Acoustic Blues Guitar Video 5- "Down To The Station"

Here is the slow speed play along:

And here is the full speed play along:

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3 responses to “Acoustic Blues Video 5 – Down To The Station”

  1. Mark Daniel says:

    Hello Griff,
    I love this lesson and I learned it in about 3 days. You are so correct, playing along at slow speed really improves accuracy! I have 2 questions if you don’t mind.
    1. I have a background in hybrid picking. I find that acoustic blues is much easier if you hybrid pick. Is this correct?
    2.At the end of the tune when you do the descending run you state that it is in B. I am confused because the not on the third string is F# and the one on the E string is a D#. Can you please clarify? Thank you for all you do.
    Mark Daniel

  2. olastrings says:

    am cool with d lesson

  3. Phil Peabody says:

    A rare treat for us beginners. Whipping it out with a running score really makes it so much easier to learn and helps brush off the cobwebs in the reading department. Thanx;
    Phil Peabody

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