Blues-i-fy Your Arpeggios

Hopefully you learned the 7th arpeggios I showed you yesterday and had a chance to play with them a little.

You don’t have to have mastered them yet, but at least be comfortable playing through them before you try to up the coolness factor on them today.

Blues-i-fy-arps-2 from Fred Flintstone on Vimeo.

If you dig this stuff, then I encourage you to check out my new Chord By Chord Blues Soloing course and do your soloing a big favor.



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  • Rustie

    Reply Reply December 29, 2017

    Unnecessarily overcomplicated. This is exactly the kind of lesson that can put beginners off . ‘Flat thirds on offbeats but sometimes on a downbeat I’ll add a grace note ‘ ‘Root, seventh, bluesify my thirds’…Whaaat!!

    • Chris

      Reply Reply December 31, 2017

      You did watch the earlier video, right? You have seen *any* of Griff’s earlier videos? He can’t just keep going over the very basics all the time. Even a cursory glance at an earlier lesson would show you that a major chord is made from a root, third and fifth (of the major scale). If you know the theory behind the difference between a major and a minor chord, you should know that the only difference is the third is flattened.

      Blues is the sound of a minor scale of a major chord, and Griff has done *loads* of videos explaining the basics, mixing major and minor scales (switching between box one and box two) and how to get that blues sound.

      Sure this video isn’t for absolute beginners. But it is *necesarily* complicated – because some players want more than just someone repeating “five eight, five seven, five seven….”

      I think this is a great lesson. Not for absolute beginners, but after just a day or two of actually learning how a pentatonic scale is made up, you can soon catch up!

    • Curt

      Reply Reply January 11, 2018

      It isn’t a beginner lesson.

  • andy

    Reply Reply December 23, 2017

    Great lesson Griff-your time is much appreciated as always but especially at this time of year.Wishing you and your family a wonderful christmas.

  • David Waterbury

    Reply Reply December 22, 2017

    This sound reminds me of T-bone Walker. It’s nice.

  • Lester Thornsberry

    Reply Reply December 21, 2017

    Whoa dude, watch that t-shirt! I have no problem, being a hard core Darwin’n, however in today’s political environment you could loose many religious right customers over that simple t-shirt. However, it’s that is your intent, more power to ya my friend. I’m with ya!

  • Griff Hamlin

    Reply Reply December 21, 2017

    Yep, Ditto is good or Boss. I often use the one built into my line 6 M13 but it’s only 25 seconds long so often isn’t enough for a while 12 bars.

  • Pat

    Reply Reply December 21, 2017

    It’s good to hear attention to moving from the I to the IV etc. I find that difficult.

  • Craig Hilsenrath

    Reply Reply December 21, 2017

    Thanks Griff, I wish I had you as a teacher 40 years ago! What looper do you use? Can you recommend a functional not too expensive one?

    • Mike T.

      Reply Reply December 21, 2017

      I don’t know what Griff uses but to fit your criteria of “a functional not too expensive one” look at a TC Electronic Ditto Looper for around $100. There are others with more bells & whistles but this one is as simple as they come. They’re great for recording your own backing track.

      • alan

        Reply Reply December 21, 2017

        Thanks looking for one too.

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