I was listening to some blues radio and “Dust My Broom” by Elmore James was on…

And I was struck by how he tended to use a very simple, characteristic lick (you know it’s him a mile away) but it never got old even though he used it throughout the song.

Well, there’s a lesson in that alone – clearly it works and it’s good because it has stood the test of time and we still like to hear it.

So here’s a live video I did on the YouTube for you where I’ll break down how to get into open D tuning, how to play the groove and how to play the riff – plus some other stuff 🙂


    16 replies to "Acoustic Open D Tuning Elmore James Slide Guitar Lesson"

    • Mick

      Great lesson Griff! Always wanted to play that one – keep them coming! Many thanks as always.

    • Peter (South Coast UK)

      Another great lesson, and well timed for me. I have been noodling with an open tuning, and this lesson gives me really helpful direction. Thanks Griff…

    • Davy

      Enjoyed that Griff. Thanks.

    • Raymond

      A whole lot of enjoyment in a short amount of time. Thanks

    • frm

      Study Jeremy Spencer of the original Fleetwood Mac doing the full range of Elmore numbers, wonderful slide stuff.

    • John A

      great lesson griff, would like to know more about the all access pass please I have most of your courses but thinking I might like the live version of things as well if someone could direct me to the location for signing up that would be awesome !!

      • Scott Weil

        I have all access. I started out with just viewing his free videos and then went too all access after resisting his various offerings for a few month. It is so worth it! The library is almost overwhelming. I use it for about an hour every day. Get it. Let me know if you have any questions

    • Joseph Accardo

      I’ve never attempted slide before, but this sounds so cool I’m gonna give it a shot. Thanks Griff.

    • robbie kelly

      thanks griff,
      sweet stuff,
      i think duanne played ‘little martha ‘
      in open d.

    • Eric Mitchell

      This was great,

      Thank you

    • DaveyJoe

      Way cool! Thanks Griff.

    • Roy

      Really like it! Always have been a fan of Elmore James, Thanks

    • Johnny B

      Great stuff Griff I’ve been trying, slide lately it’s way fun and
      A great way for my old fingers to play,!!

    • Roger R- South west coast UK

      Always great lessons. Thanks Griff.

    • cowboy

      sweet…thanks for all that you do…

    • Tom Brain

      Excellent stuff, once again!!

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