Today’s little blues soloing lesson is another situation sort of like the 4 note solo…

If you can find your root note, you can put not only the 3rd, and 5th from the major blues sound, but you can put the b3 and 4 from the minor blues scale.

If you then add in the “blue notes” you get the b5 from the minor blues, and the b3 is already there (it’s the “blue note” in the major blues sound, and it’s just *in* the minor blues sound.)

That’s probably too much theory already… let’s just play with it and see where you can take it.

    6 replies to "Fun With BOTH Blue Notes"

    • Jim

      Excellent! I really like all the “authentic” sounding licks! And then the theory stuff behind them is the icing!
      Great stuff!!

    • John Eisner

      Griff, love all your guitar lessons. Some a little difficult for me , but in general – great.
      Thank you
      John Eisner

    • DaveyJoe


    • John

      This is a great lesson! It’s easy to grasp. I also enjoy the theory explained as to why it works so well. It’s another a-ha! moment. I will watch this one again.
      Oh, The part of ‘being lost’. Finding the key and playing it is very clever indeed!
      Have a great time in Tacoma. I will be out of town that weekend. I hope you will return someday.


    • Terry b

      Thanks griff, all these little lessons on simple things to add to our repertoire are great. Going to add this in today to my practice time. Enjoy your day.

    • Randy Mekalet

      Love your videos. I stoped playing in 1991. Played for about a year in 2010. I felt I was a better player than ever before. I would really like to start playing again. Your videos will be a great help. You have a very good way of teaching. I think the only thing stoping me is after all these years is the disappointment I’m going to have when I first pick it up. You ars slowly giving me the kick in the ass I need!!! 😂 I wish I had someone like you back in the early 70s to learn from. Yes I’m a rock geezer!!!! Thanks Griff. PS see you on YouTube also

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