There are very few blues players that can do what BB King did…

He could play just a handful of notes with more soul than most of us will ever be able to come up with.

This lick is a throwback to the good ole’ 4 note solo, but straight out of “The Thrill Is Gone.”

BB King used that little 4 note pattern better than anyone, and this is an excellent example of it.

It’s a quick lick you can learn easily and put to use right away:

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      Is there any reason why I’ve stopped getting Emails from you? The last one was quite a few weeks ago. I seem to have got left off the list.

    • paul griffin

      Great lesson

    • Frank Lombardi

      Hi Griff thanks your the best.I Love how you show and explain things.I have a lot of your DVDS very helpful.Peace

    • Sam hurst

      Your patience and understanding of the different competency levels of your students makes your lessons relevant to all your subscribers. Even telling us the key you are playing in sets you apart from other tutors, who simply tell folk where to place their fingers.

    • Marco

      I got to shake BB King’s hand years ago when he played The Strand in Redondo Beach. I thought maybe I’d get a little of his mojo transferred to my hands from this experience. . . No suck luck . . . lol. Still working on his licks all these years later. Thanks Griff, for the lessons.

    • Rod

      Griff, your notes always sound so crisp and clear, and there is not the slightest trace of string noise between notes. Your notes are so well “annunciated” that it almost sounds like a woodwind instrument is playing!


    • Robert

      Thanks Griff, if it weren’t for you guys who give freely of your time and talent I’d be in trouble. Social security disability doesn’t pay enough to afford courses, so I’m very thankful for these little lessons

      • Steven Kington

        robert, i also am on disability! this site has really helped! e-mail me sometime Siur!God-Blees Steven Kington

    • Terry b

      Thanks griff, just ran across a recording of a solo I did after my first year with your courses. It was fairly simple and except for maybe adding a little more vibrato here and there, I actually think my phrasing was better when I knew less licks. Now that I know more licks it seems like I tend to try to cram them all into my solos. Since I actually prefer players who use less in their solos( b.b. etc..) I needed this also as a reminder to stick to what works for me. Thanks again.

      • Sam hurst

        I was watching an interview with Derek Trucks and he hit upon the topic of cramming everything you have into every tune. He says he doesn’t want to wear out his audience out; pace yourself and relax.

    • JERRY

      Great link

    • Keith

      A great example of how less is sometimes more……

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