The 12 Bar Blues “In A”

In this lesson taken from the Blues Guitar Unleashed DVD course, we’ll cover a 12 bar blues which consists of 3 chords called the I chord, IV chord, and V chord. To explain this concept further, we have to step away from the blues for a minute.

The concept of a I chord, IV chord, and V chord is simple, but it comes from a major scale, not a blues scale.

Simply put, if you build a chord off of the first note in the major scale, it’s called a I chord. Similarly, if you build a chord off of the 4th note in the major scale, it’s called the IV chord, and if you build a chord off of the 5th note in the major scale, it’s called the V chord.

To find the I, IV, and V chords in any key on your guitar:

  • I chord: Find the note on the 6th string that matches the key you’re in. In the key of A, you would find the A on the 5th fret of the 6th string.
  • IV chord: Use the same fret as the I chord, but on the 5th string. In the key of A, the IV chord would be D on the 5th fret of the 5th string.
  • V chord: Go up 2 frets from the IV chord. In the key of A, the V chord is E on the 7th fret of the 5th string.

Check out this video for more info and a demonstration… FOR BEST RESULTS, GIVE THIS PAGE A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD…

Let’s look at the chords from the video…

The D7 and E7 shown here are one of my personal favorite chord shapes. Be sure to notice that the D7 has the 3rd finger on the 5th fret (as shown) but the E7 has the 3rd finger on the 7th fret… though it looks lower. Notice I’ve written “5fr” next to the top line to indicate that is the 5th fret.

Of course, feel free to use the “little chord” version of the A7 if you prefer it when you play over the jam track. If you don’t know what that is yet, don’t worry… we’ll be getting to those soon.

Here is the song for this lesson written out for you.

As always it is SO IMPORTANT to play along with the video. So here’s a slow version play along for you to get started

And the full speed version when you’re ready…

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this lesson. This 12 bar blues works for about 95% of all blues tunes. So ANY TIME someone calls out “Blues in (insert a key)” you’ll know exactly what the 3 chords you need are!

As I mentioned before, this is taken from the Blues Guitar Unleashed DVDs. If you’ve been enjoying the last few lessons and you’ve gotten some good information out of them… I’d really recommend you check out the DVD course. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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  1. williambuchanan

    thanks a good easy no hurry pace to follow , and well laid out easy to follow

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    call me whatever,but i never knew those chords existed, ive been in the woods way to long this is very helpful to me ,, thanx agian…im not worthy,, im not worthy,, awsome

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    Thanks for this lesson, as I somehow never seemed to learn this very basic concept, and for the almost daily e-mail updates as they are keeping me on track.

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    Hey, this is really good stuff. I consider myself a beginner, although with a good basic understanding of music so as I wait for my Blues Guitar Unleashed complete DVD course to arrive these lessons and instructions are awwesome. Thanks Griff and thanks to my wife whom tunred me on to your web site.

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    I like your tutorials, but they are just a step or two ahead of me. No idea what a root note is, couldn’t tell you the difference between the A, B, C, D, etc key from my car key. In the tab, don’t know what the ‘/. means or the / does, not to mention the ‘V’ underneath with the table looking symbol (think it’s the strumming pattern). Really like all the downloadable materials including the background jam, and especially the slow versions. Thanks.

  9. These lessons and how you present them are easy to follow and understand…I’m sure you have a lot of players including myself, really enjoying the guitar more.

  10. David

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    Griff, Your lessons are very clear to follow, shame you weren’t around in the late 50’s early 60’s

  12. I love your videos. Sometimes when I’m not working my regular job as a realtor, I check out an email that you send and always learn something. As soon as I get more time to devote to music on a regular schedule, I want to buy the DVD series and really get into increasing my guitar skills. Keep up the good work.

    Jackson Lee

  13. Thank you for taking the time to put these videos out there for us. I had some skills already, but I have learned a lot of new sounds from these videos regardless. Just wanted you to know that they are appreciated. My teacher just told me he was gonna show me some 12 bar blues, so now I got a leg up on him for the next lesson. 🙂


  14. Anthony

    Excellent lessons. The way you express things is great and the result is that long standing “mysteries” are being cleared up.

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    Thanks Griff. boy I really can relate with wayne the fingers don’t always work as well as we would like.
    but glad that others share their concerns helps me to keep going.

  23. Hey Griff thanks for the great lessons. I am a great-grandmother who tried 30 years ago to play guitar. Switched to five string banjo for awhile and then nothing for years and years. Decided to help a couple of grandchildren with some guitar stuff…just general knowledge and decided to give it another try myself. Never tried the blues before but I am totally in love with the 12 bar blues. Thanks to you I am really getting inspired. I’ll b e getting your DVD soon I’m sure.
    Keep up the good work. Your lessons are so easy to follow, you do a great job.
    Thanks again Donna

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    Hi Griff,

    Thanks, I really enjoy your blues lead solo lessons on the net.

    I was always shown to play a twelve bar, as shown in song books that I have had for years, starting with the major chord and leading, optionally, to the 7th (in the 4th bar) and then to the 4 chord, rarely starting with the 7th. I learnt this a lot of years ago, but have noticed that younger players I see on the net now tend start in the 7th ??? And, to me, it does not always sound correct to start in the 7th ???

    Regards, Bob

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    Love your work man. You have rekindled my passion for guitar and dragging some real bad ass blues outta me. Love the way im progressing, i love how it encompasses all my music and adds flair to my rock as well as i now feel confident to really solo out there with anyone.


    To all people round the world who love guitar. give Griff a shot. worth every minute spent and then some

  28. Bob Evans

    I don`t have a problem with the E7 & D7 just like playing a C major or C7 formation, just up the neck the trick is trying to relax the fingers enough to move from the barred A7 to the D7 & back again.

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  33. I like when the theory we are taught lines up quickly with what we are doing on the practical side of things. The theory knowledge we gain is immediately put to practice in our playing. This was one such example. It’s great teaching style, and makes for a better understanding among the students. Thanks to Griff.

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    I have not played a guitar in over thirty years. So I’m a little
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    Sorry- I digress! After hearing more and more of your mini lessons, I am growing more and more fond of the blues and am really understanding how much blues influence there is in classic rock. I look forward to more of your lessons and will try and pull the trigger on one of your DVD packages soon. Which leads me to my two questions:

    1. I have an acoustic guitar and wanted your recommendation on which would be the best DVD series to start with for a beginner blues man on acoustic.
    2. I noticed you play a Strat on your videos and the young (the kid inside me) side of me has always wanted an axe! I love the Strat and have always wanted one since I was a kid $$$$$$$. I thought about buying one until I had watched several of your videos and then I picked up a Gibson Les Paul and fell in love with the more diversified sounds that it produced and felt that it might be a better blues guitar. I know that this question is subject to debate based on a lot of different question is personal subjection! What is your take on the two axes?

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    I have learnt from a local Guitar teacher a beginner course and am already playing 12 Bar Blues in Solo format and have learnt 12 Bar blues chords in progression. Because I have purchased a lot of the BGU Lessons, I now have to adapt to your method in this lesson. I am now jamming to a lot of 12 bar Blues songs but your version is so much more simpler How do I now convert to your method or just keep doing what I have learn’t and adapt. I already know all the 7th chords. You are right majority of Blues is in 12 Bar Blues structure. I am in my 2nd year learning Guitar and BGU which is fantastic and now I am only learning Blues Guitar from you which again is fantastic. I have played Rhythm Guitar back the 60’s in a band at High School and gradually getting back into it and remembering a few things which is a challenge at 68 yrs. I have a natural Rhythm as at that time I became a pro Drummer by accident so I have the timing. The beauty about Blues Guitar is you don’t have to sing too much because otherwise working out if you can remember the melody for the 8 bar solo while you are still singing could be a challenge at my age.
    All Great Griff keep it coming.
    Michael at Sydney-Australia

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