Beginning 12 Bar Blues Easy Guitar Lesson

We’re going super basic today for the beginners, just a basic 12 bar blues in E, nothing fancy. 

You’ll learn the chords and a simple strum, no stretching or awkward fingerings at all.

If this is your speed, you really need my Beginning Blues Guitar course to get all the basics down right.





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  • Robyn

    Reply Reply December 14, 2017

    griff, thanks for a good simple lesson. All that fancy stuff is lost on me. this was very helpful.

  • arlie

    Reply Reply November 8, 2017

    what model number is that taylor guitar???

  • Dave

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    Thanks for making this video Griff, everyone needs to be reminded to count out loud. I forwarded your email to my daughter who is just beginning to play and I know it will help her a lot. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Kenneth

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    sometime it is good to take a step back…..thanks Griff.

  • JimS

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    I discovered that I can pause the video by clicking in the middle of the screen, but this U-Tube video does not allow the viewer to skip ahead nor behind to view segments of the lesson. This makes it difficult to back up if a part is missed or clarification is needed. Frustrating.

    Otherwise, Thanks Griff for your many great lessons. You are a great teacher!

    • Griff

      Reply Reply November 3, 2017

      Click on the “YouTube” logo in the lower right corner and it’ll come up in YouTube where you can scrub or adjust as needed.

    • Frank Payton

      Reply Reply November 3, 2017

      Jim, Griff provides MP4 and WMV downloads on this page…. they are fully functional.

    • John

      Reply Reply November 3, 2017

      when working with you tube videos I have found you can place the cursor from the mouse over the red line at the bottom of the screen either prior or after the current position of the video and left click the mouse it should move the video forward or back to the position of the cursor on the red line.
      Hope this helps out keep on Rockin !!


    • chris

      Reply Reply November 5, 2017

      jim the progress bar at bottom of the video has a dot and line that moves as video plays just put your finher tip on the dot and zlide it right to move ahead left to back the video up i do it all the time have fun with it

  • Paul

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    Thank you! You know, I’ll make a lot of advances and get going pretty far and then l’ll set the Guitar down for too long and have to come back to the basic stuff. Thanks for interjecting the easy stuff too!

  • Rohn

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    Nice that you talk to the beginners Griff E F B7 are my favorite chords first ones I learned along with Spider and the Fly Rolling Stones

    To the beginners Learn this lesson well it will stick with you for life its a great foundation

    • Eel1948

      Reply Reply November 3, 2017

      One of my favorite Stones songs. However it’s E A B7. Give it a try, typical 1-4-5 blues progression!

  • Bobby Ut

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    You are truly an ALL-STAR teacher my friend! You reach out to all levels of players and always good to touch base with the roots of making music. Not all great players (like you Griff) are able to teach well. As good as a player is Joe B., when he goes to teach a concept on YouTube et al, it’s like Stephen Hawkins talking to Albert Einstein about relativity!!!! Blues On!!!

  • Terry Tosh

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    Very nice explanation and illustration of several essential fundamentals!

  • Glenn.Lego

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    I have the BEGINNING BLUES GUITAR course, but I wasn’t able to get anything from it until I saw this video. From child hood, I’ve been the kind of learner that I can only get something out of a learning experience if I actually see someone doing whatever I’m trying to learn and then trying it myself. Does me no good just to read out of a book and then try and struggle through the written instructions.😳

    • Glenn.Lego

      Reply Reply November 3, 2017

      I can go step by step through a set of written instructions and still mess up the project.

      • Eddy

        Reply Reply November 3, 2017

        You’re not too

    • Frank Payton

      Reply Reply November 3, 2017

      Did you not get the complete course? When I first started with Griff, I purchased BBG Unleashed which had very good video as well as written instruction.

  • Russ Eckam

    Reply Reply November 3, 2017

    Been there . Have to crawl before you can walk walk before you can run.😊 always good to practice and have a good solid foundation of the basics. If you know these basics it Make a everything else fall in place build a good foundation a STRONG house

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