This is a lesson aimed at anyone trying to do some blues soloing, but struggling to make sense with what you’re playing.

It’s easy to just throw stuff against a wall and see if it sticks, but it’s a brand new game when you start thinking ahead and using what you’ve played before to influence what you play next.

So in this video, I’ll show you a way you can “rip off” the rhythmic figure of a lick, and then apply it to any pattern, in any direction, for a world of new and different sounds that are much easier to predict.

    13 replies to "Blues Phrasing Using Rhythm Figures"

    • Terry

      Timing Timing Timing. Guess it always comes back to that..

    • jean dominique

      I liked the idea of cohesion. You made it so simple. My problem is continuity after the phrase. Thank you for shedding some light on that excellent video…

    • Harold Vietti

      Thanks Griff.

      Another great lesson. You reminded me that I need to listen to the rhythm and blind my licks with purpose and it does not have to be complicated.

      • Harold Vietti

        Oops. I meant blend.

    • chris clemans

      Great lesson Griff it does open up a lot of possibilities, Love the PRS Guitar, I just had a Paul Reed Smith MCARTY 594 dbl cut delivered its Killer!!

    • John

      great lesson it opens my pathways for me

    • Ulrich

      Griff, this is one of the lessons that really boost my playing.It opens everything, hands, mind, fretboard. Great! And thanks.

    • Pete B

      Hi Griff
      Another sweet lesson.

      Many thanks as always.

    • Keith

      Gives me another part of the phrase to listen to.. I’m always worried so much about the exact pitches, that I forget the timing or rhythm is pretty important. Trying to lift that by itself is a little less difficult and very beneficial. Thanks, Griff!

    • p-ant

      thanks what’s your name

    • tommytubetone

      Like it!!

    • Terry Bailey

      Love the Guitar!

    • Grant Reid

      Thanks Griff,

      Helpful as always!



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