I believe that strumming is probably the most overlooked skill on the guitar…

So in this short video (really short… like, under 4 minutes short) I’ll show you a simple way to add some percussion and rhythm to the simplest of strum patterns.


    11 replies to "Adding Percussion To Simple Strumming"

    • Tansy Valenziano

      Great insight into this essential technique. You make most anything easy to understand

    • chris clemans

      Great lesson and it is right to the point

    • tony

      it is a great way to play on the porch w/o a drummer. this is what i call accenting ,but, the acoustic guitar played with a thin pick gives it almost the same accent . or course this is much better . hey People there is a new thing called a (wood box amp) very cool check it out .

    • Maurice

      Great ! Thank you.

    • Joe

      Hi Griff — Like all your lessons, this one is simple and to the point, and immediately useful. Thanks!

    • Dale traylor

      Nice easy to understand lesson.. love it!!!!

    • tony jorgensen

      Hi Griff, again thanks for a great strum tech lesson. Iam trying it now.

    • Samantha Jentz

      Thanks Griff
      I will definitely take time to learn this technique.

    • Lee


      I learned a song just two or three days ago that uses this technique. I had a lot of trouble doing the slap and staying in time though so as I’ve been playing the song I’ve just been skipping the slap. Then this video shows up this morning to confront me with my mediocrity 😆. So tonight during practice I’m going to work on this until I get it right. Thanks!

    • Archie oakes

      Great stuff Griff. Very helpful video on strum technique.

    • Michael Senecal

      Griff , great little lesson on strumming percussion . I’ll ck that out .

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