I learned a solo… now what?

In this video I’m going to take solo 1 from Blues Guitar Unleashed and “mangle it” in such a way that it works over 2 different tunes. One is in a different key, but a similar feel, the other is in both a different key and a different feel. Have fun with this… If you…

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Solo Example #1

This is solo #1 from the Blues Guitar Unleashed DVD Series. Aside from the fact that I use it in other lessons, it’s a great solo for a blues in the key of A in a straight (as in… not a swing) feel. It’s a moderate tempo… not slow, but certainly not fast either. And…

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Playing On The Porch – Part I

This is a really great way to just have some fun playing alone or maybe with one other person. I sort of always assumed that most people want to get in to a band or a group at some point, but I’ve realised after many conversations that a lot of you guys just want to…

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