teach really well.

    • Andy

      Ha Griff
      I’m at home now just had a fall while mowing one of my lawns. I messed up my shoulder, ligiment damage. Looks like I won’t be able to play for about a month (SHIT) anyway just caught the video “Play with your eyes closed” good comment. I would to let any other members in on a little secret of mine. I practice up to there hours a night when possible in a dark room.
      Cheers Andy

    • Brian M

      As a retired teacher, a trans-atlantic cousin, I really like your style of teaching, laid back, simple but building confidence and knowledge simultaneously. I taught myself guitar over many years and yet what you teach would have saved me years of frustration, not to mention so much money spent on books and cd’s searching for those simple but vital pieces of the jigsaw that holds the all thing together. Others will benefit more than me but even now I find so much of what you do and say (such as, there is no set pattern – mix it around or you don’t need 200 or more licks just a handful of good ones) so helpful – the lightbulb going on in your brain. Great stuff. Keep it coming.

    • caroline

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    • rick

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    • caroline

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      hope you keep bring the lessons

    • Marv

      Hi Griff..Fellow beginners..I’ve only been playing the Electric guitar since last christmas..Its amazing how Griff simplifies how to play..after a month or so of breaking E strings trying to keep up with the (bends) I’ve finally got..Getting the course soon..Thanks for the lessons..I sound pretty good now..

    • Johnny Mills

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    • bill

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      the video doesn’t play, any ideas, great work by the way

    • Ray

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    • chris (u.k)

      Hi Griff
      You are a top, top man!!! Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge with a newbie like myself. Your lessons are great and easy to follow, and you are ‘camera friendly’ too. Keep up the good work.


    • deb

      I am not even a guitarist and cant read music but have sung the Blues professionally for over a decade. I checked out BGU just out of interest ( to see what the band was actally doing while I was belting out the tunes, I figured it was time I knew).In this, i also learned what I was actually doing technically as a vocalist. My point here is the Blues is very simple and natural and once you learn technically how to execute it you can put it on the back burner and focus totally on merely communicating your message, the Blues is simple for this very reason.Do what Griff tells you to do! He’ll take care of the techincal stuff for you, then it’s up to you to communicate using the tecniques. A good rule in music is ; never put technique before communication if you want it to impinge. That’s why the Blues does impinge.
      Griff is proffessinal as a musican and a teacher because he knows this rule. Stick with him! Thanks Griff, I love your stuff.

    • Wes Waggoner

      Hey Griff, just a note of thanks. I have been playing since age 13, have always played rhythm, and have been in a couple of bands in the 80s. I have decided to finally take lessons,(at 45…lol) as I only play by ear. My style is rock, but I love the blues, and your method of teaching is top notch. Due to learning these little “Phrases” and the blues scales, I am now picking up on playing lead quite easily. Which I have a long way to go, I am off to a great start thanks to you. Once I have finished these free introductory lesson I plan to buy the whole program. Thank you again for inspiring me to pick up my axe after so many years and get back into music seriously.

      Wes Waggoner

    • rob

      Here’s a note from the dutch…..
      I am wondering my strings for years now without any result, i hate bars, and love to play with feeling, since i captured your site, my live has never be the same as before. my live is a ” bluesy” one. Now i have found a way to express it!! thanks !

      rob kuijpers

    • John H

      Anyone notice how the B minor solo sounds very familiar to the one and only B B King ??

      Whenever I’ve seen “the King” do a TV interview, he nearly always asks the Band to play “anything in B minor”.

      Some secrets just cannot be kept !!!

    • Rick

      Hey Griff
      Have used that solo in so many different keys and differentmodes and it has worked so well no matter what way way it is played it’s fantastic thanks mate.Thanks heaps.
      Rick in Ozzy πŸ™‚

    • Mark Cotter

      I have played the 4 note solo many times over many backing tracks. It sounds great no matter how its done. You have made a believer out of me. Simplicity is the key and great timing.
      I just need to get a little faster so I can explode on the licks. Thanks alot!!!

      Mark in Texas

    • Brian


      The riff sounds awesome in Bm! Would it be possible to post the Bm backing track so we can play over it?



      HI GRIFF

    • ricky d

      hey griff,
      that is some really good stuff,i have been looking for this for a long time bra…
      keep it coming man
      ricky d

    • Danny DeRuise

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      I just wanted to say if I had been taking your Lessons
      Five years ago. I would be one of the hottest players in NC. You are the best teacher that I have ever had all that money that I have spent on How to play lead guitar and all the other junk that led me no where. I could have bought your whole course no lie Griff you do not know how many players love the way you teach and I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you have thought us. Sincerely,

    • don racine

      Three years ago I busted up my shoulders, but it has not detered my playing, these new licks you bring me are easy for me, because it is hard for me to manage my tele,or my tack. I’m 51 year old student so I am new at guitar playing but I have learn some mighty fine lick, now all I have to do is MILK THEM


    • Larry McConnell

      Hey Griff;
      I really like learning new leads from other musicians.
      Ive played all my life. But we always need to progress.
      Even a few little 4 note patterns get me into something new.
      I like your lead jamming. I can pick it up fast and take what i want and leave the rest as they say ahah.
      Thank you for keeping me interested in learning again.
      The Jimmy Page was very helpful.

    • Foxie

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    • Les

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    • James

      Hey Griff, After the 1st video lesson, I knew you were a good teacher. But I didn’t realize just how good until I watched some of the guitar instruction videos on You Tube by other intructors. You can’t tell what some of them are playing because you can’t see the fretboard close up. Some of them play it so fast you can’t tell what they are doing. And of course some of them are good guitarists but lousy teachers.
      You have to have a knack for teaching, and you do.
      I have learned so much in such a short time with your newletters and videos. I have played rhythm guitar for decades, but I never thought I could learn to play lead. You have taught me that I can.

    • Jill

      Hi Griff
      Thanks for being so generous with these lessons! Much appreciated! Love your laid-back style.

    • Dave

      Excellent video Griff. I really like this solo and it’s given me more inspiration to play some old stuff with new backing tracks in different keys and styles. I would have never thought of this without your help.

    • Frank

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    • John

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      This stuff is really neat. I spend much of my free time learning what you share with us all. Thank’s so so much. I really like how you teach. Totally mellow. Again thanks ô¿ô

    • Jack Wells

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      Man this is great stuff.


    • dq

      Thanks for your videos Griff. I love your simple but effective lessons. Any chance you can set this vid up so we can download it?

    • Lynell aka Lynn

      Thanks …that’s why your the master and we’re the students. You make everything so simple..
      I recived my copy of the Blues Unleashed this morning in the mail. Couldn’t believe how quickly it got here …That’s why your the guy who should be making the big bucks… I am going to play with this 4 note solo a little later now I am going to jump in the middle of my big bed put in the first DVD and get started on the new course ..
      Thanks again from you little student in Louisiana that usually plays on the porch ..
      Love and Hugs to you and the wife
      Lynell aka Lynn …

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      these extra informative lessons are very much appreciated!

    • Vani

      It sounds great and easy enough for me.
      An easy method for all

    • Tony

      Thanks for that extra little lesson Griff. In one little video you just about doubled the material in Playing Through The Blues that we can practice with. I loved the ‘Change of Feel’ part towards the end. It sounded really great. It must be a lot of work for you to keep putting up extra little bits for us all but please keep them coming. I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say the we very much appreciate all your hard work. It makes our hard work a lot more enjoyable. Great lesson. Thanks a lot.


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      Thanks Griff for all the help and patience you show when teaching guitar solos.
      You have taught me so much in a very short time.
      Hope you keep ’em coming for a long time.
      Thanks again


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      Griff, please keep up your tips and video posting, as these additional insights provide enormous inspiration to keep going,replay “old material” in a new way and also learning new stuff. In my case, I tried to learn the solos in PTTB as quickly as I could, but without really understanding its context and what could be done with it. Based on your recent videos, I am now re-visiting this material in a new way. Thanks (and keep it going!)

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      Griff, all makes sense and seems so easy, looks like I’ll just have to practice lots more. Paul

    • Fred Fluck

      Way to go , another great one.

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      Thanks heaps Griff; You are a very generous bloke (guy) and I hope you don’t get fed up with doing your posts and helping players on their fretboard journey. Nice one and thanks, mate. Will

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